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When I first picked up this book I wasn t sure that I would enjoy this book or even be interested in it Once I got into the story I was starting to get interested in the backstory of the main character named ROWDY SLATER and how he came to end up in a town named Cut Eye Rowdy Slater was a Sergeant paratrooper in world war two but after the war he robbed a bank with Crazy Ake and slater vows to turn his life around and wants to return the money While he tries to return the money the town sheriff is suspicious about slater but gives him a second chance Later on in the story slater ends up stuck with the task of being the new town preacher Then new job seems easy for him at first but he ends up getting endless assignments from different people in the community In this community at first no one seems to like him being the new preacher But with time he starts to get respect from everyone in the community little by little. I really liked this novel of a soldier returned from WW II I especially liked the characters, some quirky, one even crazy Rowdy is a terrific guy His well crafted personality includes toughness yet compassion What a crazy plot, a crook being told he will be the town s preacher or face going to jail I was impressed with the lessons he learned, and the ones we do as readers Brotherton has great insight into church structure and operation Even though the book takes place in the 1940s, churches are still the same This is a good novel of a crook s redemptionwith a little romance on the side.See my complete review at received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of an independent and honest review. [Free E-pub] ♃ Feast for Thieves ⚇ Preaching Or Prison An Impossible Choice For A Man Who Usually Solves His Problems With A Rifle Or His FistsSergeant Rowdy Slater Was The Most Incorrigible Paratrooper In Dog Company During World War II But After The War, When Rowdy Robs A Bank With The Black Hearted Crazy Ake, He Vows To Turn His Life Around The Lawman, Suspicious That Rowdy S Confession Is A Sham, Gives Him An Ultimatum Rowdy Must Serve For One Year As The Town Minister, Or Go Straight To Jail Rowdy S Choice Preaching At The Community Church In Cut Eye, Texas, At The Midpoint Of Nowhere And EmptinessAt First The Job Seemed Easy, Particularly Since Rowdy Took Over For The Willowy Female Missionary Who Held The Church Together While The Men Were At War But When Crazy Ake Shows Up With A Plan To Make Some Quick Cash, Rowdy Becomes Ensnared And Is Forced To Make A Deadly Choice A Gripping NovelThe story of Rowdy Slater is anything but simple Through a mind bending twist of circumstances and trouble, this paratrooper turned pastor finds himself in a life changing story Deception, war, thievery, love, truth, faith this novel has it all You will not want to put this novel down until you are done One of many strengths Brotherton s novel contains is his pin point use of adjectives which make the reader feel very much a part of the story In fact, when Rowdy was hungry, you were hungry When Rowdy was nervous, you were nervous When Rowdy was in wonderment, you were in wonderment When Rowdy was afraid, you were afraid When Rowdy was uncomfortable especially during his preaching the first time , you were uncomfortable When Rowdy was proud.you were proud.Another strength of Brotherton s novel is the apparent extent of research This novel was Texas through and through Everything from the dialect down to the Texas attitude that everything is better and bigger in Texas The atmosphere of this novel is also the WWII era through and through The vehicles, the posture towards soldiers, the reality of sons lost to war, the preference of rifle, and maturity of the young main character are all reflections of this generation Brotherton has done his homework.A final strength of Brotherton s novel is the faith based worldview Brotherton did an amazing job of capturing the difficulties of the pastoral role I can attest to these, since it is also my calling He also captured the struggles of real life everyone faces In this novel, no one is perfect Everyone has their flaws and struggles from the preacher to the cafe owner The message was clear though, there is a peace, a confidence, and strength you can have even in the face of death, that can only be found in a relationship with God If God could change a man like Rowdy, He can change anyone.There was one weakness I found with the novel The plot seemed to move at a slower pace not the weakness , which allows the reader to get to know each character without getting lost in a sea of names However, towards the final chapters of the novel the plot picks up the pace to a pace the reader may not find themselves used to because of the previous chapters Then again, sometimes life is like that as well Overall, the storyline was engaging, the characters were real, and in the end you will find yourself glad you picked this novel up. As one of those with an insatiable appetite for all things Band of Brothers, I dove into this story about a fictional 101st paratrooper s life after the war The novel hooked me on page one with engaging characters that carried me through to the end Brotherton truly captures the mood and language of post war Texas With shades of Robert Duvall s The Apostle and Francine River s And the Shofar Blew, this small town story packs plenty of emotion and action It s one of those unique novels that appeals across many genres. What an