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This book is not for everyone This is intensely unpleasant, downright disgusting hardcore horror Its also brilliantly plotted and insanely effective and involving storytelling There are things in this book that made me feel sick to my stomach I questioned myself than a few times while reading it, why do I read this stuff In the end, it is the mark of a truly effective and gifted writer to elicit that type of response from the reader Add in the fact that all of the characters rang true, from the truly disgusting, reprehensible ones to the normal ones, and this book is evidence of an already skilled writer truly honing his craft I was revulsed and freaked out because Smith paints such a vivid picture with his words The unpleasantness is laid on so thickly that you feel like you might suffocate There is no light at the end of the tunnel, but the ending is so fantastic that you are left feeling like this book wasn t just some sick experiment in nihilistic violence and well, depravity Might just be Smith s best book, highest recommendation for horror fans with iron stomachs I have purchased 4 of Smith s books since starting this one. I feel bad giving this 3 stars Depraved the original is one of my all time favorites in the splatter punk genre I love Bryan Smith and all his other works, so when I heard a sequel to Depraved was coming out I had mixed feelings For me the sequel just didn t have that special formula as the 1st one The multiple protagonist that you cared about were missing even the returning protagonist is so different I had to go back and read some from book one to make sure it was the same character from the 1st book you re not caring a lot about her The other new protagonist do not really offer up a lot to get you interested in them.And the twist really soured the main story for me I love twists in novels, but throwing in zombies half way through the book just left me feeling why An inbred redneck suicidal Goth kid with the ability to raise the dead with some amateurish knowledge of black magic felt weak when I was reading it Also having the inbred cannibal rednecks working with the government also left me puzzled and disappointed I would much rather them have just been savage back wood redneck cannibal white trash that their only involvement with the government is food stamps or welfare On the plus side there were scenes that really made me cringe which is very difficult to do when I read horror The grilling scenes were brutal Overall a 2.5 or 3. As a fan of Bryan Smith who owns some half a dozen of his titles, I d thought I knew what to expect when opening one of his novels Especially when said novel happens to be the sequel to one of his gory and disgusting efforts, namely Depraved Turns out I was kidding myself.Smith here effortlessly outdoes his first foray into the gruesome town of Hopkins Bend by detailing some of the outlandish and visceral tortures and torments ever visited upon a group of characters in a mainstream published work Seriously folks, this one has it all Stomach churning torture, attempted rape, actual rape, sadistic killings, senseless murders, and detailed descriptions of cannibalism including the cooking that comes before hand.If none of that appeals to you, steer right away Because Smith is relentless in his efforts to explore the limits of human depravity ie This one is aptly named There are also few if any characters to empathise with, as every one of the main POV characters is downright despicable and deplorable by novel s end This started to grate with me, until I gave in and just went with the flow, realising there was no moral compass to find within these pages Instead, nobody was truly safe and an ill fated bullet, axe, or meat cleaver was only one turn of the page away for most of Smith s characters.Though I can only recommend this to those who enjoy a nastier edge to their horror fiction, I nevertheless found Depraved 2 to flow well, roll off the page smoothly, and generally be a great deal of fun What that says about my mental state, I d rather not get into 4 Extremely Large Grill Plates for Depraved 2. 4.5 stars 4 AND 1 2 STARSThe sequel to author Bryan Smith s popular Depraved is better than the first book in every way possible The writing itself shows a vast improvement over the original story, both technically and creatively In Depraved 2, Smith also ratchets up the violence to unbearable levels, taking the reader into truly taboo territory Reading almost exclusively horror, it takes an awful lot to make me uncomfortable, but this book had me feeling queasy and sick at certain points In a good way, of course With Depraved 2, Smith continues the stories of a few of the characters from the original book and as hard as it is to believe, puts them in even violent scenarios It took a few years, but this author has finally rose to the extreme level of Edward Lee and Wrath James White, but with even better and polished writing While I would certainly recommend this book to horror fans, I would still advise starting with the first book in the series And yes, there is a third and planned fourth book as well Sign me up Bryan Smith pulls no punches in this thoroughly enjoyable sequel to his popular 2009 horror novel, DEPRAVED DEPRAVED 2 takes place 4 years after events in the first book, and follows Jessica Sloan after she attempts to piece together her life Having been recruited into the military, and later black ops, Jessica finds herself on the run and pursued by an assassin, after a disastrous mission in Afghanistan And she ends up back in Hopkins Bend, site for the horrors that have shaped and defined her tumultuous life She thought those horrors had been eradicated, but she might be very wrong.Highly recommended. Bawdy, fun, raucous pulp at it s best This is copy 51 of 60 signed numbered copies. This was a disappointment in comparison to the first book but with that said, I still plan to read the third. `FREE ⇰ Depraved 2 ↟ Bryan Smith Is One Of The Most Reliable And Consistently Entertaining Writers Working In The Horror And Suspense Genres Ray Garton, Author Of Live Girls Four Years Ago, Jessica Sloan Drove Out To A Backwoods Town To Execute The Rapist Stashed In The Trunk Of Her Car She Barely Made It Out Of Hopkins Bend Alive And Emerged Changed Forever By The Ordeal Now She S Freshly Discharged From The Military And On The Run After Being Framed For A Murder She Didn T Commit Running Out Of Options And With An Assassin Hot On Her Trail She Heads Again For Hopkins Bend, Now A Deserted Ghost Town But Things Are Not As They Seem In Hopkins Bend And Jessica Soon Finds Herself Plunged Into Another Nightmare Of Depravity And Madness DEPRAVED Is The Sequel To The Hit Novel DEPRAVED, Hailed By Acclaimed Author Brian Keene As One Of The Best Books Of I Look Forward To Spending A Weekend With A New Bryan Smith Book The Way I Used To Look Forward To Spending A Weekend With A New Richard Laymon Novel In My View, There Isn T Higher Praise Than That Brian Keene, Author Of The Rising