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A new NA book coming from this author toowaiting on it while I do a re read of this one.Huge thanks to the amazing author for an ARCI just learned that the book was released yesterday and on posted my review there too.I like many of you read the Twilight series, despite the fact that I do not read YA NA as a general rule But that series put me back into my high school yearsthe longing, the hope, the crushing heart ache of first love Hope s Decree had all of those the longing for a boy young man you can t have hope for an awesome life after high school being bigger, better, the soul deep loss when you realize you love someone who will never love you backTrinity is extremely likeable a good friend, smart, quiet, and yet quirky and her own person Her two BFFs are interesting, but Crystal stands out above Keri Crystal is the gritty, edgy friend who likes to party with college boys and embrace bad Keri, on the other hand, is dating a football player from the clique at school and successfully balances being Trin s friends and dating Garrett.Trinity is the chosen vessel of hope and the over arching plot is a unique twist on Pandora s Box Trinity is sent guardians and watchers to help her along her destined path This first book in the series revolves around Trin s awakening and her struggle to release her powers, whatever they may be The action is fast paced and I really enjoyed the training combat scenes I found myself laughing out loud, cheering for Trinity and longing with her from kiss to kissMust read Enjoy I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review I was so happy to find out this was Greek mythology I have always loved it and this book made me love it even This was a fantastic tale of Pandora s box, I loved how the author took the story and elaborated it in a beautiful and modern way, I just couldn t get enough I have read a few books with their take on Greek mythology, but Pandora s box was a new one for me and since I have always been interested in the tale I was excited and I was not disappointed or let down in the least.This book took me on an insane ride and I enjoyed every minute of it Bad guys gone good, good guys gone bad, memory loss and a centuries old destiny, what could a reader ask for I could never know what was coming next and that was the most exciting part I was also pleasantly surprised by the warriors and rouges it was like a fresh, different take on Angels vs Daemons or good vs evil, but if I can be so bold this was better for me, as I have started to feel like the Angel Daemon thing has been over done a bit The one thing that bugged me a little was that both Blaine and Trinity seemed to flip flop a bit to much for me They always wanted to be with each other at opposite times it was a little frustrating Then with Trinity she seemed to want her destiny and then she wants nothing to so with it, when you read it you will know why I don t want to spoil anything,but for me I did not understand it fully But as you can tell by my 5 star rating it was a small annoyance that I got over quickly with all the adventure and excitement I found Blaine and Trinity to be cute when they were admitting how they felt, and even when they were pushing and pulling their witty banter was funny and adorable Speaking of witty banter I think Morpheus was my favorite I loved his smart ass attitude and even found him endearing when no one else did, I always saw his light in there somewhere.The end left me with the feeling of impending doom and I am very curious to see were they go from here I loved this book and I know many others will too. I really dont know where to start when it comes to Hope s Decree accept to say that it was AMAZING I fell in love with the characters especially Blain, he is swoon and blush worthy all wrapped up in hotness There was so much drama in this story, Angela keeps her readers wanting , never wanting to put the book down and the suspense OMG I love mythology even in high school and getting the chance to read about about some of the God s is beyond epic Angela McPherson did not disappoint with Hope s Decree I can not wait to read the sequel, I mean the cliff hanger she left us with was such a tease Trinity has been thrown into a world unknown to her til Blain and a bunch of others showed up in her home town Now that she has learned about this world she would give anything to be normal again, however she will not let those she loves down and is willing to do anything to keep them safe Blain is HOT and every girls dream, but he is giving Trinity mixed messages, she doesnt know whether to run from him or throw herself at him She can barely think when he s around but the connection they share is un avoidable However, there is too much going down for her to think of him while already having a boyfriend She just needs Blain to train her so she can be ready for what is to come. Phenomenal book Hope s Decree is a YA novel that will have you hooked from the first chapter The premise is based on the myth of Pandora s box But where that myth ended, Hope s Decree began I ll save telling you about the storyline itself and instead focus on what made this book so fantastic First, there s the main character Okay, Trinity is a kickass protagonist Throughout the novel, she dealt with frightening nightmares, several frustrating men, and a few murder attempts And she handled them like a champ I often found myself nodding my head and or rooting for her.Second, the action was fantastic So many books shy away from conflict This one did not And again, let me reemphasize that Trinity can kick major butt Third, the book was unpredictable in such a refreshing way This I can t really go into since I don t want to give away too much about the storyline However, many of you, like me, have read so many books that the twists and turns are unsurprising With Hope s Decree I often had no idea what was coming next Fourth, I loved the ambience Most books skim over this aspect of the story, but here the author didn t And oh boy, the ambience here was deliciously creepy Lastly the ending geez, I couldn t tear my eyes away I want I seriously hope a sequel is in the works because I m so not ready to leave this world First I wish to thank the author for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I also wish to thank Lady Amber Reviews who made it possible to review this book in conjunction with the Hope s Decree blog tour.I ve always been intrigued with mythology In the past couple of years