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Good read, received a personal copy from the author herself today and was very happy Beautiful collection that really gave a view into Cynthia s life at certain points Personal favorites of mine were Stashed Away , Sapphires and Pearls , and I Need to Lose Weight Very happy to have read this (((READ E-PUB))) ☚ Cynthology ☛ CYNTHOLOGY Is A Collection Of Unedited Rhymes That Express My View Of Life It Covers A Variety Of Subjects In Than One Hundred Rhymes That I Hope Will Appeal To The Sensibilities Of Most Any Reader There Are Touching, Sensual, Thought Provoking Rhymes That Capture And Tell Stories Of Life, Love, Friendship, Sorrow And Much Check Out A Few Of My Favorites Like Touch Me It Will Make You Want To Pull Down The Shades And Close The Door Find The Humor In Sagging Pants A Story Of A Young Man S Revelation I Don T Want To Speaks Of Rebellion And Regaining Control So Don T Wait, Look Through These Pages And Find Your Favorites Too Enjoy This was not what I expected, and not quite my cup of tea, but nonetheless I enjoyed it Cynthology is obviously a very personal look at the author s life but nonetheless the themes are relatable and the rhymes are often clever and funny I particularly liked I Don t Want To Although the writing itself is good I found the structure of many of the poems to be a little weird The way the lines and stanzas are broken up ruined the flow of some of the poems for me, especially because they all start with capital letters in places where they really don t need to Also there are some grammatical errors which could have been easily fixed Overall a sweet and worthwhile read though Received as a good reads first reader edition. Great book I love the rhymes My favorite I Don t Want To I think her rhymes should be put to music You can relate to each rhyme I recommend this book Joann harris