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@DOWNLOAD EPUB å Exaltations ⚸ Peter Refton Is A Hunter Of Human Lives Across A Score And Of Earths He Has Caught And Captured The Most Fascinating And Pivotal People The Knight Who Reformed Charlemagne S Army The Bureaucrat Who Oversaw China S Expansion And Control The Inspirerer Of Wisdom In A Million Seekers Of Understanding Peter Refton Is That Most Dangerous Of Hunters The Biographer He Has Made Trophy Stories Of So Many, And Boldly Carries Their Lives Around From World To World Then One Day, A Story Comes To Hunt His Life Now, Caught Between Worlds And Aided By A Knight, An Ancestress, A Sorceress And Twin Warriors, Peter Refton Is On A Quest To To Free Himself From The Coils Of The Most Voracious Of Stories The Quest To Fight The Quest Itself And Those Who Told The Story Onto Him My husband wrote this, so I can t be objective, sorry I love the meta levels, but please check out other people s reviews for a better perspective.