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Hey guys I know I m great, thankyou So here s an excerpt from fear and below are the facts that have been written by MG himself And below that is my review after I finished this book.65 hours 11 minutes She wore denem jeans and a plaid flannel shirt over a black T shirt several sizes too big A leather belt made two turns around her waist It was a man s belt, and a big man at that But it was sturdy and bore the weight of the.38 revolver, the machete, and her water bottle Her backpack was dirty and the seams were all frayed, but it sat comfortably on her thin shoulders In the pack she had three precious vacuum packs of dehydrated macaroni liberated from distant campsites Just add water She also had most of a cooked pigeon in a Tupperware container, a dozen wild green onions, a bottle of vitamins she allowed herself one every three days as well as pencil and paper, three books, a small bag of pot and a little pipe, needle and thread, two Bic lighters, and a spare water bottle There was also a medicine pouch a few Band Aids, a mostly used tube of Neosporin and a dozen precious Tylenol, and infinitely precious tampons Astrid Ellison had changed.1 Remember that it was originally titled DARKNESS.2 At one point Sam will rub Diana s tummy.3 Astrid haters will love her by the end.4 There s a surprising coming out 5 A heart will be broken.6 You will learn why Sam and not Caine.7 There is a huge betrayal.8 Someone will lose their virginity.9 Someone we know well will die.10 A scene so dark and anguished my editors wanted me to tone it down Of course I didn t How long have you known me After Fear Okay Calm down OMy FrAkIng GoSh THis BoOk Is FrEaKing AMazInG OmGI can t BelIEVe What HaPPenS The BeSt BooK EvAAh Sorry bout that Yes, this is the best book so far, in the series and among the books I ve read You won t believe it if I said that I was afraid to read the last 20 pages or something There was a good amount of violence, not the Plague style war kind of violence, but this in itself was soo Heart wrenching Yeah, that s the right word, Heart wrenching It was like everything that had happened till this point, every death in the FAYZ had come down to this Even as I type this now, It s taking all I have to to go down into full freakout mode Grant has created an epic here It would be wrong to say that this book gave you the feeling of being right there No, this book gave you the feel of watching someone you love so much that you could die ten times over for them, lie right in front of your eyes, screaming out their life, slowing dying just out of your reach and all you can do is go no no nononononononooooooooo and yet even as you say that, even the straws that you have been grasping at are torn out of you re hands IT is much descriptive than all the other books It goes against all the expectations, hopes, guesses of the reader The character development is quite considerable, specially of those who we had not got to know so well till now The book is full of 360 degree turns that turn up when least expected I won t spoil it for those about to read it The things that happen towards the end of the book are, well, something you would not expect The whole time you re like WTF This can t be happening I m not sure how much I enjoyed the Outside view but it did answer a few questions, though I might have just as soon stayed without answers for them Diana is soo messed up if you know what I mean and I did not like the surprising coming out part Believe me, It s not pretty I was quite surprised at what astrid did On the whole, a must read book Grant has soared above himself with this. WHOOOWHOOOO MORE BOOKS I LOVE THE STORIES I CANT WAIT TO GET PLAGUE 3i love the books i wish there was than six of them.i remember when i first started reading them.i fist started with hunger and half way through i find out thattheres a book called gone so i stop reading hunger and started gone.last year i got into so much cr p from my teachers for reading the books and not doing my work.All i would say was one chapter please Ms just one or half im almost done i freaked out when she had taken it off me i acturly got up when she wasnt looking and stool it back from off her desk.and my mum say s that reading is good hahaha.its helped me to lern how to stel things back D @DOWNLOAD ⚠ Fear â It S Been One Year Since All The Adults Disappeared GoneDespite The Hunger And The Lies, Even Despite The Plague, The Kids Of Perdido Beach Are Determined To Survive Creeping Into The Tenuous New World They Ve Built, Though, Is Perhaps The Worst Incarnation Yet Of The Enemy Known As The Darkness FearWithin The FAYZ, Life Breaks Down While The Darkness Takes Over, Literally Turning The Dome World Of The FAYZ Entirely Black In Darkness, The Worst Fears Of All Emerge, And The Cruelest Of Intentions Are Carried Out But Even In Their Darkest Moments, The Inhabitants Of The FAYZ Maintain A Will To Survive And A Desire To Take Care Of The Others In Their Ravaged Band That Endures, No Matter What The CostFear, Michael Grant S Fifth Book In The Bestselling Dystopian Gone Series, Will Thrill Readers Even As It Terrifies Them Sam and Caine have split the survivors of the FAYZ into two separate camps those at the lake and