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5 I am the motherfucking boss stars This was one of my most highly anticipated books for 2014 and boy did it deliver A strong heroine who didn t bother me, like AT ALL Veronica, aka the Bomb Unpredictable, unapologetic, badass and fun, she s sexy and she knows it And I love a girl who knows how to use her guns Hot wet sex against the wall Intimate body painting An epic, intense, emotional and at the same time sexy scene that to me makes the whole series worth it.The whole Team in actionThe LiarThe HackerThe GunsThe mobster style namesThe BlackbirdThe KittenThe DutchessThe BombTet Did I mention that I love those nicknames Spencer Spencer is all business. This is one of the few times that I cannot pick between two men in my book.Spencer or Ford Ford or Spencer Can I have them both I LOVE the dirty talk And Ronnie is my girl A hopeless romantic with a dirty mouth The awesome linesVeronica Vaughn, why the fuck do you smell like gunsThe absolutely fabulous epilogue s This was a fast paced, well deserved conclusion to the Rook and Ronin story.I m thrilled to discover that the series will be continued and J.A Huss has me really intrigued I m dying for a Number Five book I ve wanted you since the day I laid eyes on you You know thatFinally, Spencer and Ronnie s book I seriously love these two, and their story does not disappoint Spencer always has a plan And Veronica has always been a major part of it, but in order to keep her safe from his questionable past, he has kept his distanceI ve kept Ronnie away from all this bullshit for a reason And that reason is so we can spend our lives together And I m done waiting It s my turn to get what I wantFreedom from his dirty dealings is within reach, but not everyone is willing to accept Rook s lie And someone is making life difficult for the team With the team in a sticky situation, all Spencer can think about is his Bomb and moving forward with her.Ronnie is tired of waiting She wants Spencer, but she is constantly being pushed out of the inner circle Poor girl is always being treated like the odd man out I just wanted to give her a hug But she knows how Spencer works, so she doesn t completely give up on her boy, and she is willing to fight for him My type has always been Spencer Even before I knew Spencer, my type was Spencer. Things heat up in than one way And when it comes time, who s side will Ronnie be on Because someone is gunning for the team, and it gets messy This series is simply fantastic An intense, action packed, steamy ride Ronnie is definitely one of my favorite leading ladies, she is a badass chick And Spencer, holy hell He and Ford are neck and neck I can t pick one, so I pick them both I am all for a Spencer and Ford sandwich And we get TWO wonderful epilogues I have a super cheesy grin on my face view spoilerI shall call himNumber 5Bahahaha, Ford 3 hide spoiler Wow What an ending for Spencer and his Bomb The team, which consists of everyone but Veronica, is in some serious hot water Spencer is still staying course with his push away in order to protect the woman of his dreams plan, although things get pretty crazy.Once again, Veronica s pain and confusion is brutal and it seems her new girlfriends are in on the secrets tooShe should trust me They should all trust me I m not a liability I m strong I can fight I can shoot I m a tattoo artist for fuck s sake I m sorta badass Plus, I ve been around for yearsJust a little bit time and all will be over is what Spencer is banking on He just can t stay too far away from his girl and every time these two are in reach of one another the pages smolderFuck me, she mouths silently I lose control when she does that and she knows it Fuck me, she mouths again Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me Over and over againThe trial, a custody situation, a crazy new bike shop owner, and a mysteriously hot new resident moves into Fort Collins Spencer struggles to keep Veronica safe, Ford fights for his new family and Ronin protects his Rook We are also treated to back story on Bomb and Spencer At around 70 percent, I was caught somewhere in between swooning and crying This scene was EPIC and on its own deserved 5 STARSShhhh Don t cry, Ronnie Just tell me what we like, so I can remember Because I lost my way, babyA twist or two is thrown in at the end and even though the connections and reveals were a bit farfetched for me, I than enjoyed this story As for the ending, we are gifted two terrific epilogues J.A Huss just blew me away 5 It s My Turn To Get What I Want Stars BR with Patty Tiffany Spencer Shrike is living in Fort Collins preparing for the grand opening of the new Shrike s Bikes store He