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Spoiler ahead read at your own risk This book has been on my to be read shelf for two years and I must say that I was a little disappointed, because this book was not as dark as I thought it would be Dr Michael as he is called is the head of a mental hospital Heil Hospital or Hell as it is called Dr Michael is a sick perverted and depraved man who takes pleasure in having girls kidnapped or sentenced to the hospital so he can deflower them and so they can be used for his sick rich friends as they pay for the pleasure of doing so The first girl you meet is Zoey who is shy and an introvert and her mother Brenda who the doctor knows is a submissive The men in this book was just crazy like the judge who had Melissa committed so he could sodomize her with a really big cock This was my first time reading this author and this book was light on story it read like porn it was hot and it did make me hot This book had a few errors in grammar which I over looked I just wished that it was darker. Harsh Non con and dub con Fans of other Powerone books will enjoy who like these themes It is centrally themed but has different stories in it If this does it for you then you ll be able to ignore the typo s and grammar issues Hot if you like this kind of thing Unimaginative, badly written stuff. *Epub ⇕ Hell Hospital ↬ This Is The Story Of A Number Of Girls That Get Involved With Evil Men That Are Attracted To Young, Innocent And Vulnerable Girls Under The Cover Of A Hospital, The Girls Are Set On By These Older Men Drugs, Bondage And Rape Used To Coerce The Girls Into Providing The Perverted Pleasure That The Men Seek From Their Captives No Perversities Are Spared Pain Only A Means To The Men S PleasureIt Not Only Happens Here At Hell Hospital, But Many Other Places Around The World This Novel Is Not A Story Of The Men, But Of The Helpless Girls That Were Subjected To The Rape And Sexual Torture Inflicted On Them And How They Cope Under These Depraved Conditions The Young Girls Are Humiliated At Being Stripped Naked And Displayed Obscenely, Bound In The Strictest Positions And All Of Their Orifices Raped With The Flesh Of The Men Or Their Instruments Of Torture Some Fight Their Captors At Every Turn, But Others Find Their Bodies Betraying Them, Forced Orgasms Just As Humiliating As The Acts They Are Forced To PerformWill They Survive This Horrific Situation Or Will They Succumb To It As Hope Turns To Helplessness, Is Their Survival Conditioned On Accepting The Perverted Acts And Giving Their Captors All The Pleasure They Want From Their Young, Tight Bodies Strong BDSM Content Male Dom M F And Sado Masochism SM You Can Buy The Book Athttp Aadultebooks Ebooks B