I ve read numerous YA books that have weaved mythology in to the storyline Some are retellings of old myths, some just graze on it but something about the use of the mythology always seems to bring the story to life in a way that keeps the readers nose in the book and staying up to the wee hours to finish it Hope s Decree fits that bill and then some.Hope s Decree centers on the Greek myth of Pandora s Box For those that do not remember this myth very well, the author gives us the basics plus in the book in a creative and well done way You will start to see characters in a new light and will find yourself starting to put pieces of the puzzle together.Being a story within a story, the layers mesh well with each other Sometimes overlapping, sometimes paralleling and sometimes bouncing off each other like two magnets repealing Do not fret the answers will be given to you when the time is right Sometimes I found myself cussing the author for making me wait, but the outcome of the waiting was well worth it For those who are in to book boyfriends, you will find a worthy one in Blain Mysterious, good looking and totally bad ass.The first part of the book was a push and pull Some details and areas were just too drawn out while some were given than taken away too quickly Parts of the first half of the book just seemed too drawn out, too much time spent on some trivial moments, but all in all it was a good read I would recommend this to readers 15 and older and definitely for readers who love Greek mythology. I think the main merit of this book is that it manages to arouse the reader s interest both for the book itself and for the Greek mythology in general And that there is not less given that these days the Young Adult and Fantasy literature and I refer to all subgenres and or related genres knows such flourishing and spreading.The author build a good game between realities and different plans real, dream, past, present a well led game that obliges the reader to actively participate He is helped by the author s descriptive and flowing style you ll not know how pages pass and the images roll like in a movie.Also, the author is doing very well when shows the feelings and emotions of the characters, the way that they evolve Although the use of mythological aspects provides a freedom to create worlds and different plots, it can lead to somewhat illogical actions Angela McPherson avoids this trap, keeping the action logic and offering premises that allow a natural development of the action and of the characters The author gives us clues, red herrings that you ll sometimes follow, but in due course she provides the necessary explanations As for the rest, you will find deceptive or correct appearances, betrayals, broken or renewed alliances, unexpected and a satisfying ending, but not final.The action starts from the old dilemma destiny or free will From here begins the struggle for survival of our heroine that finds herself in a position to have to fight and repair the harm done by his predecessors or die.And as this would not be enough, she will discover the thrills of first love, first disappointments and doubts, uncertainties that love brings Of course, this aspect of the story will be the readers delight but will torment a bit Trinity.So, if you love to daydream at impossible love, if you like the Greek mythology and Fantasy in general, but also want some action you will not be disappointed by Hope s Decree If you do not like them, but you ll read the book, there are big chances to become a fan of them. |BOOK ⚔ Hopes Decree (The Fated #1) ♫ When Everything Else Is Lost, There Is Always HopeMost Teens Want An Epic Senior Year All Trinity Whitebone Hoped For Was A Normal One She Is The Direct Descendant Of Pandora And Fated To Rectify The Terrors Released Into The World By Her Curious AncestorBlain Heros Is The Sworn Guardian Created By Zeus To Protect Trinity His Mission Is To Train Her To Defend Humans Against Pandora S Curse For Blain, Training A Mortal For Battle Is Impossible For Trinity, Taking Orders From An Overbearing Immortal Whose Touch Leaves Her Dizzy, Is Hopeless But With Each Passing Lesson, Frustration And Confusion Give Way To An Electrifying Bond Together They Are A Force To Be Feared, Only Defending Humans Against An Ancient Curse Isn T The Only Threat In The World Any A Band Of Rogue Immortals Is Hunting Trinity Because Her Power Is Key To Unleashing An Unholy Darkness Into The Mortal Realm As The War Between Light And Dark Brews, Trinity Vows To Fully Embrace Her Fate Or Die Trying The Final Book In The Fated Trilogy Is Coming Out Soon This book was a really great read I genuinely enjoyed the storyline Although the book was of an issue of love and who to choose, the fiction part was quite interesting and I really did enjoy it My favorite part, aside from the love tension and frustrations, has to be the language from Crystal and Morpheus I found myself laughing at their silly choice of words I think it was a good choice to have them talk that way The sassiness was brilliant As for the love tension, that was brilliant While she was dating Trevor, she had intense feelings for Blain, as he did for her I like that he kept her guessing throughout the book But I m not going to lie I did get frustrated a few times when he said he didn t I found myself sighing and shaking my head at his indecision I think I even yelled STOP IT at the screen The ending was shocking, and the epilogue suggests that there will be to the story I really hope that it s true I have to give this book 5 out of 5 stars Hope s Decree by Angela McPherson this is book one of The Fated I absolutely hands down loved this book This book is not in my normal reading genera, I typically stay away from YA and follow of the hot seamy stuff, But I did however get completely sunk in and couldn t put it down I liked greek mythology in school but haven t thought once about it sense reading Hope s Decree Angela McPherson puts an amazing spin on it and even if you have never studied or heard of Greek Mythology you know Hercules Hercules disney movie Hope s Decree is not confusing or hard to follow whatsoever Even being a YA book there is still the so called good vs bad boy Blain vs Morpheus.Its written wonderfully in first person main character being Trinity seventeen year old senior getting close to the big eight teen I am so excited for the next book to come out in The Fated series Bottom line I would truly recommend this book FREE on 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