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~Free Ebook ☳ Great Myths of the Great Depression ⚔ Students Today Are Often Given A Skewed Account Of The Great Depression Of That Condemns Free Market Capitalism As The Cause Of, And Promotes Government Intervention As The Solution To, The Economic Hardships Of The Era In This Essay Based On A Popular Lecture, Foundation For Economic Education President Lawrence W Reed Debunks This Conventional View And Traces The Central Role That Poor Government Policy Played In Fostering This Legendary Catastrophe Lawrence W Larry Reed Became President Of The Foundation For Economic Education FEE In Prior To Becoming FEE S President, He Served For Twenty Years As President Of The Mackinac Center For Public Policy In Midland, Michigan He Also Taught Economics Full Time From To At Northwood University In Michigan And Chaired Its Department Of Economics From To A Champion For Liberty, Reed Has Authored Over , Newspaper Columns And Articles, Dozens Of Articles In Magazines And Journals In The United States And Abroad The Foundation For Economic Education FEE Is The Premier Source For Understanding The Humane Values Of A Free Society, And The Economic, Legal, And Ethical Principles That Make It Possible At FEE, You Ll Be Connected With People Worldwide Who Share Those Values And Are Inspired By The Dynamic Ideas Of Free Association, Free Markets, And A Diverse Civil Society Explore Freedom S Limitless Possibilities Through Seminars, Classroom Resources, Social Media, And Daily Content At FEE Learn How Your Creativity And Initiative Can Result In A Prosperous And Flourishing Life For Yourself And The Global Community Whether You Are Just Beginning To Explore Entrepreneurship, Economics, Or Creating Value For Others Or Are Mentoring Others On Their Journeys, FEE Has Everything You Need FEE Is Supported By Voluntary, Tax Deductible Contributions From Individuals, Foundations, And Businesses Who Believe That It Is Vital To Cultivate A Deep Appreciation In Every Generation For Individual Liberty, Personal Character, And A Free Economy Supporters Receive A Subscription To FEE S Flagship Magazine, The Freeman, Also Available At FEE Must read, short but to the pointCommon knowledge is often wrong, and those who control the mic often form it It is up to each and every one of us to learn, not what common knowledge tells us but what actually happened Napoleon wasn t short, carrots don t give supper vision, and FDR didn t help America to get out of the depression. Interesting Quote Of two men walking down the street at the start of 1933 one with a gold coin in his pocket and the other with a bottle of whiskey in his coat the man with the coin would be an upstanding citizen and the man with the whiskey would be the outlaw A year later, precisely the reverse was true Lawrence W Reed, Great Myths of the Great Depression An aphoristic essay which repudiates the tiresome myths of the American economy of the 1930s Serious historians and scholars hold a consensus with the way the events are portrayed here Reed quotes a number of prominent economists, historians, and journalists of the past and present including Milton Friedman, Murray Rothbard, Ludwig von Mises, Robert Higgs, H L Mencken, John T Flynn, Thomas DiLorenzo, Jim Powell, et al While it obviously cannot expound on the entirety of the Great Depression in its laconic presentation, this essay offers plenty of main concepts and factoids to explore further in other works Reading this will give you a great overview of what went wrong in the early 20th century, how we continue to make similar mistakes, and how we could possibly avoid them. A must read for all to hear an alternate view on what happened during the Great Depression and what lessons there may be in the governmental and societal response then for us today We find ourselves in a similar situation and the majority of voters appear to believe that we, or our government, can spend our way out of it As Mr Reed quotes at the end of this short piece Everyone has heard the sage observation of philosopher George Santayana Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it It s a warning we should not fail to heed All current indications are that enough are failing to heed this warning. Outstanding book exposing the root causes of the Great Depression and uncovering the wormy frauds and deceptions beneath the stones of lies laid before us in secondary education The lionization of FDR that has always been presented to us is properly questioned in this short work Reed effectively makes his case with historical examples and anecdotes, illuminating very effectively the politicians and the legislative bungling that only sped up the long monetary death march My only complaint is that it was only about 40 pages long Certainly a wonderful overview and worth the read for anyone interested in the subject. El brev simo libro revisa y explora a la Gran Depresi n, poniendo especial cuidado en sus causas, las que prolongaron la crisis durante poco m s de una d cada Este resumen provee, adem s de un esquema comprensible, referencias para profundizar sobre el tema Quien quiera no quedarse en la superficialidad usual que lleva a opiniones de escaso m rito, tiene aqu un material de gran valor que reta al pensamiento est ndar Una lectura muy recomendable de inicio sobre el tema. Outstanding overview of the Great Depression, how Hoover made bad decisions, and how FDR made it even worse Exposes the abusive and illegal actions taken by FDR Explains why the depression should have lasted only 2 years, but FDR made it last almost 12 years. This is definitely a must read, this little book shows the genesis of the Great Depression, emphasizing as central planners fail at monetary policy It uncovers countless frauds and lies so we can realize how the historical manipulation was made Very informative.Final memorable quote Government is the only institution that can take a valuable commodity like paper and make it worthless by applying ink Ludwig von Mises. Great bookWorth the read Like reading about today which is upsetting and scary.A real eye opener to the delusional people.