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This book called to me as a teenager Sadly, a teenager with very little money for books, and my friend s library, which I continually raided, didn t include this one It was me, afterall, who had the slight Dragonlance fetish It seems too easy to get hold of these things these days and so perhaps slightly obscure books with butch men forging swords on the cover have lost their otherworldly charm and mystique a little, and yet I still felt a l little boyish excitement picking this up, despite the inevitability that it would just provide another 3 time filler as opposed to great literature.Well, I plumped for 4 stars in the end and I have a little smirk on my face No, of course this book isn t that good, but blow me if Weis and Hickman didn t shoot for something a little earthy here, that you could get your teeth into away from the cliched types and exclamations of look, a dragon look, a villain Look, a MAGIC SWORD Yes, despite being called Forging the Darksword this book is a conscious attempt by the authors to, not exactly subvert fantasy cliche, but at least to sidestep it a little and bring it along only where it suits the story they are trying to tell And it s a roaring success that is, if you re a little patient.See, it s not really structured like a typically fantasy saga either, even though it s ostensibly the tale of an orphan finding he s part of a prophecy ETCETERA There s an odd, awkward, preamble involving other characters that sortof feels gratuitous, but isn t There s a prologue and then another semi prologue There s then a jump back to the orphan figure, but the story then shifts back elsewhere and doesn t ever seem to decide if it wants to be full of subtler intrigue and psychology or rootin tootin adventure You could argue that Weis and Hickman are just plain confused, or you could suggest that they are trying to weave in elements to their tale previously missing Well, personally I would argue that those elements are not entirely missing from their Dragonlance stories, it s just that people didn t notice that they were there, through the fog of all that fantasy cliche and high adventure Subsequently, what Forging the Darksword feels like to me is both a progression and the sort of book that the authors always wanted to try and write.It s really not perfect The narrative doesn t feel stable, and whilst the viewpoint switching does add another dimension to the storytelling it also alienates us from the characters a little By the end I didn t feel that I loved either Joram or Saryon but I d been asked to adventure along with them in the second book However I did feel that I had a strong sense of their situation and their motivations and how the world works I didn t feel engaged with the world politically or geographically, but I did feel enough of a connection that I wanted to know Interestingly, the Death Gate Cycle really does go on to perfect the sense of place that s lacking here I think what surprised me the most is that this duo can write, and write well once they drop the cliche No, the prose doesn t hit you with its lyrical description, but W H have finally developed an uncluttered, unobtrusive style that serves their narrative beautifully It s blissfully free from the pretension of worse fantasy writers, if the overall structure of the book feels wonky, on a chapter per chapter basis it reads like a charm.What of the central conceit A world where everyone is filled with magic, such that if one is without it one is considered dead I doubt this is entirely original but it worked as a spin on the tropes going around nevertheless and if nothing else it allowed that really nicely written prologue about the perfectly alive baby being declared dead that, for my money, showed that Margaret Weis is indeed in love with Charles Dickens and those odd little bizarre occurrences whereby he shows what ought to be abnormal as normal It got me on board with the whole saga In terms of characters, Joram is also a fairly interesting anti hero he s sympathetic, but not loveable and seems to be dabbling with powers outside of his control There s little gung ho about him and he s not naively charming he wants revenge for his mother s death but his impulses and dramatic urges are never painted as ridiculous Saryon s lack of courage, or his failure to see through on his initial rebellious streak makes him a character with also a little to offer and as a sidekick for Joram it should go on to make for some unusual situations and interactions The main villain of this piece is slowly revealing his true colours, whilst the side quest bad guy in the final third I really warmed to as a nasty piece of work it was fun seeing him brought down and our heroes bonding over his downfall.I don t like reviewing book one of a trilogy I don t know where the story is going or how it will progress Maybe book 2 will tear down all of the good things this opening entry in the series has set up It s tough writing 1,000 pages of solid story, though and that s one reason I can forgive a little narrative jumpiness here or an apparent slow pace that others have commented on it s not slow, it s about right for a 1,000 page epic Weis and Hickman s catalogue is variable, that s for sure, but I m quietly confident that book 2 will deliver the goods. I got this trilogy from a rental store I wasn t expecting much of it given it s poor condition at the time but I decided to try it as I noted that it was written by the ones who wrote the Dragonlance Chronicles trilogy.Boy was I surprised It turned out to be another original work coming from those two and it was an atypical fantasy story The protagonist and the