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This is a cross between urban fantasy and mannerpunk, likely to move into epic fantasy in the sequels By which I mean it mixes action scenes and captures escapes rescues with formal social encounters and an adherence to societal norms, all of it with a potential Ultimate Evil brewing in the background My thoughts on all aspects of the book are mixed, so I ll take them one at a time.The Worldbuilding This book s novelty is primarily in its world, divided into two societies, Darkborn and Lightborn The Darkborn are blind, use sonar sonn , and burn to death in sunlight, while the Lightborn are sighted and dissolve in darkness Though they share cities, the two groups can never come face to face, and each has its own rulers and social norms This book focuses exclusively on the Darkborn, rather than introducing us to two societies at once, and that works well, especially since they are the stranger and interesting race.The world s limitations make for great narrative potential the Darkborn can t step outdoors in daytime on pain of death, no matter the extremity, whether medical emergency, house fire, crime, natural disaster, the list goes on It s quite an obstacle to normal life as well Now if you are already thinking, why don t these people just live underground, or at least build sealed walkways in urban areas you are thinking critically about this premise than I did until the author waved the holes like a matador before a bull, that is As one character offhandedly informs us, the Darkborn in the city where our story takes place once had tunnels, but bricked them up after the Lightborn made the streets safe for their use at night presumably by sealing their windows So, somehow we are supposed to believe that these people are capable of discovering electricity, inventing the steam engine, and various other mechanical and engineering feats, but are so stupid as to destroy their 24 7 safe passageways in favor of roads whose use entails instant immolation approximately 12 hours out of the day I want to give the entire race a Darwin Award.Moving on, the Darkborns other notable attribute is their blindness So social norms have built up around the use of sonn, and meanwhile I was surprised by how little I noticed that nothing is described in color However, while sonn is limited in range and has to be cast, otherwise it reads like vision characters are capable of perceiving details like facial expressions, scars, and the material and cut of clothing, which seems a bit unlikely and unimaginative.The Characters Unusually for fantasy, two of our three protagonists, Balthasar and Telmaine, are a happily married couple with two young children By coincidence, this is not the first such fantasy book I ve read in the last few months the other is Dragonsbane, which I d recommend over this one Balthasar is a gentle doctor and scholar, while Telmaine is a socialite from a noble family who married down, at least in the eyes of her family and friends Unfortunately at least to me , this setup does not prevent the book from containing a whirlwind romance subplot and a love triangle enter Ishmael, our standard issue grizzled warrior with a tragic past yawn Fortunately, Balthasar and Telmaine both handle their spouse having a crush outside the marriage like adults.Of the three protagonists, Telmaine is the most prominent and the only one to reappear in book two , and the most controversial among readers My response is ambivalent On the one hand, she is a dynamic character in the process of unlearning the prejudices of her society, and by taking an active role and succeeding dramatically at key moments, she makes a good heroine On the other, she has quite the sense of entitlement, seen particularly in her secretly reading the minds of those closest to her and covertly learning their darkest secrets, without apparently considering the violation of their privacy and autonomy Also, the author seems to want to prove that Telmaine is Not Like Other Women at least in society despite, or perhaps because of, the fact that she actually is traditionally feminine Which just makes it look like she surrounds herself with vapid and small minded people who obsess over trivial breaches of etiquette Fortunately the book also includes some interesting women outside of high society by far my favorite character is the mage doctor Olivede.The Plot Entertaining, despite a few clich s and the characters constant repetition of their story to every new person they meet The plot moves quickly without subsuming character development or worldbuilding, and the author allows us to figure out the world as we go This book isn t quite standalone while it ends at a logical point, it s a breather rather than a resolution But it did keep my attention and provide enjoyable reading.And despite all my reservations, and the fact that I am not a big fan of sequels in general, I ve moved on to the second book, so in the end this one did its job The writing is smooth if occasionally over the top, the characters are believable if not especially deep, and it s a good fast read If nothing else, it makes for fun escapism. I couldn t finish this I tried to read it, the idea sounded good, but I just couldn t do it I made it about 50 pages in, but it was definately slogging through, hoping it would get better I couldn t identify with any of the characters, the names of the lead character s wife and the lady who had the baby were similar enough that I had a hard time telling them apart I felt like I was thrown into a completely