those staying in Perdido beach Sam is feeling lost and useless without an enemy to fight as Edilio runs the day to day lake operations Little does he know that the return of Astrid id just around the corner Caine is dealing with his own leadership difficulties and is trying to maintain control and tolerance between those with abilities and those without Changes in this delicate balance will test the strength of all those who stayed in town As if their daily lives were not complicated enough, the Gaiaphage, Drake and Brittney, and the adults outside the FAYZ are ready to impose their own wills on the almost destroyed survivors As a conclusion to the series, it does not give the finality that many readers will expect Questions are answered, secrets are revealed, but some mysteries of the FAYZ are left unresolved It is both a refreshing take on the neat, tidy ending and really annoying The series definitely has some adult concepts violent deaths, questions of morality but would appeal to a wide audience of both genders. POST READING UPDATEHmm I don t know that I was terribly impressed by the latest installment of the Gone series I didn t feel that Fear had the driving force of some of the other books in the series it was like filler than any of the others I don t feel like there were any major developments here other than one that will be omitted for the sake of spoilers But it wasn t as important as it should have been.I mean, yeah, the dome started going dark, and sure, there are people on the outside, but that didn t feel like a pressing problem to me This could have been because of my mindset while reading it I read the first three hundred pages sitting in the choir room, pumped up on my first Monster energy drink, waiting for the final rehearsal of our high school musical the glorious Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, as handled by teenagers to start I don t know that my entire complete attention was one hundred percent dedicated to the story.Plus, I read Plague a really long time ago, and even though most of the content in these books seems to stick with me, I wasn t totally up to date on everything that was happening in the increasingly twisted world of the FAYZ So that could have been why this plot felt looser and less intense than everything in the previous books.But that might not have been it Something about Fear was less harrowing than the others Could it be that Michael Grant is running out of ideas view spoiler Diana giving birth to a monster child, dead children possessing other children, a little miniature psychopath reminiscent of Batman Begin s Dr Crane minus those lovely cheekbones and beautiful blue eyes who tortures people with her mind hide spoiler death is better because death is the end of fear, isn t it OH MY GOD I CAN T LIGHT is my most anticipated book for 2013 Hands Down. There are certain books that, if turned into movies, I would never watch The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo which is a movie, actually is one of them Rape and torture Not something I would like to see on the big screen Fear by Michael Grant is another one of those books People having their minds ripped apart and their bodies broken and bent and twisted in various ways Yeah, throwing up is not that high on my list of priorities.Don t get me wrong, I love the Gone series by Michael Grant Like I ve stated in almost all of my reviews of the previous books, they are not superbly well written They are not books that make me think about the meaning of life or make me want to grab a friend and discuss philosophy at my local Barnes and Noble But they are fierce, addictive, and possess an overarching quality that commands a five star rating.In this addition particularly, the title aptly describes what is going on in the book The theme of fear is ubiquitous in the FAYZ whether its the fear of Drake s whip hand, the fear caused by Penny s creepy power, or the fear of the dome turning completely dark Some characters are fleshed out than others, but they are all easy to sympathize with Besides Drake and Penny, of course, the former being a bigoted sexist and the latter being a gruesome little girl with a truly terrifying ability.I am curious to see how Grant wraps up this gargantuan story with all of its plot lines and characters and supernatural occurrences He hasn t made a serious misstep yet, so hopefully he will pull through and write a fantastic finale review cross posted on my blog, the quiet voice. posted at got an ARC so I want to post a review DFans of the Gone series should check out a GONE Fan forum called Enter The Fayz at enterthefayz.comIn a lot of ways, Fear Raises the bar in the series and it makes me excited to see what MG has in store for us in the the final book In other ways, the book does seem to regress a bit which leads to disappointing moments as well as a few elements that were introduced that sort of changed the storyFEAR is the 5th installment in the Gone series but this book is hard to compare to its predecessors because it feels like a COMPLETELY different book This is Good and Bad Plot wise it is on par with Lies and a lessor extent Gone due to the character driven plot.This book finds the Fayz children facing a seemingly unbeatable enemyDarkness