supporting characters are very well fleshed out and very interesting the bitter and unloved Joram, the amusing but enigmatic Simkin, the amoral Bishop Vanya, and the empathic flaws and burdens of Saryon Add powerful characters to a very well described society and culture made the story that much evocative and intriguing Definitely a good read. En mi opini n, es un excelent libro, a pesar de las malas cr ticas que llegue a leer aqui Demasiado bien escrito, lleno de intriga y una buena historia, recomendado al 100%.Excelent book, perfectly written, with an amazing story 100% must read if you like fantasy I ve been meaning to pick this book up since I first discovered Dragonlance back in the early 90s.Honestly, I m a little embarrassed that it took me this long That said, though, I think I would have enjoyed it a lot then.Not that it isn t a good story.Okay, the audiobook I got ahold of is quite old As such, the narrator leaves a lot to be desired Although it isn t, he sounds just like John Polk, who did the original Dragonlance Chronicles audiobooks.Imagine listening to your flat voiced, tone deaf uncle reading a book with no vocal or inflection changes and no pacing changes and you ll be pretty close to the mark.Okay, the story is reasonably entertaining It s better than some I ve read recently.Unfortunately, the world building is very heavy handed and done as almost pure exposition And we spend a lot of time in the beginning with characters that completely disappear after their small part.That said, I find the culture of the world interesting, as is the magic system In some ways, I almost think the Dungeons Dragons movie world was based on this one.Anyhow, the biggest problem I have is none of the characters were really memorable None really felt distinct or real to me.Hopefully the next book is better. Nope, don t remember this one at all Clearly recommended to me in 1995 by my boyfriend, Joeyhee hee he s my husband nowthis is not the type of book I typically chose then or now I have a list that says I finished it on 7 14 1995, so I ll go ahead and believe that But, since it s a trilogy and I never read any books in the trilogynot sure how much I enjoyed it Good to see I was branching out back then, though entered into goodreads 6 7 2015PS Just asked my former boyfriend if he remembers the book, and he went on to describe it capably according the the summary on goodreads He s probably read 1000 books since then, so the fact that he can remember this one totally blows my mind It may have been the first fantasy trilogy he ever read 3 God, I KNOW Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman suck Man, my middle school obsession was Dragonlance, for goodness sake But it was just sitting there in my office while I was babysitting the copy machine, so I picked it up And, just as I remember, every character is undeveloped, every event forced, the only thing they ve got going on is some half decent worldbuilding and the sorta pathetic twist that the evil Sorcerors secretly the good guys, right are actually NON magic users in a world of magicians Color me unimpressed Still, it was interesting than watching the copy machine copy for four hours, so I ll give it at least one star. Of all the Weis Hickman books, this trilogy was my favourite Looking back, it was the most original and interesting in terms of characters, world building and premise Far outshining the much beloved and far well known , formulaic Dragonlance books that preceeded it Freed from the shackles of having to write a fantasy trilogy as a companion piece to the DD module packs, they were able to explore their imagination fully and structure the plot appropriately.Okay, if I read it now I probably wouldn t rate it quite as highly but I still think that it stands up fairly well, unlike most other books they wrote before or since. I generally love pulp fantasy see definition in other reviews Unfortunately, this dark, foreboding entry into the Dark Sword Series by the generally bankable duo Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman really disappointed A solid start and premise meandered into a slow plot caught in a snail pace with unlikeable characters that couldn t break the constraints of their archetypes For pulp fantasy it committed the cardinal sin of being boring and burdensome.Definitely not pure escapism I keep acquiring these Weis books out of some misplaced nostalgia or unknowable impulse Perhaps because I liked the Dragonlance characters, but never read her books I never finish them I ve tried at least four I asked a friend why this might be She said, Well, didn t they suck Quit buying everything with a sword and a logo. ^FREE BOOK ⇠ Forging the Darksword (The Darksword Trilogy, #1) ⇩ In The Enchanted Realm Of Merilon, Magic Is LifeBorn Without Magical Abilities And Denied His Birthright, Joram Is Left For Dead Yet He Grows To Manhood In A Remote Country Village, Hiding His Lack Of Powers Only Through Constant Vigilance And Ever Skillful Sleight Of HandForced To Kill A Man In Self Defense, Joram Can Keep His Secret From The Townspeople No Longer He Has No Magic, No Life Fleeing To The Outlands, Joram Joins The Outlawed Technologists, Who Practice The Long Forbidden Arts Of Science Here He Meets The Scholarly Catalyst Saryon, Who Has Been Sent On A Special Mission To Hunt Down A Mysterious Dead Man And Instead Finds Himself In A Battle Of Wits And Power With A Renegade Warlock Of The Dark Duuk Tsarith CasteTogether, Joram And Saryon Begin Their Quest Toward A Greater Destiny A Destiny That Begins With The Discovery Of The Secret Books That Will Enable Them To Overthrow The Evil Usurper Blachlochand Forge The Powerful Magic Absorbing Darksword