is almost 24, and has been living the dream professionally, with his bike shops, and show Personally Spencer feels like his life is in limbo He is waiting for the trial, and everything to be resolved with his team, and then feels he can move on with his life, and put all the bad behind him Trying to protect Ronnie, he has pushed her away He doesn t want her to be in any danger because of him He hires Ronnie as his personal assistant to keep her close, and also has a new spy named Carson looking after her Spencer does everything he can to protect her, while loving her from afar Veronica Vaughn aka Bombshell is a gorgeous 23 year old working as a tattoo artist with her brothers at their family shop Sick Boyz, Inc She is wanting independence, and money She takes on an additional job as Spencer s PA, but longs for so much from him than just being his employee Ronnie s feelings are hurt She feels shut out, and misses how things were between them when they first started dating She wishes they could live a wonderful life together at his farm His Bellvue Farm is where they built special memories together, and has always felt like home to her Ronnie is constantly confused by how Spencer treats her She is tired of being ignored, and pining over a man she can t have She knows something big is going on with Spencer and his friends, and just wants to be included Suddenly there is a mysterious man paying Ronnie the attention she craves Eventually we find out his secrets, and what he s up to Ronnie continues to not be a part of Spencer s team, and is just so frustrated with him She can t figure him out We get a whole lot of action, and plans being played out by the team I just love this big group of friends, and how they all have each others backs, and consider themselves a family As usual I love all the twists and turns excitement We get a fabulous conclusion to this series I loved the epilogues, and how J.A Huss wrapped up all the couples stories I am excited for all the future books on Merc, Tet, and 5 his team D Veronica Bombshell Vaughn, I ll never stop fucking you, baby You know why Why she whispers back Because you re mine, baby And I m gonna keep you forever I know he s hot He s a bit on the controlling caveman side, and he s a spectacular lover I think I swooned You know what that means, right It means you re in love I am in love, I admit immediately, breaking every rule of new relationships in one fell swoop I m afraid I m a goner and you might be stuck with me forever He smiles the warmest, most adorable smile I ve ever seen On anyone He s got the most amazing smile It s soft, and caring Such a contradiction to his hard body I ve already planned our whole life, so I m good with being stuck But first, Bombshell, I d like to get you naked If you haven t pre ordered yet, one click The Erotic Consortium Anthology, BEND It has some fantastic authors, and is only.99 It includes a novella by J.A Huss about Tet.http www Bend K Bromberg 5 Shrike, Bombshell, Hacking, Number 5 Stars There are some things you wish for things you cannot wait to have but then it is bittersweet because once you have them the experience is over Waiting for GUNS The Spencer Book was like waiting for those special times for me This book brings all of the intrigue, relationships and answers to a close of sorts for the Rook and Ronin series We first met most of the players in Tragic, continued in Manic with the fleshing out of Ford and Spencer and in Panic, a full bodied understanding of how all of them were interconnected We fell for the love of Rook and Ronin, held their hands through their coming together and learning to trust each other We got bits and pieces of Spencer, of Shrike Bikes and Ford, the TV Producer of the reality show based on Spencer s company and artwork We also became a virtual part of the Team as we were treated to learning about the relationship all three guys had from the past They were loyal willing to serve each other and did all things together with each having an expertise.These characters captivated our imaginations and hearts We wanted to know every little bit we could get and J A Huss carefully gave us just enough to want She even gave us separate books for Ford and now Spencer letting us really feel these men so they were no longer side characters but receiving the serious consideration they deserved.As all of the books progressed, the last reveal was Spencer at first he is not someone you truly get he is sexy, tough means business all of the time Yet only through the recent novella, A day in the Life of Spencer, does it become clear Spencer is the romantic of them all He is a Renaissance artist, the visionary of how his life should be with the main focus