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FINALLY..I d been waiting for this book for what felt like several lifetimes, but in actuality was only 5 years Still, to a 12 year old bemoaning that Conn wasn t Conn and screeching about another book to a 17 year old staying up to finish this book when she should have been writing school assignments is pretty impressive.It having been 5 years since I read the third book, view spoiler I cannot quite recall whether or not Conn had his memories back or we merely were guessing he d get them back or what All I remember is that I needed another book My guess is that there is a fairly significant time jump between Found and Home, as Conn is completely himself once again and Nevery mentions how they got him back I would have liked to have seen that incident and aftershock, but oh well hide spoiler [[ E-pub ]] ⇭ Home ⇱ The Fourth Book In The Acclaimed Magic Thief Series Finds Conn Back Where He Started Accused Of Being A Thief Filled With Magic And Wonder, The Magic Thief Home Transports Readers To A Land Where A Wizard S Apprentice Must Battle Both His Enemies And His Past To Protect The World He KnowsDespite Successfully Securing A Balance Between The Competing Magics Of Wellmet, Conn Is Not Happy Duchess Rowan Has Promoted Him To Ducal Magister, But The Other Wizards See Him Only As A Thief But Something Sinister Is Brewing, As Magicians Locus Stones Are Being Stolen And Magical Spells Are Going Awry As Conn Faces Old Enemies And Powerful Magical Forces, Is He Strong Enough To Save The City He Calls Home In HOME, Conn is back in Wellmet and has a number of problems He is a very powerful wizard but, being only about twelve years old and not very tolerant of what he sees as stupidity, most of the other wizards really, really dislike him His best friend Rowan is, at sixteen, the new Duchess of Wellmet and his cousin Embre is the Underlord who runs the Twilight part of the city Rowan wants to reward Conn for his efforts to save and protect Wellmet by making him the Ducal Magister Conn doesn t want the job and especially doesn t want to live in the Dawn Palace and be watched over Additionally, someone is stealing the locus stones of the other magisters and most believe that Conn is the one responsible Conn knows that he didn t do it and sets the problem aside to deal with the problem he believes is important The two magics that now inhabit Wellmet aren t working together and it is throwing off all the spells cast by any magicians If Conn can t get the magics to work together, they could destroy the city.And, just because things can never be easy for Conn, an old enemy has returned who wants to defeat both the Duchess and the Underlord and take over the city himself He doesn t realize that his plans could cause the destruction of the city he wants to rule.A big part of this story has Conn deciding what he wants to be and do He doesn t fit back into the gutterboy lifestyle and he certainly doesn t want the Ducal Magister lifestyle Once he gets a minute without a crisis he is going to have to decide what he does want.This is an excellent and entertaining addition to the Magic Thief series Middle graders will love the action, the danger, the friendships, and the dragon They will also enjoy getting to know Conn The coded messages key at the back of the book will also intrigue readers This series is a must buy for both my elementary and my middle school media centers I can t wait to share it with my students. The Magic Thief Home proves yet another children s book that s simply wasted on children Middle grade readers can t understand the I ll be honest After The Magic Thief Found, I couldn t see where author Sarah Prineas could possibly take the story of a thieving gutterboy turned prescient wizard That just shows my lack of imagination and faith in a superior writer I should have known better Lady Rowan, now the Duchess of Wellmet, elevates Connwaer much to his distress to Ducal Magister, a title heavy on excruciatingly boring meetings, pomp, scratching clothes, and responsibilities At the same time, someone is somehow stealing the locus magicalicus stones of Wellmet s wizards Thanks to the backbiting wizard Nimble, suspicion has fallen on Conn and his dragon Pip Hoping to clear his name and, importantly, solve the thefts and protect the magics of Wellmet and Arionvar Conn goes undercover back to his old haunts, the Twilight What he discovers causes Conn s skin to prickle Could the former Underlord of the Twilight, the ruthless Crow, be back from exile The Magic Thief Home proves even of a thrill ride than The Magic Thief Home which is saying a lot Forgive the clich , but I couldn t put it down If you re new to the series, you won t want to stand with The Magic Thief Home however, longtime fans of clever Conn and indispensable Nevery won t want to miss a chance to reunite with old friends And Ms Prineas, please, please tell us that there will be fifth tome in the series We re all hooked now Hail, Hail The Gang s All HereWhen I pick up the fourth volume of a trilogy, this series supposedly wrapped up with the third volume in 2010 , I think of a performer waiting nervously in the wings after his act is done, waiting to see if the audience s applause is enthusiastic enough to justify an encore With this series the audience was very enthusiastic and there was much disappointment that the Magic Thief trilogy had concluded Well, Book 4 has finally been launched, and it was worth the wait.Everyone is back and we pick up right where we left off Conn and Nevery and Benet and Rowan and Embre and Captain Kerrn, and that bad baby dragon, Pip, are all here, and the book takes off in a rush By the end of Book 3 Conn had brought a new younger magic to supplement the older but weakening magic that had always powered Wellmet As Book 4 opens, the two magics are not working well together, like two dragons, both trying to fit into one dragon s space and magic is in considerable disarray Rowan, the ruling Duchess, needs Conn to serve as ducal magister, head wizard , and get a handle on the problem Conn resists, and then when a locus magicalicus stone is stolen he is accused and his whole thief history comes back to the fore Who is really stealing these magical objects, and why I had forgotten how much I liked these characters Rowan is the most competent, vulnerable, resourceful heroine I ve encountered since Hermione Granger and her struggle to be a good ruler at a tender age is touching and inspiring Conn is, as usual, a bit angsty than I d like, but once we move beyond that he remains a solid bad boy hero Every other character steps up to the plate in a satisfying fashion, so it s all good.As always Prineas has a good handle on her material, with a nice balance of magic, action, intrigue, Wellmet politics, humor and character development On reflection, these books are actually pretty sprawling for middle grade fantasy adventure, but Prineas keeps everything sharp, clear and energetic, and completely accessible to a younger reader So, it took a while, Prineas has published her Winterling books in the meantime , but all s well that ends well This is a solid entry in the Magic Thief series.Please note that