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I hadn t read this old Tanya Huff for such a very long time until I re read this kindle re issue And I could kiss my kindle for making books like this readily available, this one is a treasure It is one of the very first urban fantasies and the main character is one of the gentlest, funniest, most compassionate loving portrayals of intellectual disability I have ever read in fiction Just a truly beautiful book if I wasn t currently flattened by flu I would write much much about it Maybe later Read this back in high school, actually, but remember it quite clearly I liked most of the characters, although I found it a bit icky that the main girl was chosen to be guardian of the Light because her period started at a key moment Really Ew But otherwise a solidly entertaining urban fantasy about a group of misfits fighting evil in their own unique ways. Tanya Huff is another one of those Canadian authors I ve shamefully never read until this year, but now I m making up for that Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light, which I read in the Of Darkness, Light, and Fire omnibus yay, Oxford comma , is Huff s first published novel and the third one she wrote In many respects this is evident from the novel s plot and characterization Nevertheless, it s evidence that, even back then, Huff was on the track to being a strong voice in urban fantasy.Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light is set in a hot summer in Toronto, presumably sometime in the late 1980s It s exactly what the title advertises the forces of Darkness, personified in the form of an Adept of the Dark, have broken through the barrier that keeps heaven and hell out of the Earthly dimension By upsetting the balance in this manner, the Adept of the Dark allows our protagonists to summon a counterpart, an Adept of the Light Together, they form a group a circle , if you will to take on the Adept of the Dark and stop him from opening a gate of darkness , if you will that would, you know, be apocalyptic and all that.You don t really get much basic with a fantasy plot than that Most fantasy, stripped down to its bare parts, is just the struggle of Good versus Evil, Light versus Darkness Huff makes this struggle explicit, with the Adept of the Dark tempting the various protagonists by trying to offer them deals or threatening them until they either give in or refuse and stay with the Light There isn t much in the way of moral ambiguity here So you need to have a particular kind of tolerance for this type of fantasy to enjoy what s happening.Let s assume you do I did I discovered that I really liked Rebecca From the beginning, Huff uses her omniscient third person perspective to portray the patronizing way people often treat those labelled as mentally disabled by failing to recognize how they are capable than they appear It makes me think about the way I interact with mentally disabled people and I like it when a book makes me think.The other characters, unfortunately, are less interesting Roland is a typical twenty something who isn t interested in getting a real job but would rather busk with his guitar I m not being critical of that attitude, just tongue in cheek of the way Huff so slavishly portrays the trope here He turns out to be the necessary Bard, and I admit that he goes on a pretty cool sidequest that allows him to develop maturity and self respect However, he just never feels as genuinely interesting as Rebecca.Then there s Daru, whom I wish we learned about She appears after about the first third, and she plays an important role in the climax Along the way we learn that she has remained strong willed and determined despite the tendency of the social care system in which she works to beat down both those who run it and those who use it But halfway through the book, it seems like Huff isn t sure what to do with her until the climax, so she just sort of gets sidelined until she s needed.The climax literally involves a deus ex machina, which is not entirely inappropriate given the plot However, I think the best adjectives I could choose for Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light would be straightforward and uncomplicated This is not a novel that will tie your brain in knots It doesn t ask complicated questions or pose vast moral dilemmas It s straight up, winner take all Light versus Darkness, with the corresponding Adepts of the respective forces irritatingly nice and sickeningly charismatic.I don t mind that type of fantasy, though it isn t my favourite aspect of the genre it s a little boring But I suspect that many writers of fantasy go through a phase like this early on, influenced as most of us are by Christian mythology and juggernauts like Tolkien and Lewis Huff is clearly still finding her legs here, but Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light makes her potential obvious. I really enjoyed Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light It s the first book by Tanya Huff I ve ever read, so I didn t really know what to expect The plot itself is simple and an old one the Dark fights the Light A good one, of course, but not terribly original The main attraction of this one is the characters the mentally disadvantaged female lead, Rebecca the Bard questioning his sexuality, Roland the Hindu social worker, Daru the pretty boy Adept of the Light, Evan In standard fantasy, at least, these are pretty new characters, and they re well written and fun I enjoyed Roland s subplot of coming to terms with his feelings about Evan a lot, although I wish there d been between them because it d have been a lovely relationship to read about.Fairly predictable and not terribly original in plot, but a fun enough read which doesn t require much thinking. This is an excellent urban fantasy story There are several heroes and heroines and they work together to save the world from darkness. I like Tanya Huff because she s not afraid to have gay characters front and center in her stories This book was no exception.I did find I liked it less than her Blood Series though I liked the female characters and thought they were done really well Evan was a bit too perfect for my tastes though Although it was a good story I never really got the emotional kick I was hoping for. |Free Pdf ⚆ Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light ♺ Toronto Had No Idea What Was In Store For It An Adept Of Darkness Had Broken The Barriers And Arrived In This Th Century City And In An Age When Only Fools And Innocents Still Believed In Magic, Who Was There To Fight Against This Invasion By Evil Tanya Huff is one of those writers who is especially adept at putting you right into the middle of a story and hooking you within the first few pages Through rich and relatable character development, Huff has sucked me in time and time again into worlds I would have never willingly gone I consider myself an avid fantasy and speculative fiction fan, but never liked urban fantasy Somehow, Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light as well as Huff s Summoner series has managed to make a believer out of me She deftly weaves together elements of fantasy, folklore, and bits of horror into a contemporary setting with relatable characters and despicable villains This may not encourage me to delve into her military fantasy series yet , but I absolutely adore Tanya Huff and this is a very digestible and short book that will keep you up at night wanting to know what happens next, and leave you satisfied at the end when you finally finish it.Read this if you enjoy urban fantasy, like folklore and appreciate fairy tale references, liked Tanya Huff s Summoner series, appreciate a story that you can dive right into I gave it four stars because for me 1 star I couldn t even finish it it was so awful2 stars I finished it but only because I was curious about how it ended3 stars I enjoyed the story but don t intend to ever read it again 4 stars I really liked the story, may read again, and definitely recommend5 stars I love it and own it and will read it again Despite the wild plotline and off the wall twists, I did enjoy this book The only thing that truly disappointed me is that Evan and Roland never kiss There was such a build up between them, but since this is a stand alone, Evan telling Roland that there will be a next time is probably only ever going to happen in fanfiction Read this book as a kid and loved it Stands up well to adult reading Lovingly set in Toronto, queer, feminist, adult sexuality without being explicit, great characters, and one of my favourite representations of the three faced gooddess in fantasy Plus, badass disabled woman and social worker