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Very thorough argument for post mil theology Must read if you are thinking through the various views. Gentry is a clear and straightforward writer, and does a good job presenting the postmillennial case I especially appreciated his gospel centeredness, his excellent answers to objections especially the amillennial argument concerning suffering , and his gentlemanly tone The sheer number of misconceptions that he removes is staggeringly helpful He s like a cannery for red herrings.If someone is reading deeply in eschatology, they ought to read this one However, there are several weaknesses of presentation that mar the book s usefulness, and keep it from being my first recommendation Mathison s Postmillennialism Two hundred of the pages that Gentry spends refuting wacky dispensational ideas could be cut without losing anything of the postmillennial case Dispensationalism is over, and at any rate, is not the proper subject of this book Related, yes, but not related enough to deserve as much play as it gets His discussion of theonomy is related to his argument, but could also slim down a few pages Focus.Also, Gary North s intro should be retired Fun while it lasted If the book is to be taken seriously, which it should, then North s bravado should be dropped I happen to agree with North, but don t think the intro helps the book actually, it hinders it.The footnotes are wildly disparate in usefulness and scholarship North boasts about them, but when one of them is used to mention that the granddaughter of a premillennial scholar is a postmillennialist, well, it casts the whole bunch of them in a new light Similarly, referencing all the NT passages that mention the Church in Christ seems to be proof texting, and of an auxiliary point, at that Looks impressive, but so does cotton candy.Gentry s dialogue partners are skewed, as well I feel like Herman C Hanko should probably abstain from theological debate after the few articles that Gentry manhandles, but who besides Gentry and Herman s own mother have ever heard of him Surely someone else said something about postmillennialism that needs refuting Centering the debate by choosing evangelically relevant foes would help, which would mean dropping the unpublished articles, and most of the outdated dispensationalist footnotes Otherwise, Gentry looks like he is kicking puppies.There is a newer edition of the book out now, which may very well correct some of these flaws, and if it does, stars would deservedly be added, because the heart of Gentry s work is an excellent defense of the triumph of Christ. @KINDLE ⚧ He Shall Have Dominion: A Postmillennial Eschatology ⚸ In This Greatly Expanded And Wholly Updated Version Of Dr Gentry S Classic Study Of Postmillennialism, You Will Sense Anew The Powerful Message Of Psalm That Christ Shall Have Dominion From Sea To Sea Psa You Will Learn That God S Word Promises That The Whole Earth Will Be Filled With His Glory So That All Nations Will Call Him Blessed Before Christ ReturnsMany Evangelicals Today Are Concerned About Those Being Left Behind On This Late Great Planet Earth As It Collapses Into Absolute Chaos But The Postmillennialist Optimistically Believes That He Shall Have Dominion Throughout The Earth In This Book You Will Find The Whole Biblical Rationale For The Postmillennial Hope, From Its Incipient Beginning In Genesis To Its Glorious Conclusion In Revelation Your Faith Will Be Re Invigorated As You Begin To Recognize That The Gospel Is The Power Of God Unto Salvation Rom And That Our Lord Jesus Really Meant It When He Commanded Us To Go And Make Disciples Of All The Nations Matt The Third Edition Includes An Enlarged Appendix On The Errors Of Hyper Preterism Both Theological And Exegetical An excellent, thorough overview of postmillenialism and preterism Good overview but lengthy and at times bombastic See CJ Bowen s review for a good breakdown of the shortcomings There is probably a helpful overview or introductory work out there Still found this significantly helpful, though Coming to this work already fairly convinced of partial preterism, it was mainly a battle for me between amillennialism and postmillennialism This currently has me inclined to postmillennialism Some may find his extensive rebuttals of dispensationalism needless or a waste of space but I found it quite helpful, having grown up with Left Behind eschatology. Don t read this unless you d like to have all your assumptions about the future challenged. One of the best books I ve ever read Every Christian needs to read this book and come face to face with these ideas Not only is the book well written, thorough, and rhetorically persuasive, but it s also very scripturally sound, exegetically secure, and theologically profound Eschatology matters, and this eschatology speaks to the truth of God s mission on Earth. Very good. Marvelous on almost all counts It is quite common in some circles for eschatological preoccupation to take up far too much time, and in other circles to be almost entirely neglected In the first group, it is often accompanied by what Gentry calls Newspaper exegesis in the other group it is thought that it is a peripheral issue and therefore not discussed so as not to stir up debate.Gentry does a wonderful job of presenting the postmillennial view as the most consistently biblical view, while interacting with the other schools of eschatological thought pre a Now, if end times stuff either bores you, or you ve been burned by prophetic date setting often found in dispensational camps , Gentry reminds us Eschatology is a deeply rooted and intricately involved aspect of Christian theology It should not be approached in a na ve manner or be given superficial treatment Consequently, no single passage may be expected to present an entire eschatological system Eschatology is woven into the whole fabric of Scripture as the story within Gentry, Pg.497 Meaning, we must remember that the Scriptures lead us to look forward to what God has in store What we believe about what God s purposes are for history and eternity will affect how we live here and now Gentry shows how postmillennialism is the only view of the three primary camps that has a theology of Gospel victory in history He is careful in expositing the applicable texts as well as quoting various voices of all three camps He is always charitable, but somewhat merciless, especially when the other viewpoints are shown to hold utterly ridiculous and unbiblical views.This is really a must read for every Christian, as it would be immensely profitable for Christians to understand that the pessimism of amillennialism and premillennialism is afflicting the church in such a way that we are rather impotent in our Gospel proclamation We must affirm and proclaim the Lordship and Kingship of Christ in history, in recognition of His great redemptive work on Calvary.I highly commend this to the top of your to read list NiceneCouncil.com has published the Third Edition of this great work Please see our bookstore at