different world without any explanation about how it worked I was having trouble even figuring out the basic rules of how thier society worked I did enjoy the bits I read about his neighbor on the other side of the wall, but it wasn t enough to keep me trying to read this. [Free Epub] ⚔ Darkborn ♋ For The Darkborn, Sunlight Kills For The Lightborn, Darkness Is Fatal Living Under A Centuries Old Curse, The Darkborn And The Lightborn Share The City Of Minhorne, Coexisting In An Uneasy Equilibrium But Never Interacting Until A Darkborn Physician Finds A Pregnant Fugitive On His Doorstep This is a story of two different type of people living side by side in supposed harmony Throw in another type and there can only be trouble at least so far A powerful mage and her followers cursed the people a thousand or so years ago The Darkborn can only live in the dark and the Lightborn only the light and who knows about the Shadowborn except they are trouble And that begins with Tercelle showing up on Balthasar s doorstop right before sunrise and pregnant, ready to give birth at any time.The author doesn t really give much background history to what s going on You basically have to learn as you go It took me awhile to figure out that the Darkborn are essentially blind using only their sonn to see I did figure that s probably what it was but it s not till later in the book that it is spelled out Add into it that this is a historical setting and I was definitely thrown for a loop since I don t have much experience with this genre The funny part was after about 30%, I kept going back and forth about how much I liked it I even planned to continue with the next book if it didn t leave off at a good spot but thankfully it does I think I need some time to let it settle.As for romance, there s not much The main two characters are married, Balthasar and Telmaine, and we get some really sweet moments from them But there s also Ishmael and Floria who spice things up Essentially, this whole book is about the acceptance or unacceptance of magic and it s place in all the worlds You have the Lightborn who embrace magic and the Darkborn who don t and we re really not too sure about the Shadowborn It leads to a whole mystery over the father of Tercelle s babies, that leads to beatings, murders, kidnappings, arrests and a bunch of political finessing It s also told in several different POV s which I really enjoyed I like how you get to know characters better that way especially Telmaine Seeing her grow and accept herself was very intriguing I really enjoyed learning about the Darkborn how they live and just how they navigate was very interesting I can t wait to see how life is for the Lightborn in the next book.Favorite line Bal, she whispered, her forehead resting against his chest as the seconds counted away The only power I d wish for is the power to turn back time. It is so refreshing to read a fantasy novel in which the main characters, Balthasar and Telmaine, are married and stick together through the difficult places in the plot, even through temptation The story is family oriented, which is nice I love the world the author has created Contrast is one of my favourite things, and what s a better contrast than light to dark The way she explains the Darkborn, and how their society works in conjunction with that of the Lightborn, and the existence and different levels of sonning, is well thought out I do feel that the author went a little crazy with the thesaurus though, even if I did enjoy the language style It was educated sounding but somewhat challenging to read I wish this book was complete in itself, though I don t appreciate this trend of leaving off books with a cliff hanger ending, or an unresolved plot The overarching plot should be subtle, at least, and not something that detracts from overall satisfaction in the book s ending That said, I will be reading the next in the series, since I ve grown fond of Balthasar and Telmaine. Like Gail Carriger s Soulless, this is a book that earned its fourth star in the last hundred pages The books actually have a crucial similarity both have heroines who take their own sweet time becoming awesome, and then at last they come into their own and our patience with them is rewarded.I ll get the negative out of the way first It took me a while to start to like Telmaine, although I m willing to admit the problem may be with me than with the book I m naturally impatient with the whole I don t wanna have magic I just wanna be normal shtick we see plenty often in the fantasy genre However, I have to acknowledge that Allison Sinclair did a realistic job of depicting in Telmaine what a woman, even an intelligent woman, born and bred in Darkborn society would be like She would naturally shun her potential for awesomeness because all her life she s been led to associate magic with danger and evil She s been trained to be an ornament, and, being intelligent, she has tried to excel in that role For her suddenly to think, I have magic Cool would strain credibility Yes, fantasy novels too need to have a measure of credibility So I suppose the negative is really a positive after all At the end she s still apprehensive about her power and frightened of what the future might hold for her but that s what the sequels are for.Outright positives 1 I appreciate that Telmaine is a wife and mother not as opposed to a career woman, but as opposed to the maiden who usually gets to be the heroine of a fantasy novel In so many stories, a woman s story, her potential for adventures, stops when she gets married even if