their inner demons Normally in Gone Plague you had a clearly defined enemies Sam vs Caine, Moofs vs Human grew, Everyone vs drake and while you still have that it was great to see that the enemy this time around was psychological This book is aptly named FEAR and this was one aspect I loved.You see character s interacting with each other that before FEAR never had any scenes together and I loved that It wasn t just the usual suspects grouped together with their usual people And half the book, people you normally expect to be together all the time are actually separated The Big improvements of all are A Backstory and B Character Development We get A LOT of backstory We learn so much about the character s lives prior to the Fayz and it answers so many questions and it explains why certain character s are the way they are But even better, along with the backstory came CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT So much Character development and in most cases it worked though some it faltered.Without giving anything away, characters like Sam, Astrid, Brianna, Quinn, Orch and get a lot of development Sam is FINALLY a protagonist for me to root for He was not the same wait and see type of guy he usually is Astrid herself is finally appealing and though she makes some dumb choices, her overall outlook on life has changed and I have begun to like her Quinn has really grown into a man He has essentially been a nobody since hunger and now in FEAR, he has a purpose and he has depth I LOVE IT.Orch s development from Plague to FEAR may appeal to some but to me, it just felt.forced I didn t buy it.There are other characters who get a lot of development but I can t say who or what without giving away too much of the plot.If I stopped here, FEAR will be rated a 9.5 and is the best in the Series yet.But let s talk about the cons.1 Michael Grant, I love your work, but every book you throw at us these minor characters with the crazy nicknames and what not and we have to be able to remember who they are, what they can do and their storyline There are WAY to many characters in FEAR to keep up with and that annoyed me Even so, he brought characters who were just as useless and pointless from the older books back into FEAR and they still just essentially were taking up precious space that could have gone to a important character 2 There is a new Element that is introduced in FEAR that changes the game and thus makes the story go in a completely different direction In Some ways I liked it but in the end, it mostly fail flat to me because it also once again added charater s who i didn t care about.3 The Lack of riskMichael s writing has matured with FEAR since GONE and I love the growth but there is still a lack of risk Things happen in these books to main character s some Good and some really bad but you just don t get the sense of risk when you read about them.Usually the worse of the events go to the Minor character s and I feel that is a slight cop out However in the end there was ONE character who you do not know whether they will make it or not so I guess he did slightly take a risk but i want a sense of urgency.4 The entire book is rushed It takes place over almost 3 days 2.5 days to be exact.This is what sort of handicapped FEAR to me and knocked it from the best in the series to the 3rd because SO MUCH HAPPENS In the story that it is hard to accept it happened in 2.5 days There are somethings that are rushed through A character s coming out the closet so fast you barely notice it And when you find out who it is, you are disappointed because there was literally NO development to even introduce this When there should have been a conflict between 2 people, there was none There are 2 people in this story who needed to have serious conversation about events from Plague but it never comes It is just glossed over once again like it didn t happen I ve heard the ending is rushed to some people and in some ways they are right It was quite rushed This ending was rushed than the one in GONE And you will be pissed because this isn t a neatly wrapped Gone ending It s not a cliff hanger but it does leave you with a sense of knowing what is going to happen now In conclusion, FEAR is hard to compare to it s predecessors because it feels like an entirely different Michael Grant and an entirely different book It has set the bar quite high for MG to do a satisfying finale because this book was intense It was dark, it was gross but in a good way and it gets into your mind If i had to compare to a gone novel, it be Lies This is what LIES should have been and I compare it to Lies quite a bit.But it drops the ball because the thing LIES had going for it was the urgency you felt in the story Lies was not rushed at all, it was in fact quite slow You got a lot of info in Lies there was just no action.In FEAR, it s so quick that so many things are rushed through and you wind up coming out slightly disappointedIs FEAR the best in the series No, no it s not That still is held by Plague in my honest opinion But FEAR is a great setup for what I hope will be an intense and disgustingly fun ride in LIGHT when it is released in 2013.I rate FEAR an 8.8 Gone 7.9, Hunger 9, Lies 6.9 and Plague a 9.8 If there any questions you have, feel