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very useful thanks [E-pub] ☥ Debrett's New Guide to Etiquette and Modern Manners ⚖ A Guide To Etiquette And Manners, Which Provides Advice On How To Deal In A Polite And Discreet Fashion With Issues Such As Divorce, Vegetarianism, Modern Dress Codes, Multiple Families And International Business Protocol, In An Attempt To Combine The Best Of Traditional Standards Of Conduct And Acceptable Modern Innovations A complete guide to social etiquette for every occasion, sometimes drawing a chuckle of laugher or laugh out loud hysterics at the practicality and history of Modern Manners Brilliant coffee table book to generate conversation and to assist in preparation of any life events For me the definitive guide to etiquette, it s a classic and really has not been surpassed. It is 21 years old so I should have expected that it wouldn t be very useful.