it goes on after that, it certainly stops when she has children But Telmaine s adventure is just getting started 2 Normally I hate love triangles, but this story raises the interesting possibility that a woman might be genuinely in love with two different men 3 Telmaine is not the only interesting female character in the story I m looking forward to Lightborn and the chance to get to know Floria White Hand better Telmaine will rise in my estimation if she can lay off the jealousy, particularly when she herself is emotionally torn between two men I also admire Olivede Hearne, the dedicated mage healer, and would like to see her win some love and appreciation from someone other than just her brother Baltasar in the world she comes from, she s undervalued both because she s a mage and because she isn t beautiful like Telmaine, and I would love to see her triumph.4 While I generally look at Characters First, World Second, I have to praise the interesting concept of the contrast between the two worlds living side by side, one where light is a destroyer, and the other where darkness is deadly Sinclair does a fine job of creating the darkness reliant culture, and I don t doubt she will succeed as well with her portrait of the Light half. Darkborn is a very inventive fantasy story The characters were very nicely drawn and the world was original to anything I ve ever read The Darkborn are people who cannot live in the light, sharing a city with The Lightborn, people who cannot live in the dark I especially loved the Victorian type setting It was like reading a mystery set in a Victorian fantasy world Although I liked it well enough and felt the characters were well drawn, there is something about it that doesn t pull me in the way I wanted I also did not care for what seems like the beginning of a love triangle between a woman who is married, her husband and this new man that she meets She wants desperately to not be attracted to the new guy, and I commend her for that, but I m still not crazy about it I also don t really understand what she finds attractive about this new guy than her husband I m afraid I won t care for the direction the author might take this aspect of the story in the next book so I think I ll pass on reading the rest of the trilogy. I really enjoyed this one than I thought I would What looks like another standard fantasy paranormal romance is actually a political intrigue adventure novel An engrossing world with an interesting magic system, and the underlying curse which sundered the people into the Darkborn and the Lightborn, two societies which operate independently, but share the same space in the capital city I thought the Darkborn were going to be some kind of vampiric race, this assumption not helped by the dark beauty on the cover, but instead the Darkborn, who would be burned to ash by the light, any strong light, use sonn , a cleverly realized sense of sonar to make up for the sense of sight, which they lack Living in total darkness, sight as we know it would be of no use to them.Highly recommmend, I will definitely be reading the rest of this trilogy, which happily for me are all already published. Many years ago there was Imogene, a mage who cursed the entire land Half of its inhabitants live in sunlight the other half can t stand darkness The Darkborn are born blind but have a sonar sense called sonn, which is described as unheard sound The Lightborn and Darkborn live in the same city and the same land but in different societies While the Lightborn accept magic, the Darkborn consider it a taboo and embrace technology.Balthasar Hearne is a man worth his weight in gold He is a doctor who helps the less fortune He likes the simple things in life and is happily married to his wife, Telmaine and their two young daughters, six year old Florilinde and five year old Amerdale Balthasar is left alone at his home in Minhorne while his wife and two daughters are away Telmaine comes from a family of prestige Balthasar was only a physician in training when he asked for Telmaine s hand But since Telmaine loved Balthasar and I would say she was a bit spoiled and Daddy s little girl, she got what she wanted Now years later this couple has settled into a comfortable life even though Telmaine carries a dark secret Telmaine is a mage who can heal through touch She literally has so much power at her fingertips but keeps it hidden She wears gloves because if she touches a person with her naked hands, they may find out about her magic Both Darkborn and Lightborn people despise mages Bigotry against the mages is a strong thing and Telmaine has done everything she can to hide her affliction.But Telmaine won t be able to keep her abilities under wraps for much longer Because Balthasar has helped his brother s ex lover and has hidden her two new born children, he is attacked and left for dead When Telmaine arrives home, Florilinde is kidnapped before her eyes Her daughter will be returned to her if she will give up the newborns At the time of the kidnapping Telmaine has no idea what is going on until she finds Balthasar on the floor of their home dying She then must turn to another powerful mage who is both scandalous as he is fascinating.Ishmael de Studier, Baron Strumheller is a border mage and a hunter of Shadowborn monsters who reports to Telmaine s cousin Vladimer The Shadowborn are an abomination that must be contained or destroyed Ishmael was disowned by his father when he was a teenager because he is a mage Now as an adult he has made his own way into the world At Vladimer s ball, he meets Telmaine