free to post here or messages me and I ll answer any questions Micah This review may contain spoilers for the previous four books in the series and possibly for Fear itself so tread carefully If you have not read them please don t read this review but read the first book Gone instead Original review can be seen here NOT ANYMOREdeath is better because death is the end of fear, isn t itp.431 Michael Grant has not once disappointed me and Fear is no exception Fear was the best of the series so far and that is what you want when you are so engrossed, so engaged, so absorbed into a series, you just want it to keep getting better and better Michael delves further into the psyche of the surviving principle cast of characters and how each of them obtained those powers in which they have And along with the fearfulness and enclosing darkness occurring within The Fayz, we learn about what s happening on the outside through Connie Temple Sam s and Caine s mother Fear is an outstanding piece of work that deals with human fears and the human psyche We aren t just someone There s to each of us than just being someone or just doing something It s up to ourselves to transcend our deepest and darkest fears And that s what I believe Michael is trying to teach us It s sad that now there is only one book to go until this series comes to his long awaited conclusion I can already predict that Light is going to be phenomenal even with a year to go.I cannot write this review without providing quotes because it was just that good Here are a few quotes about the concept of fear that Michael Grant explores to get you started It s not the monsters who are so completely different that are scary, Sanjit reflected It s the ones who are too human They carry with them the warning that what happened to them might happen to you, too. p.150Most of human history people huddled, scared in the dark Living in little huts with their animals Believing the woods around them were haunted by spirits Wolves and werewolves Terrors People would hold onto each other So that way they wouldn t be so afraidp.170they assumed all fear must come from a thing or a place An event Cause and effect Like fear was part of an algebra equation.No, no, no, so not getting the point of fear Because fear wasn t about what made sense Because fear wasn t about what made sense Fear was about possibilities Not things that happened Things that might.Things that might Threats that might be there Murderers Madmen Monsters Standing just a few inches from him, able to see him, but his eyes useless The threats, they could laugh silently at him They could hold their knives, guns, claws right in his face and he wouldn t be able to see.The threat could be Right There. p415 416 In Fear, Michael Grant introduces an outside perspective to the situation through Connie Temple among others It is within the very first chapter of the book that you can read about the goings on outside the FAYZ and this provides us with a taste of fresh air since we have been inside the FAYZ ever since the beginning of the series Outside they are trying to piece together what this occurrence is and how to end it this leads to the military being called in to detonate it but through research by Connie, this will just do damage then the damage it would do These chapters were interesting because it really did transfer to the adult characters that have been extremely minor from the beginning since we ve been just reading about these children that are fifteen, or now sixteen years old and younger.It s really hard to be able to talk about the characters since there are so many of them But Michael Grant has this ability to give every one of his characters, no matter how many there are of them, no matter whether they are major or minor, a unique path to walk And they were extremely different The characters that I did however have the greatest interest in and sympathy for in Fear were Astrid, Sam, Caine, and Diana I can just see you raising your eyebrow wondering how I could ever have compassion for Caine, or even Diana I m not sure why I was either, but I did and that s why I now call Michael Grant God He s a master at triggering your emotions even for the mostly dark or misunderstood characters And that s why BZRK is what it is, because there is ultimately no good or bad person besides that monster Drake and the gaiaphage, The Darkness Stepping away from that, I was also moved by Dekka and what she deals with regarding Brianna So sweet But that doesn t mean all the other characters didn t have the same impact as those I indicated because they did.Oh my Astrid Astrid has been one of the characters that I ve invested myself into from the beginning She just has this fight within her, this integrity, and maturity beyond her years after having to care for her autistic brother Pete In Fear I was so surprised at how much deeper Michael Grant was able to dig and unearth in her character and it wasn t just Astrid but with every character that this was the case After Plague, Astrid continues to live with the guilt as she killed Pete and so escapes to be solitary and think about her worth and to reflect on everything After this conflict within herself caused by Pete s death, she has changed severely as a character, much