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Some of THE BEST desserts ever. @READ DOWNLOAD ë Grandma Rose's Book of Sinfully Delicious Cakes, Cookies, Pies, Cheese Cakes, Cake Rolls & Pastries ô Rich, Delicious, Beautiful To Look At And Soul Soothing That S The Sort Of Baking We All Remember About Our Grandmother S Kitchen, Or Wish We CouldThe Desserts In This Book Are The Stuff Such Dreams Are Made Of There Are Over Two Hundred Recipes For Cakes, Cookies, Pies, Cheese Cakes, Cake Rolls And Pastries All Of Them Are Delicious, Most Of Them Are High Calorie And Unique To One Of The Most Gifted Bakers In AmericaAs A Young Wife During The Depression, Rose Naftalin Began Baking For Her Husband S Delicatessen Eventually Rose S Food Shoppe Became A Famous Midwest Restaurant, From Its Base In Toledo, Ohio Rose Later Moved To Portland, Oregon, Where, Again, Her Cooking And Baking In Rose S Restaurant Became Extraordinarily Well Known And Sought After In The Pacific Northwest And Throughout The Country Great Boxes Of Goodies Were Dispatched Weekly To Lucky Dining Rooms From Coast To CoastWhy All The Fuss Well, Consider A Carrot Torte With An Orange And Pistachio Frosting Dream Of Peach Cookies That Look Like Heaven Made Peaches, Whose Stones Are A Celestial Concoction Of Chocolate, Nuts And Crumbs Imagine A Pumpkin Pie Set In A Praline Shell, The Textures And Tastes An Astonishing DelightRose Says That The Beginner As Well As The Sophisticated Baker Can Learn To Make Every One Of These Wonderful Pastries All One Needs Is The Will And Fine Ingredients To Which One Can Only Add, And You Need This Book Though There Are Other Dessert Cookbooks In The World, There Has Rarely Been One Of Such Personal Style, Superior Quality And Warm Good Feeling Excellent book with an incredible assortment of cakes, pies and cookies It has the only cheesecake recipe I love and is a huge hit every time I serve it Emilio s Cheesecake Recipes range from elaborate to very simple concoctions. An excellent baking guide, well written and easy to follow As a baker, Rose was extremely creative and humorous Therefore, it is a good reference guide for the haphazard type such as myself. Many years before the 21st century, when cooks who remembered the Depression considered the use of cooking oil and margarine a clever way to save money rather than use butter It ll taste the same anyway, I heard older women say, They ll never know the difference, so why spend extra Rose Naftalin counseled young bakers to use fresh, natural ingredients Use the freshest eggs possible, and when a recipe calls for butteruse butter.Before her restaurant became the hit success, before Rose Naftalin became the premier baker of Portland, Oregon, she sacrificed and slaved, making incredible cakes and pastries in the tiny apartment she shared with her husband Even then, she understood the difference quality made in the outcome of her baking, even before the health implications were known and factored in So in many ways, she was before her time.Rose s bakery made my first wedding cake It was divine I moved away after I married, and to my dismay, when I returned after many years away, the place had closed I am so glad I got the books, though I seldom use them They are a treasure. Best cookie recipe ever a variation on Mexican Russian wedding tea cookies with peppermint cream cheese filling It s great when you can flip through a cookbook and realize that most of the recipes can be accomplished using pantry staples Even better when you find the recipe for a long lost favorite treat This is that kind of book The presentation is generally straightforward and easy to follow if you already know your way around the kitchen Some of the recipes can get a little vague though, especially for a novice cook In a few instances she lists off measurements and tools that aren t exactly self explanatory This can be overcome without too much trouble by having a good baking reference handy.