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There has been no shortage of vampire and werewolf novels in recent years I was wondering how a new werewolf book could possibly bring about something new and original Somehow, someway, Kathleen Peacock thought of an intriguing plot, wrote some fantastic characters, gave them life, unique voices, strong personalities, and wrapped it all up in this lovely novel full of mystery, friendship, and loyalty.What makes this plot unique is obvious from the start The werewolves are out The public has been made aware of Lupine Syndrome The Trackers, who are trying to contain the spread of this virus, are basically given free reign to be violent to whomever they think has been infected Thus, as you can guess, the infected want to hide their secret Then there s Amy our protagonist s best friend who s just been murdered See We ve got a simple werewolf lore with added suspense, a murder mystery, and a dystopian like society, which gives us a pretty darn good page turner Also, this is the first book in a long time that I can honestly say has surprised me with the twists It ambushed me There are actually several of these twists wound together that made me take a step back and blink.A society such as Hemlock s really triggers some helpless feelings while reading werewolves having no lawful rights or protection Everyone s at the mercy of the Trackers They have all the power, and believe me, they use it It reminded me a bit of reading a dystopian feeling like you re trapped with no one to turn to for justice One thing I m curious about is the werewolf politics What they re doing to fight this, what the camps are like, etc However, seeing as this is the first in a series there s still time to get into this.Inside this society, Hemlock possesses characters that shine throughout Mac s personality is so honest I really grew to be fond of her She s got incredible devotion, she s strong and her head is screwed on right In addition, there are two of the sweetest, although polar opposite, guys after her I don t dislike love triangles but I ve read my fair share of them Yet, I was delighted by the way Kathleen wrote the romance in Hemlock First you should know that although the romance is always somewhat present underneath it all, it never takes the lead The plot keeps at center stage with Mac s commitment to get to the bottom of Amy s murder With that said, both guys in this book are incredible Kyle is so adorable you just want to squeeze his cheeks Jason he s the bad boy You ll hate his actions, but it s easy to see the huge heart that he s hiding underneath his tough exterior Don t ask me which team I m on, though, I have joined none I refuse to choose Crosses arms As far as werewolf books go, this is easily my favorite to date it has so much It s an all around wonderful novel that balances plot, romance, and action perfectly It will keep you up until morning, either from its enticing pace, or its gorgeous cover that you simply cannot stop staring at Oh, and side note The author is Canadian REPRESENT, YO For of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads First read April 15, 2012Re read July 15, 2013 SO GOODOh my gosh, it has been a LONG time since I have been obsessing over a book like I am obsessing over Hemlock right now This book BLEW ME AWAY I mean, I have read this book about 10 days ago and i am STILL raving about it to anyone who would listen Hemlock is definitely one of those rare books that remind you of WHY you love reading so much Also, this is coming from ME, who is a person that does not like paranormal as much as contemporary and dystopian However Hemlock was so good that as soon as I finished reading my galley, I went and pre ordered a copy for myself to reread Hemlock is about a girl, Mac, who used to be part of a close group that consisted of herself, Amy, Amy s boyfriend Jason, and Kyle However this friendship broke down when Amy was found murdered, and all signs point to a werewolf See, in Hemlock, people know there are werewolves and any person can become one if they contract the Lupine syndrome However, the werewolves are shunned and when found are sent to werewolf camps where they end up locked there for the rest of their lives I loved the uniqueness of the story, it really is not like any werewolf novel I ve read Also to add to all this, there is a murder mystery and you all know how much I love those Every single one of the characters in Hemlock are so damn likable We ve got the protagonist, Mac She is strong, level headed and just an all around GOOD friend to Amy, Jason, and Kyle She is trying to pick up the pieces of their broken friendship after Amy s death while at the same time trying to solve this mystery it sort of gave me a Veronica Mars vibe and I love that show Then we ve got Jason and Kyle Oh boy, is it possible to love BOTH guys SO MUCH that your heart breaks no matter who Mac ends up with Jason is the really messed up rich kid that gets in trouble just for the thrill because Amy s death has screwed with his head so much that you just want to hold him and comfort him and tell him it ll be all right Then we ve got Kyle, the best friend you would always want and the secret crush you would always hide He is the opposite of Jason He is responsible, is the one looking out for Mac and not the other way around, and YOU want to be held by HIM and hearing him say that everything will be fine Kathleen Peacock has woven SUCH an amazing