different to when we first met her in Gone When she returns and is asked by Edilio whether she made peace while reflecting penancing she says that she has changed and no longer believes in God, and as a result her response affects Edilio which becomes pretty obvious later on to what it refers to Here is how the conversation unravels after she says I ve changedAh Like that Her silence was confirmation Lots of people, they go through bad times, they lose their faith But they come back to it I didn t lose my faith, Edilio I killed it I held it up to the light and I stared right at it and for the first time I didn t hide behind something I d read somewhere, or something I d heard I didn t worry about what anyone would think I didn t worry about what anyone would think I didn t worry about looking like a fool I was all alone and I had no one to be right to Except me So I just looked And when I looked She made a gesture with her fingers, like things blowing away, scattering in the wind There was nothing there Edilio looked very sad Edilio, she said, you have to believe what s right for you, what you feel But so do I It s hard for someone who has had to carry the nickname Astrid the Genius to admit she was wrong She made a wry smile But I found out that I was not happier, maybe that s not the right word It s not about happy But honest Honest with myself So you think I m lying to myself Edilio asked softly.Astrid shook her head Never But I wasp.110 Then less than fifty pages later, Astrid finally comes to terms with her predicament these two pages are some of my favourite pages ever page 154 and 155 if you re wondering but this may change in the final copies She looked back to the old Astrid and how she judged herself all the time and needed motives to justify herself Then she goes on about sacrificing Pete for the common good like every other tyrant in history But she still debates with herself whether it was immoral or wrong And comes to the conclusion that what she has done will be with her like a scar as it can t be unhappened, and even though it was terrible, it was as it should be If anything, Astrid was the first character to overcome her fear and that was the fear of and within herself from what she had done.And then there is Sam who has to deal with the literal darkness by providing light within the FAYZ and the securities, and with this he realises what his fear was along For Caine, his fear surfaced after Penny had humiliated him, scared him and stripped him of everything he worked hard to get power And well Diana, she had that baby But I want you to read this series, this book and to discover what happens I m one to not quit talking about something that I love so much and that s what I m afraid of spoiling it for all of you I m afraid I may have already spoiled it a tad but it s hard not to when it is the fifth book and there is not much you can talk about besides the obvious things like the writing or whether you loved or hated it or if it gripped you, made you mad, made you emotional, made you stand in a pool of tears and blood But I like to excavate deeper into the book, its characters, its meaning, its purpose, its teachings Because Fear has changed me greatly And I have Michael Grant to thank for that for making me realise my own fears and that I have to deal with them now and overcome them, and it is only yourself that can do that.Fear was an amazingly written instalment for the Gone series I now understand the concept and the reason for the FAYZ, for the powers, for this entire idea from Michael Grant s unbelievable mind that I want to steal Even though most of this book deals with the human psyche and character development, there is a plot that just sweeps you off your feet and by the time you reach the climax you would be winded from the very amazingness of it And oh that very touching scene involving the unexpected death of one of the beloved characters I am sick in the stomach to know that there is only one book left to go in the series I feel sick now because I don t know what I should expect from it besides greatness Light is my most anticipated book for 2013 and it will remain on that top spot until the time comes to find out the conclusion to this phenomenal series. Total and brutal mindfuck Thank you.I thought things couldn t get any better after PLAGUE That book seriously wrecked me It s one of the best books I have EVER read No kidding But Se or Grant delivered another masterpiece with FEAR This book blew my mind so much, I can t even properly review this All coming out of me are incoherent sounds and, oh look Those are my grabby grabby hands because I can t wait a whole fucking year for LIGHT Let me try to review this, see how far I can go before this review turns into ak sdkgheySome vague spoilers ahead PLAGUE for me was all about Sam, Dekka and Sanji I think a big part of FEAR for me was, surprisingly, Astrid I never was her biggest fan I even felt indifferent toward her at some point, but my god, she was fierce in this book Her character s development left me breathless Honestly, so much respect and aweness I m sad she lost her faith, but I had also been sad when the only thing stopping her from being with Sam was her faith, too.Sam Astrid had the best lines and scenes I