being his love of Veronica Vaughn AKA Ronnie AKA Bomb Bombshell The beauty of their love is so intense when they connect really connect it is powerful and breathtaking It Stops Time everything falls by the wayside and you are there experiencing their love, need and sweetness Some of the most tender moments come from this powerful, forceful man And as this man, he has tried to envision 20 steps ahead of the danger all of the team is experiencing and by doing this he has isolated Ronnie and pushed her away She is out there loving Spencer missing the times they use to have wanting him but at the same time furious for the treatment he has done By pushing her away to protect her, Spencer has actually left her vulnerable.All things are coming to a head and we are there watching wanting to know what happens and wishing the best for them.This last part of this epic series is not disappointing is does not suffer the usual type of rushing or throw away completions which can happen Every part of this is fully formed and lives up to what you have come to expect from the author I love J A Huss and I have felt her ability and methods have grown as the books progressed She is so confident in her telling there is no hesitation Everything is sure and strong.I am now lighting personal candles and saying my prayers that somewhere down the line we get to have of these characters because I truly believe deep down Ms Huss is not finished with us and this Team A gifted copy was provided by author publisher for an honest reviewFor reviews, Free E books and Giveaways 4.5 Bombshell Stars What a conclusion The grand finale The ending of one chapter and the beginning of another Ronin has Rook Ford has Ashleigh and Kate Now it s time for Spencer to get his Bombshell Ronnie Veronica Bombshell Bomb fell in love with Spencer Shrike the day she met him They had a whirlwind love affair Spencer walked into my life, tipped me upside down, and shook the love right out of me My love spills out all over the place My love piles up at his feet Until Spencer and his past with the Team catch up with him Spencer has pushed Ronnie away for the last year in order to protect her He s kept her in the dark to keep her safe He s sacrificed the happiness they once shared to shield her from the pain of possibly losing him Ronnie doesn t understand why Spencer keeps pushing her away She s tried to move on from Spencer but he s always there.reminding her of what they once had Veronica, I am the motherfucking boss Say it back to me, Bombshell Who s the motherfucking boss Say it, Bomb Or I ll take you right here in the alley and prove it Oh Spencer.how I do love you Bombshell was his And he was going to do everything in his power to keep her She belonged to him and he belonged to her Spencer s need to protect Ronnie caused him to lose track of what mattered the most Shhhh Don t cry, Ronnie Just tell me what we like, so I can remember Because I ve lost my way, baby I don t want to give anything about the story away Everything comes full circle in GUNS Everything that happened to Ronin and Rook, Ford and Ashleigh, Spencer and Ronnie All leading up to a nail biting ending.even if it was a bit far fetched and I was left with some unanswered questions There were twists and turnssome unexpected, some not It was everything I could have hoped for in a conclusion to the series And that epilogue.epilogue 2 that is. Re read 5 30 18Wow..these books just keep getting better and better First there were Rook and Ronin and I thought they were awesome Then came Ford and Ash and I liked them and their book better and nowSpencer and Ronnie Their book was the best I absolutely loved this one Veronica is one of my most favorite heroines of all time..and that s saying something, since I have a hard time finding heroines that I like She was hard as nails..but she had a soft side to her I felt so sorry for her and the shit she was feeling, that I actually cried a little All the other times she made me laugh my ass off This book had everything A hot alpha macho man, a badass heroine, steam, suspence, humor and sadness I will definately be reading this one again and I hope books will follow I would love to read a book about nummer 5 and his Shrike Princess I still love Ford very hard, but I do have to say, Veronica made this book for me and she was a way better heroine then Ford s Ash. ARC provided by author in exchange for honest review 5 Bombshell Stars WowGUNS was just PERFECT to conclude and tie in the Rook and Ronin series and spin offs If you don t know who Rook, Ronin, Ford, Ashleigh, Spencer and Veronica are, then what are you waiting for I highly recommend you do because you do not want to miss out on the