romance plot that it has restored my faith in love triangles The twists and development of the romance and the awkward and charged moments were all so unbelievably AMAZING, it was very hard for me to concentrate on anything BUT the book Now even though there is a love triangle and romance, the book really centers around Amy s death and mending the broken friendship and trying to figure out what the trackers think werewolf police are really doing in town while trying to not get killed in the process Hemlock was such a thrilling, addicting, incredible page turner that I ended up staying way past my bedtime to read it and even reading it in the middle of class because I JUST.COULD.NOT.PUT.IT.DOWN I am now counting down the days until I can get my hands on Hemlock 2 because that ending It leaves you with enough closure while at the same time gives you a cliffhanger that leaves you wanting SO MUCH MORE More reviews on Maji Bookshelf This is the per fect book for fans of Vam pire Diaries or soap operas If that s your thing, then this will be YOUR thing I mean, in a big way You ll prob a bly jizz your self and explode in an apoplexy of fan squees.It s not that there wasn t a plot, but it was suf fo cat ing under a bar rage of heavy, thick, awk ward romances Like that guy who was really into you but also really into mouth breathing and you weren t sure if his hands were always wet because he was ner vous or he d just been to the bathroom.There weren t any seri ous issues with the actual tech ni cal writ ing Pea cock is rea son ably pro fi cient at express ing her self and con vey ing emo tions in prose I enjoyed the var ied rela tion ships that existed between sev eral char ac ters to a degree.My main issue was that as much as I gen er ally liked each char ac ter indi vid u ally, together as a group and the ties that bound them were shal low, sim plis tic and juvenile.When writ ing, if you feel the need for your nar ra tor to express how sim i lar their life is to a CW pro gram, then there s your first sign that you may be doing it wrong And if, at any time, all the prob lems in your fic tional world extend from the fact that peo ple just love the main pro tag o nist TOO much, then there s your sec ond sign.The last sign is when your char ac ters spend com pa ra ble amounts of time ago niz ing over their rela tion ships and angst, as would a soap opera.Over all, it was a light, inter est ing read If you re into wangst, love tri an gles and para nor mal YA s then give it a go If the com bi na tion of those three together creeps you out as much as your great Uncle Har vey, then give it a miss for your own sake.This review and others is also available on our blog, Cuddlebuggery Book Blog. If you are looking for something original, unique, something that immediately grabs your attention, you will not find it in Hemlock.If you are looking for stock characters and story lines, stock love triangles and stock narrator full of grief, angst and no distinct voice, Hemlock might work for you. if you aren t team jason, you re dead to me Hemlock is one of the best werewolf fictions I have crossed path with This novel is an absolutely heart wrenching paranormal love story with ingredients like murder and mystery, secrets and suspense.The Wolf StoryIt s been twelve years science US government has declared the existence of Lupin syndrome, known as werewolf virus One scratch from an infected person can turn you into one of them When her best friend Amy was brutally murdered by a werewolf, haunted by vivid nightmares and memories of Amy, Mac started to investigate the murder herself Wolf hunters in town and random people are taken into custody based on primary suspicion, but there lies much politics, power struggling and vengeful motive behind the crime With help from Amy s boyfriend Jason and her best friend Kyle, Mac is determine to find the real killer but both the boys have secrets of their own that can not only affect Amy emotionally but put her into danger she never have imagined.Hemlock is another addition to exponentially growing group of young adult paranormal novels based on vampire and werewolf stuff yet this one is refreshing and utterly addictive The Girl, The Wolf and The HunterThis is an engaging fast paced young adult werewolf urban fantasy starring a heroine who has overcome a long stage of emotional turmoil Instead of being damsel in distress and continuing mourning of Amy s death, she welcomed all the nightmares and memories of Amy and takes matter in her own hand While investigating the truth, Mac was drawn to a world of conspiracy and danger knowing she might be the next victim her loyalty, commitment and friendship are the assets of this book.The triangle amazed me very much, I must say it a brilliant combination of a human, a werewolf and a hunter Not your typical stupid kind of triangle, it was something that will keep you thinking which one of the boys is better for her As much as I relished the sweet romance of Mac and Kyle, I enjoyed complicated relationship between Mac and Jason.Kyle s secret may seem dangerous but I say he was adorable and fiercely protective I admire his self control on his werewolf side and the way he stood by Mac was simply admirable He cares too much for Mac and their friendship turned romance blossomed in believable pace He s actions were swoon worthy and heart breaking in equal measure.While I found Kyle was stronger of the male leads, Jason was kind of self destructive Both the boys