and they strike up a conversation Telmaine is wary of Ishmael because of his reputation and she is also somewhat attracted to him Ishmael finds Telmaine to be lovely, but he also knows she is a bit different from the other Darkborn ladies And when he escorts her and her two daughters to their home, he will find out how different she really is.Telmaine and Ishmael join forces to save Balthasar, find out who took Florilinde, why Tercelle s newborn twins are so important and who her lover was that impregnated her Telmaine also must come to terms with her mage powers and her growing feelings for Ishmael Ishmael will try his best to find the villain who has hurt Telmaine and her family He hopes that he will not lose his heart to a woman that can never be his.Darkborn is an excellent book with great world building, characters and most importantly magic Allison is so very creative to come up with two different sets of people, those who can t live in the light and those who can t live in the darkness They live side by side but are not willing to work with one another because of their own set of beliefs and what they feel is right and wrong.At first I thought this would be Balthasar s story, but the one character who shines in Darkborn is his wife Telmaine When we first meet Telmaine she is shown as a spoiled woman of leisure She talks about Balthasar with love, much like someone would talk about a puppy When she comes to the realization that she may lose her husband and child, that is when Telmaine grows up, takes responsibility and is on a mission to kick some ass No one messes with what belongs to her and those she loves You do see the deep love she has for Balthasar, but then there is Ishmael who is a temptation Ishmael seems to know all her desires and if Telmaine was a weaker woman or much like Tercelle who callously throws away her babies and leaves Balthasar to pick up the pieces, she would allow Ishmael to show her those seductive types of things a married woman should only share with her husband.Ishmael walks a fine line Whereas Balthasar is everything good, Ishmael is one who could turn to the darkness due to his experience and skill as a hunter of the Shadowborn Once the Shadowborn reach into your soul, you are unable to deny them They call to you and Ishmael hears the call But he is strong and won t walk with the Shadowborn He will destroy them instead.Darkborn is a great fantasy mystery Magic is considered an abomination to some and I loved how Allison was able to show this issue, mainly through Telmaine s eyes Balthasar is a character you will root for, and as for Ishmael, you want him to find peace within himself Darkborn does tie up some loose ends but leaves Ishmael s journey very much open ended with Lightborn that will be published in May 2010.Steampunk or Fantasy, Mystery or Fiction, Darkborn is a wonderfully written book. This book had a lot going for it a gorgeous cover, an awesome world building concept, a society fantasy with historical feel but magical twists Alas, it fell somewhat short of the mark.Even so, I give props for brainstorming Imagine a vaguely Victorian city that s shared between two populations a race that can t live in light a race that can t live in darkness Some of these people manage to share house complexes For a Lightborn Darkborn to split their building with access through double door compartments is considered the ultimate form of trust between neighbors With good reason, right There s an intricate system of bells that chime warning for light dark The cab drivers refuse to take customers too close to sunrise sunset, those who can t get transport end up seeking shelter with whoever is at hand it s considered poor manners to turn away someone close to sunrise, no matter if you dislike them Another intriguing detail Darkborn are essentially blind They use sonar sonn to visualize their surroundings, which creates another layer of social complexity, depending on the strength familiarity or lack thereof of the sonn ing Picture a ballroom of jealous women imaging each other into a haze of echoing impressions, or randy young bucks imaging beneath women s clothing, or a mob of angry Darkborn getting tangled in too many sonar impressions These are legit problems that are all touched upon Lightborn Darkborn attitudes toward magic further complicate their interaction The Darkborn reject magic in favor of tangible medicine, psychology, pre industrial mechanics, anyone Darkborn with mage abilities is considered unworthy of high society Lightborn, however, have embraced magic use it whenever possible including government, police, medical issues.All this makes a solid world building foundation I just wish the pacing clarity of the story had lived up to the promises presented by these details We have some likable characters we have some less sympathetic ones but either way, they re given very little to do I m not usually one to complain about slow moving fantasy, but there s got to be SOMETHING tethering your interest to the characters, otherwise a book moves in fits startswhich is exactly what happened here Important things happened in a rush, then settled to snail s pace for lengthy chunks of narrative view spoiler And I m sorry, but a beautiful mega mage heroine s terrible lust for a man she s known TWO DAYS after being happily married for years beforehand just isn t that interesting I don t care if she s bratty reluctant to use the power she s given I ll buy a realistic socialite ashamed by her magical heritage, but the love triangle felt contrived unbelievable hide spoiler