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I found this little book for 2 in a tiny used bookstore and I bought it because of the promising title, and I thought my little sister would enjoy it Warning read this before you gift it I decided that my 12 year old sister was not old enough for this particular book I don t recall why I believed it was a children s book, but I was certainly wrong.I loved the introduction to this book, and it pulled me in like no fantasy I ve read in a long time Of course, it was from the late 80s I was intrigued by the various races in this world there were a great number I honestly wish a map had been included so that I could wrap my head around the geography of the place The book has fast developing characters and fantastic social commentary, something I was surprised to see in a book from 1989 The book had fantastic characters, even though I couldn t always determine why they were significant.Although I loved the majority of this book, the plot if there really was one or eight, with characters we only met once or twice was convoluted The ending was incredibly rushed I felt incredibly far away from any sort of resolution 10 pages from the end Then a large event takes place that resolves everything, but not really at all.Four stars because I loved it, one taken away for the poorly composed ending. I very much enjoyed this book The world building and mythos is fantastic, as well as the characterization of the nine main characters The idea of a person s general outlook on life and skills being based on where they were born is very neat, and can cause interesting things like a parent from area A and a parent from area B having a child that is from area C There are some crude humor moments, and some things are for sure NSFW, but it was a fantastic read. An Ace Fantasy Special , this book has a novel setting, an interesting geography, and well thought out societies On the negative side, half the characters tend toward the bland, the author has a tendency to explain situations unnecessarily and sometimes than once , and if one is going to have a literal deus ex machina ending one had better make it exciting than a maypole dance.The negative side starts first, unfortunately, in the prologue where a meeting of the Greatkin not quite gods, but close enough occurs that is written with all the excitement and wonder of a regional meeting of Walgreen s sales managers It is literally unnecessary for the prologue to be there, as the issues they discuss come up in the book later, but we do get a short list of some of the Greatkin that will play their parts Rimble, Greatkin of Deviance, the Impossible, and the Unexpected, and a Trickster Jinndaven, Greatkin of Imagination Themyth, Greatkin of Civilization and Phebene, Greatkin of Great Loves and Tender Trysts.The story picks up with Zendrak, the Trickster s Emissary, riding to different points to set into motion Rimble s plan Zendrak must get nine people with certain talents together in the Sa mbolin city of Speakinghast to get a ritual performed in time The lands of this world each have an effect on its peoples, pushing Nature over Nurture to such an extent that countries are defined by their land s effects rather than by political borders The Sa mbolin like an orderly life the Tammering have a gift of prophecy while the people of Jinnjirri are known for their wild, imaginative ways, change gender at will, but have little control over their hair color and there are many others.It makes for an imaginative mix of people in the communal house in Speakinghast, and when they are squabbling over house rules or visiting each other s exhibits the prose shines But the plot lacks any sense of urgency, and Zendrak s maneuvering runs into only a little opposition It has some very good moments, but there are also pages that can be skipped over with no loss, and I wish Greenhalgh s editor had wielded her red pen effectively. Decent story about turmoil among the Gods. Well, sort of I m a sucker for Trickster tales, and I picked this up on that account I didn t get very far into it The beginning was crude and vulgar, with no humor at all Maybe it gets better further in But I m not likely to find out Is it too much to ask that a Trickster tale be funny The cover and concept got me to pick up this book, though the politics almost lost me Not that it was badly written, just that it s not my cup of tea in fantasy genre writing I was definitely intrigued by the idea of people from different lands having different abilities and physical characteristics, but it didn t seem to come together by the end, for me Still, I m glad I read it It was an interesting change of pace for me. ^E-PUB ⇵ Contrarywise ⇹ HIS NAME MEANS MISCHIEF Rimble, The Trickster, Is A Merry God Dancing Through Streets As A Gust Of Leaves, Hobbling Along Canals As An Old Hag, Roaming Through Gardens As A Wiry Dog And Where Rimble Travels, Trouble Follows Trouble Of A Most Peculiar Nature One Has To Be Sanely Mad In Order To See Its Method The Residents Of Speakinghast, Unfortunately, Are Blind To Rimble S Ways From The Jinnjirri, Whose Hair Changes Color To Match Their Moods And Whose Gender Fluctuates Almost As Often , To The Tammirring, Who Listen To The Winds Of The Universe And Translate Its Sigh Not One Can See The Significance Of The Trickster S Game And See It They Must, For Now His Odd Pranks Are Becoming Quite Dangerous And Definitely Deadly