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{Read E-pub} ⚝ Faerie Winter (Faerie, #2) ñ The Long Awaited Sequel To Janni Lee Simner S Breathtaking YA Fantasy Debut, Bones Of FaerieLiza Is A Summoner She Can Draw Life To Herself, Even From Beyond The Grave And Because Magic Works Both Ways, She Can Drive Life Away Months Ago, She Used Her Powers To Banish Her Dangerous Father And To Rescue Her Mother, Lost In Dreams, From The Ruined Land Of FaerieBorn In The Wake Of The War Between Humanity And Faerie, Liza Lived In A World Where Green Things Never Slept, Where Trees Sought To Root In Living Flesh And Bone But Now The Forests Have Fallen Silent Even The Evergreens Branches Are Bare Winter Crops Won T Grow, And The Threat Of Starvation Looms And Deep In The Forest A Dark, Malevolent Will Is At Work To Face It, Liza Will Have To Find Within Herself Something Powerful Than Magic AloneHere At Last Is The Sequel To Bones Of Faerie, For All Those Fans Of Dark Fantasy And Dystopian Adventure Who Thrilled To Janni Lee Simner S Unique Vision Of A Postapocalyptic World Infused With Magic From The Hardcover Edition So, I wasn t particularly impressed with Bones of Faerie, the first in the series But I saw this in the library, and it wasn t particularly long, so I m like What the heck Might as well, rightThankfully, it wasn t worse It was actually better, but not by much In Bones of Faerie my review here I thought it was very hard to understand, the story jumping from place to place without me understanding how While that didn t happen in this book, it still seemed like the story was kind of disjointed It did not have a very good flow to it AT ALL The romance in this book wasn t very good It did not seem nice and or cute and or gradual to me AT ALL She DID NOT do a very good job with this So, the plot definitely matured and grew and was better than in Bones of Faerie All in all, it was better than Bones of Faerie but only worth your time if you have no other books to read and nothing else to do with your time. I read Bones of Faerie and fell in love with the world, accepting the fact that there probably wasn t going to be a sequel In fact, I didn t even expect one But I was delighted when I saw there was one, forgetting how intense my love was for Bones of Faerie Faerie Winter matched that adoration and rose above it Simner creates a world that is simplistically complicated It s hard to explain I felt it was pure, like the essence of, well, a faerie and not cluttered by dirt and other things that I enjoy equally in other fiction This truly gives me a calm feeling when I read it, even as bad things are happening.The story is done very well, and isn t a sequel as much as a companion, like the Artemis Fowl books always have a new story in each book but with the characters that tie them together We get to explore about the children After, their magic, and their need to be accepted and want to use their gifts to help and not harm We also meet the cruel fae, the most cruel of the cruel in fact, The Lady herself She was as beautiful and deadly as dry ice And yet, as dark as everything was, the story never really had a dark or bleak tone It felt like I was stuck in winter as I read this with 90 degree weather outside and I felt sleepy like I do during winter months.Simner managed to catch the essence of winter in this book and balance it subtly with the knowledge that spring will come, but how easily to forget something when it s gone away for long periods Do pick it up Do yourself a favor It will wow you and have you wanting Simner left enough threads where there could be another, but regardless, I am perfectly content with whatever is in store for our beloved characters. Now out in new paperback and ebook editions. So much darker than the first book I like that No silly or funny scenes in this sequel, the author just goes straight for the murderous sadistic games of the fae It is twisted and delicious.I also appreciated the character of Liza She was never too stupid to live, nor was she perfect She screwed up, kept trying, made tough choices, and slowly grew and changed through it all She is a cool chick I really loved her relationship with Kyle, who was adorable and I want to adopt.The love story is still very minor, to non existent in this book I can see it becoming something in the last book.