enjoyable read Marcus Brotherton has fashioned an entertaining story that combines old fashioned honor and morality with a scrappy hero who captures your heart as he finds his way to God Returning to the US after serving in WWII, Rowdy Slater is desperate and on the run literally when he resolves to do the right thing, even though it may land him in prison When he accepts a bargain to become the new preacher in a tiny Texas town, he learns that ministry isn t just about giving a Sunday sermon, but that it impacts the life of the whole community Written with style, great pacing, and subtle humor, the novel is a refreshing, touching tale about the path to redemption I m putting it on our book club list of must reads I received a copy of this book from the author.When I first started this book, I wasn t too sure it was going to be for me The book begins with a crime and then following Rowdy on journey that eventually lands him right back where he started Cut Eye, Texas.Once Rowdy gets back to Cut Eye and his life as a preacher begins, this story gets interesting and eventually turned into a page turner for me Rowdy s life in Cut Eye is full of twists and turns He meets some characters along the way, but eventually finds a way to make himself fit into the small town life that he has He find a way to earn the respect of the people in the town and grows the church using some of the most unusual ways imaginable.Along the way Rowdy becomes very close to the former leader of the church, a female missionary who just happens to be the Sheriff s daughter Their relationship also spins around in different directions and it is not until the very last paragraph of the book that you learn their true feelings.One of the things I really enjoyed about this book is the transformation that Rowdy makes in his life His story begins as a criminal, but through preaching and reaching others he truly becomes a leader in the church His heart is changed and we see the effects of that in many circumstances throughout the story It is during the high stress events towards the end that we see proof that God has changed Rowdy and made him a better person. Review coming later.Excellent book. Marcus Brotherton is well known as a best selling author for his books based on real people, including those who fought during WWII Staying in the time period of the 1940 s and with his main character a war veteran, Brotherton eases his way into the fiction realm with both barrels blasting When I was first approached about reading this novel, I honestly wasn t sure I was going to like it Frankly, it sounded like a man s novel, even though I enjoy historical fiction I was wrong This is a novel that both men and women can read and enjoy together If you have a book club with both genders, this is one I d highly recommend Even though discussion questions were not included in the book, there would be a lot to talk about and contemplate with your members.Rowdy Slater has seen it all serving on the lines in WWII and as a paratrooper After being dishonorably discharged, he finds coming home difficult than he thought it would be With no job, no home, no money and a record, he ends up resorting to robbing a bank with an old prison friend, Crazy Ake After barely escaping the authorities, Rowdy ends up having second thoughts With Crazy Ake nowhere to be found, he returns the money to the small town of Cut Eye, Texas After meeting with the town Sheriff, he offers Rowdy a deal, go to jail or become the town minister for a year, with the requirement of turning the community around and getting of the men in church and less of them in the bars and brothels Rowdy decides being a minister is better than life in jail, so he agrees to the crazy plan and assumes it is just a one day a week job Then he meets the current fill in pastor, the lovely Bobbie Barker From her he learns that being a minister is much than preaching at the pulpit and that being a minister might change his life along with the town of Cut Eye Brotherton places you smack dab in Cut Eye with his descriptions of the debilitated church and parsonage, the couple who run the cafe, the stern church secretary and her ill husband, sweet and sassy Bobbie Barker, and the evil Crazy Ake You will feel like you know each of them like family at the end of the novel By using the setting and the dialect of the place and time, you are certain that Brotherton did his homework and researched every piece of this novel.There are many surprises and nail biting pages during Rowdy s year of ministry Of course, there is a Christian piece to the story, but it is subtle enough to fit with Rowdy s preaching and care of his community There are some parts where you will be praying right along with Rowdy because you will want everything to turn out okay even though you can t imagine how it will be.Based on the subtitle of the book, I have to assume that we might be hearing about Rowdy Slater s story The ending leaves you hanging a bit and wanting to know of what happens to the people of Cut Eye I am quite sure I won t be the only reader hoping for fiction from Marcus Brotherton. This was a page turner that kept me guessing until the very end Rowdy Slater is a veteran of World War II and trying to find a job and a way to fit back into society He settles into a small town of Texas and takes a job as the Church s reverend He tries desperately to become a better man, but circumstances keep pulling him in the wrong directions I highly recommend this historical fiction.