have deep feelings and concerns for Mac Dealing with Amy s death and growing feelings for Mac, I found Jason devastated, troubled and enigmatic His deep hatred for Werewolves leads him joining the trackers not knowing his best friend Kyle was one of them he hates most But end of the day he proved he might have a tough outer shell but deep down, he bears a soft and compassionate heart The three of them were forced to endure and overcome the most horrific obstacles in their quest to find out the truth and they learned to regain their trust on each other I enjoyed both the brightness and gloominess of the characters and they seemed very real and life like to me.The plot had plenty of surprises along the way to keep me interested until the end which contains a mild cliffhanger also giving hint for the sequel Hemlock was a compelling debut of the author Kathleen Peacock and promising first installment of the trilogy This book will definitely satisfy your cravings for a good werewolf book after The Wolves of Mercy falls Trilogy. NEED NEXT BOOK NOW.Also shout out to Nick for making me read it. Hemlock is quite possibly the best werewolf book that I ve read It s not like I ve read that many, but this was still amazing Hemlock follows Mackenzie Mac , and her longing to uncover the truth about the mysterious death of her best friend, Amy Of course, things get in the way of her journey to uncover the truth, one of those things being a group of werewolf hunters known as The Trackers As secrets of the seemingly quiet and peaceful town of Hemlock unfold, Mackenzie realizes she may have gotten herself into a dangerous situation, and now, there s no turning back Right from the beginning, I knew Hemlock and I were going to get along well There s not much action for the first half of the novel, but that doesn t mean it was boring at all I couldn t have turned the pages faster, and with each chapter, and is revealed about the mystery of Amy Walsh s death, all the way to a boiling conclusion that I did not see coming The characters in Hemlock, especially Mackenzie, were handled expertly, and had so much depth to them it felt like I could reach out and hug them Mackenzie is an amazing heroine, and didn t take no for an answer There s also Kyle and Jason, who are great characters as well, although I wanted Jason to die desperately throughout most of the book Hell, maybe I still do But, given that s what I assume Peacock s intention was, I suppose that s a good thing that she made me feel such strong feelings towards a character I also really liked the character of Mackenzie s cousin, Tess, because she provided somewhat of a comic relief The mystery of Hemlock was much better than I expected it to be, and with each and every plot twist I found myself gasping aloud Like I had mentioned earlier in the review, the ending came as a complete shock to me, although I was a little disappointed in it, but that s only because the theories I had in my head were a bit complicated, and the ending in Hemlock was a little simple Peacock s writing is excellent, and I absolutely loved the chapters in which Amy visited Mackenzie in her dreams that was probably my favorite thing about Hemlock The portrayal of how much a death of a friend could change your life, and that you d do anything to find justice for that person was done amazingly, and I found myself tearing up quite a few times throughout this book Overall, I really enjoyed Hemlock, and I recommend it for anyone who is looking for a fresh take on the werewolf genre, but at the same time, something so much than that. (FREE BOOK) Ë Hemlock ⚤ MACKENZIE AND AMY WERE BEST FRIENDSUNTIL AMY WAS BRUTALLY MURDEREDSince Then, Mac S Life Has Been Turned Upside Down She Is Being Haunted By Amy In Her Dreams, And An Extremist Group Called The Trackers Has Come To Mac S Hometown Of Hemlock To Hunt Down Amy S Killer A White WerewolfLupine Syndrome Also Known As The Werewolf Vius Is On The Rise Across The Country Many Of The Infected Try To Hide Their Symptoms, But Bloodlust Is Not Easy To ControlWanting Desperately To Put An End To Her Nightmares, Mac Decides To Investigate Amy S Murder Herself She Discovers Secrets Lurking In The Shadows Of Hemlock, Secrets About Amy S Boyfriend, Jason, Her Good Pal Kyle, And Especially Her Late Best Friend Mac Is Thrown Into A Maelstrom Of Violence And Betrayal That Puts Her Life At RiskKathleen Peacock S Thrilling Novel Is The First In The Hemlock Trilogy, A Spellbinding Urban Fantasy Series Filles With Provocative Questions About Prejudice, Trust, Lies, And Love I read all 400 pages in 24 hours I can t give you a full review but I can say this Its one of the best mysteries I have ever read I had tons of theories going through my head and yeah, they were all wrong but let s not dwell on my uber power to not take a hint The werewolf lore was interesting and there was a small dystopic vibe for their plight The bad guy was supremely bad and I wanted him to meet the long end of a pitchfork all through the novel The protagonist was smart and unobservant at the same time and incredibly likable The boys were swoon worthy and annoying as boys are and every character felt so very real The book is peppered with tiny bits of intellectual humor I don t think there is anything the author could have changed to make me love this book than I do I really can t believe this is a debut Mark it to read folks, you can thank me next year I take gifts Like chocolate and cold hard cash.