madness, craziness, sexy romance, and wild ride this TEAM takes you on Guns is not a standalone and you MUST read all of the books of the series first This book is Spencer s story but he ties in what crazy mess the TEAM has to deal with Ms Huss perfectly titled her book, GUNS because let me tell you this book is blazing with sexiness, humor, and action packed suspense The TEAM is back and in full swing.Ronin is the Liar, Ford is the Hacker, and Spencer is the Security Spencer Shrike is the tattooed biker and owner of Shrike s bike He loves his friends and family but there is one other person he loves the most His Bombshell, Veronica Vaughn Spencer and Veronica have history He loves her but due to circumstances he s been distancing away from her She doesn t know why until Spencer tells her that he s a bad guy He s done bad things and doesn t want to taint her by being associated with the Team He wants to protect her at all cost even if it means being a jerk and distancing himself from her Veronica tries to move on but she can t help being drawn back to Spencer These two have this chemistry and history that they can t escape She loves him and will do anything for Spencer The sexually chemistry of Veronica and Spencer are through the roofs This couple is just hot They balance each other out She knows him and he know s Ronnie through and through He can see through any facade and walls his Bombshell puts up GahI just love this couple Without giving much away to the storyline, GUNS and all the books associated with Rook and Ronin series is a MUST READ All you need to know, there is going to be trial and Rook must testify Ford is overly protective of his wife, Ashleigh and their baby, Kate There s someone new to town who has his eyes on Veronica Spencer wants his bombshell And lastly, there is someone who is targeting the Team so strap on and prepare yourself for this crazy wild ride the gang will take you on Yes, you heard me I highly recommend this book and series You do not want to miss out on knowing Rook, Ronin, Ford, Ashleigh, Spencer, and Veronica As for the epilogue, it was just PERFECT What s not to love when there is HEA for everyone I love these group of characters and thank you Ms Huss for introducing us to the TEAM J.A Huss SPENCERWho s the motherf cking boss Team Spencer, Team Ford, that is the question Most of my Ford loving friends read this book and jumped shipped He is an intriguing man but the magic of Ford is unmatched for me Never once did I waiver towards Spencer while reading this story Looking back through my highlights I realized that I only highlighted Ford s parts TEAM FORD FAN CLUB Members Onlyco President Christy co President Jennifer VACANTFans Me and Kim As Christy s first order of business I think she should convince Ms Huss to write another Ford book Rook Ronin Series is the main series that these next two spin offs are connected to The Ford Book and The Spencer Book Ford s spin off can be read as a standalone Timeline between these three series 1 RR Tragic My review 2 RR Manic My review 3 RR Panic My review.5 Ford SLACK A Day in the Life of Ford Aston My review 1 Ford TAUT The Ford Book My review .5 Spencer BOMB A Day in the Life of Spencer Shrike My review1 Spencer GUNS The Spencer Book `Free Pdf ↵ Guns (Rook and Ronin Spinoff, #4) ↵ THIS IS NOT A STANDALONE BOOK YOU MUST READ ALL THE OTHER BOOKS IN THIS SERIES FIRST Spencer Shrike Is A Man With A Plan Get In Get Out Move On He Loves Ron The Bomb, And Her Safety Is The Only Thing On His Mind These Days But Life Is A Tricky Bastard, And Conning Criminals For The Better Part Of Ten Years Brings Its Own Set Of Problems Sure, Rook Lied Her Way Out Of A Sticky Situation, Covering For Crimes Ronin, Ford, And Spencer Committed, And Getting Them All Off Scot Free In The Process But Not Everyone Is Buying Rook S Story, And Spencer Is Desperate To Figure Out Who S In Town Setting Them Up For A FallVeronica The Bombshell Vaughn Has Put Up With Spencer Shrike S Shit For Years And Where Has It Gotten Her A Big Fat Nowhere No Ring, No House, No Kids, And No Promises In Fact, Spencer Is Worse Than Ever Completely Distant And Moody She S Done Sitting At Home, Pining Over A Man She Can T Have But She S Not Opposed To Fighting For Him Ron The Bomb Fights Hard And She Fights Dirty, So She S Willing To Do Whatever It Takes To Get Spencer S AttentionBut Now There S Another Man In Town With His Eye On Her He S Got Secrets Too, But Unlike Spencer, Bobby Mansi Is Than Willing To Let Veronica In On Them The Entire Rook And Ronin Series Comes Full Circle Every Con, Every Lie, And Every Skeleton In The Closet Is Back For One Final Shot At Vengeance And The Only Way To Set It Right Is To Get Out The Guns