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Steve Lyons work is always interesting, and Time Works is no exception the Eighth Doctor and friends end up in a society obsessed with timekeeping, enforced by mysterious clockwork robots a foreshadowing of The Girl in the Fireplace, unintentionally no doubt The story combines the standard overthrow of alien oppressors though not the king, this time with some plot convenient timeslips, so is not particularly special, but the dialogue is cracking, the world building unusually convincing, and the cast, especially McGann, on top form. This one is all over the place I did not enjoy it at all The voices are too similar to be able to distinguish who is who when the scene changes every three minutes or so I do t recommend it. DOWNLOAD ♴ Doctor Who: Time Works (Big Finish Audio Drama, #80) ⚕ You Want To Know About The Time Keepers We Work In Their Shadow, Every Tick And Tock Of Our Lives We Hear Them In The Workings Of The Great Clock We Work Hard, Turn Our Hands But We All Wind Down In Time, And That Is When They Come For Us When Our Time Is Up The TARDIS Lands In Between Times, In A Time Where This Is No Time A Time In Which Nothing Can Possibly Be But Something Is The Doctor, Charley And C Rizz Are Rats In The Wheelwork, A Threat To The Schedule Of A World Where Timing Is Everything And The Seconds Are Counting Down To A Fateful Future That Has Already Happened Unless They Can Beat The ClockTick, Tock Oh but I do love me a nice Doctor Who dystopia Very surreal and strange world and a nice little rebellion Loved it. Doctor Who Time Works by Steve Lyons is one of the best Eighth Doctor audio stories that Big Finish has produced Lyons weaves and interesting tale by using time as the ultimate device of captivity.I love how the story makes time as precious as money or jews, and that an empire is build around the turning of the clock.Each of the characters in this story are wonderful The Doctor and Charley are spot on in their performance and there is a refreshing step away from the story arc that has been building in the main range for C rizz The production staff have been weaving a plot throughout the character line, but it was nice to treat C rizz as a intricate role in this story rather than draw the focus away from the task at hand.Also, the audio ambiance in this production is superb The audible effects and score really set the mood for this tale.Overall, and intriguing and imaginative story by Lyons, who is fast becoming one of my favorite writers authors. Ever since Zagreus there has been a trend for Eighth Doctor stories that are high concept and often not explored deeply enough Bearing than a little textural similarity to the far superior A Natural History of Fear this play starts off FEELING like it s going to go somewhere interesting, but that feeling is all the story has. Time Works has one of the best beginnings of the Big FInish audios, not THE best, but one of the best It starts off rather creepy and eerie, almost reminicsent to how The Langoliers by Stephen King starts The Doctor, Charley and C rizz all land in some town which has stopped in time, while there are people in this town, they are all perfectly still and impossible to move As the audio goes on it gets rather creepy and frightening, until the end where it is all resolved The only reason I did not give this 5 Stars is that I believe the ending could have been a bit better, it wasn t terrible, just somewhat predictable and just Ok But the whole audio focuses on politics and society, the Eighth Doctor trying to help fix a corrupt king and prince who have become loyal to their oppressors, Charley and C rizz facing many encounters with the terrifying Clockwork Men and believe me they are quite creepy, even if you can t see them , and the Doctor and his companion s ally, a young shopkeeper named Vannet It is a wonderful audio, with wonderful acting and creepy atmosphere, and I definitely will be listening to it again. I liked it But my attention did seem to wander a bit as I listened to the play So I can t say it s one of the better 8th Doctor adventures. Fascinating setting and very spooky But Oh Dear Charley is being written TERRIBLY She s panicking over everything, having no ideas and needing Crizz to make any suggestions of what s going on and what they should do It s like her IQ dropped 50 points between stories Such a disappointment as otherwise this would be a fantastic story. Another okay 8th Doctor audio There were parts that were kind of disjointed, but I liked the atmosphere and the overall problem that was solved I agree with other readers that the ending seemed a bit lackluster The minor characters were well done however, and the Doctor shined as he always does C rizz didn t seem to be as important to this storyline as Charley did, like he was almost forgotten or dead weight to the story.