I received a free advance ecopy of this book in exchange for a candid review Apart from that I have no connection at all to either the author or the publisher of this book. Originally posted here at Random Musings of a Bibliophile.For fans of the Magic Thief series by Sarah Prineas, the latest installment, The Magic Thief Home, is a much anticipated and highly welcome addition It also has the potential to draw in new fans as a new chapter in Conn s life and the city of Wellmet begins Whether readers are old fans or newly experiencing the magic for the first time, every reader of this book is in for a fantastically twisty tale of magic, mayhem, discovery, and intrigue Conn is a bit out of sorts since finishing with the magics of Wellmet, returning home, and having his magicalicus swallowed by a small dragon he calls Pip Who is he Where does he belong What is he meant to do now The magics in Wellmet are similarly out of sorts, competing for the power of the town Conn is the best one to deal with the magics as he understands them best, but when he is in such turmoil himself, embroiled in another spree of crime, mystery, and intrigue he has to solve, it is difficult to stay focused I loved the way the magics reflect and contrast Conn s own character He is wild, not meant to be locked down, and hates being manipulated, but at the same time wants a purpose and stability He thrives on danger Of course, everyone who loves Conn just wants to protect him Ro and Nevery feel the best way to do this is to make him the ducal magister but Conn is having none of that Conn s stubbornness is familiar to older reader s of the series, as is his friends exasperation with him It has a different feel in this book though and is not just he same old story as the original trilogy They ve all grown a lot and are facing a new reality Conn is starting to realize he needs help from time to time and relying on others is okay The others are starting to realize trying to manage Conn is a lost cause, and one by one they fall to trusting him to do what must be done and do it well.One of the great strengths of this series is how it highlights character and relationships so well, but does it simply through showing them in the context of a fast moving, exciting, and twisty plot It is so subtle and yet you can not read these without coming away feeling connected to all these characters and seeing their strong connections to each other I love the friendship between Conn and Ro, and how it is just a friendship Please, please, let that continue to be the case And there are hints that it will continue to be the case, thank goodness I like the direction of those hints a lot I love it when books can show a good male female friendship that is nothing than that Yes, they do exist The story finds Conn yet again trying to prove he is not the gutter boy thief he once was, but it is interesting that there are actually very few people who assume he is There are some, as there will probably always be, but for the most part, he is trusted by those around him The story is from his point of view, yet it is clear that he is still reacting to how people used to see him automatically rather than how they are reacting to him now Conn s talents and spotted past are essential to unwinding the knot of magic and criminal acts being visited on Wellmet This leads to some dangerous situations and a couple moments of peril that had me visibly trying to restrain myself from reacting since I was reading the book in public All my emotions were fully engaged and that made for some fraught moments for my poor heart.Fans of this series definitely do not want to miss this latest installment It very nicely lends itself to new readers too The necessary events from the previous books are included in clever ways that new readers will know what is going on, and old readers won t be bored reading a lot of information they already know It s also a nice refresher for those who may have forgotten At the same time, this is a new phase in Conn s life and the story reflects that It isn t a continuation of the old story so much as the beginning of the next part of Conn s story I do think new readers of the series will find themselves unable to resist going back and reading the first three.I read an e galley provided by the publisher, Harper Children s, via Edelweiss The Magic Thief Home will be available September 16. just simply most, most lovely all books should be this good Dragons everywhere Sorry to see this series come to a close I really enjoyed the adventures of Conn, gutterboy turned wizard and protector of his city. This is the fourth book in the Magic Thief series This has been a wonderful middle grade fantasy series that is great for all ages This book was just as wonderful as the previous books in the series My whole family enjoyed it a lot.My whole family listened to this together on audiobook on a road trip back from Yellowstone This whole series has been incredibly well done on audiobook The narrator does Conn s voice spot on and is excellent at all the other character voices as well I highly recommend listening to this on audiobook if you listen to audiobooks.Duchess Rowan wants to promote Conn to ducal magister, however Conn objects Conn feels that he has other problems to deal with and that sitting in meetings all day won t help The two magics that were joined in the last book Magic Thief Found, are fighting each other and wrecking havoc in the city To makes things even worse magicians locus stones are being stolen and Conn as the only known person who can touch another magician s locus stone and survive is being blamed for the thefts.In a desperate attempt to both fix the magic in the city and uncover the locus stone thief Conn ventures back to his thieving roots in the Twilight where his story started.As with all of the other books in this series this was a wonderfully fun and magical read It is even fun because of the inclusion of Pip, Conn s little dragon companion locus stone.Conn grows a lot in this book Rowan is trying to make him ducal magister and give him a lot of responsibility, she believes in him and appreciates his help Conn knows that he won t be good at the type of position but is struggling to figure what he wants to do to help support the city of Wellmet Conn spends a lot of time figuring who he is and who he wants to be is he a thief, a wizard or something else completely He spends a lot of time in the Twilight as a thief again in this book and discovers that he just doesn t make a good thief anyhe is just than that now Conn is also learning that accepting help from others and working with others isn t always a bad thing.The plot is very well done too Honestly everything is really well tied up in this book I couldn t find information on whether or not there would be another book in this series but I really really hope there is I would love to see how some of the decisions Conn makes at the end of the book play out.Overall a spectacular middle grade fantasy This whole series has been so much fun to read full of magic and adventure It s a great read for all ages, I enjoy these books just as much as my seven year old son does I sincerely hope there are books in this series