could honestly quote half of the things they said to and or about each other Such raw, honest romance I wish some books labeled as romance would learn from this, tbqh.Now Sam omg my lady boner for Sam, I can t The flaws he has, the I like him That last scene I was literally panting He s been fearing that moment since the first book, and when it finally happened, he owned it I love when we get foreshadowing in a series and we actually deal with it afterward.Dekka I m actually surprised to say she s my favorite character After PLAGUE, I found myself shipping her with Brianna like FedEx And I m not usually into F F pairings But oh god, I just can t resist a GOOD love story, no matter the genre.Anyway, I m disappointed Brianna turned out to be such a disappointed for Dekka, tbh I understand Dekka s logic anyway, who hasn t fallen for someone without really knowing them She actually had the maturity to realize it and let it go I have to bow to this HBIC I love her, okay I want to be her first girlfriend and treat her right noregretsBrianna I m actually really surprised the story didn t go there with her and Dekka And I m still holding onto a bit of hope When Jack said she had made out with him, my gaydar went off all she s convincing herself she s into guys but then, after Dekka and her had the talk I actually think Brianna is still too childish to really think something like that But still, I got the feeling Dekka had gotten herself free of the angst while Brianna had gotten herself stuck in some still unknown to her feelings I don t think this is the last Dekka Brianna we re getting Or maybe this is just my naive wishful thinkingEdilio and Roger OMG OMG OMG SQUEEEEEEEEEEE This is perfect, Grant paired off two of my fave characters I honestly wasn t expecting any other gay pairings, this surprised me so much THANK YOU GRANT BOWS I m so glad he gave Roger a bigger role, because his scenes with Justin in prev books were precious In a world where everyone is at least doing bad stuff to survive, he was one of the few genuinely good people left He made me happy when the series was taking me into despair town Roger deserves a great guy, and who better than Edilio I always loved the Edilio and Sam friendship, their scene when they talked about Edilio being gay was one of the best in the book I just love the fact that Sam s two best friends are gay LOVE IT 3Orc omg, when did I even start liking you anyway And oh god, Howard s unexpected dead left me in shock Like, seriously in denial I can t deal with it Orc s reaction, too My creys.Jack DON T BE DEAD, PLEASE DON T BE DEAD Caine grabby hands The rock bottom he reaches, the I like him It s amazing how two characters, Caine and Sam, can evolve so differently under same circumstances I have always liked the light dark theme going on with these two brothers I think Grant developed the idea into such complex plot, it s basically interlinked with everything else The cement thing, it was just divine payback And he needed it His relationship with Diana is still one of the most complex and fucked up relationships I have ever read Just that line where Caine reacts to seeing Diana after 4 months apart broke me completely.Diana Such tragic girl I always felt fondness toward her She was a bad person trying to be good Through the books, you see her developing and fighting against her nature, but in the end, she s just what she is, I guess I m glad the Panda incident affected her this much because shit, that s how it should be Quinn Talking about epic character s development, here s the king of that shit He is still basically himself, but so much at the same time We read him finding his place and being content with it and I just love how he s just not an ambitious person and that s just fine His fierce loyalty also makes my heart hurt.Lana She was my favorite during the first books, but she s gotten herself into such a dark and bitter place, I can t really follow her there I still love her, but I need to get some space or she literally sucks the will of living out of me Quinn Lana Sanjit They are breaking all my ships JHC, I m ruined I don t know who I want with who I love Sanjit, he was my fave part besides Sam Dekka in PLAGUE, and I love Quinn Why can t Lana have both I can t deal with any of them getting their heart broken, tbfqh The Baby Plot That birthing scene will forever haunt me FOR FUCKING EVER And funnily, the only complain I have is about the evil baby plot Not my cup of tea But still, this book left me too awestruck for proper words No, seriously I can t complain Even when I wouldn t have picked this plot myself, the way it was done was flawless Diana s fall into madness, and her relationship with Evil Baby will forever give me nightmares Drake RAGE RAAAAAAAAAAAAGE Can he PLEASE just die already I swear I will do a happy dance when Whip Man dies And still, he s so well written and so complex why are you doing this to me Grant, WHY Aren t these books for teens or whatever Why do your books have deep and better done characters and plots than most adult books You re RUINING me Stop it STOP IT Well, no Don t stop Gimme GIMME I wish EVERYONE read this series I wish they d make movies and tv shows and I don t know, fucking theater plays, and sonnet songs and ak sdkghey