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~Free ♢ Come Back (Dirty, Dark, and Deadly, #2) ♚ Dirty, Dark, And Deadly, This Is A SERIES This Is BOOK TWO Secrets Keep The Darkness Alive, Harper Tells Me But That S Not How I See It At All Secrets Keep Me Alive The Truth Is Overrated Honesty Is Never The Best Policy And Everything You Know Absolutely Can Hurt YouThe Contracts I Fulfill Are Just Agreements Death Is A Business Deal Secrets Are Currency In My World I Pay My Debts With Them I Feed On Them They Ground Me In The Present And They Promise Me A Future I Ve Lived A Life Filled With Secrets For So Long I Forgot What It S Like To FeelUntil I Saw Harper Until I Saw How Beautiful She S Become How Perfect, And Pure, And Innocent Of All The Ugly That Goes On Around Her And That Dirty Promise I Refused The Night Her Father Turned Me Into A Killer Twelve Years Ago Is Suddenly On The Table AgainHarper Can Be Mine No Harper Will Be Mine All I Have To Do Is Complete The MissionDeath Is A Business DealAnd I Just Shook His Hand 5 Dirty Promise Stars Come Back is the second book in the Dirty, Dark Deadly Series, Come is the first in the series and is a novella that focuses mainly on Harper Tate and encounter with James Fenici Now this series has some overlap with prior books that J.A Huss has written I ll link the reading order to these books at the end of this review Each one is absolutely fantastic and although not all tie in to this series, they all should be read.A favor has been called in, after all in this business it all comes down to who owes you something and how you can manipulate that to your benefit But the package that has James in the middle of the Colorado prairie isn t what he was expecting Sasha isn t your typical thirteen year old girl She s been around enough of the company men to know the score and her father made sure she could hold her own But this little complication might just give James answers he didn t know he needed When James gets to Harper it is clear that they have to be on the move Getting her to trust that she is not his contract is proving to be harder than he originally thought Harper soon discovers that the pasts are far connected than she ever imagined But there are still too many unanswered questions, and alliances are far too blurred to trust anyone As James, Harper and Sasha make their way back to California pieces start to fall into place, but who is working for who is still unknown Each one of them holds their own secrets, secrets that they can t yet reveal and until they can find a way to trust that the other won t use that against them they find themselves having to take a chance and let things unfold This book kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time From the first page until the very last my stomach was in knots The suspense never let up for one second This is the kind of read that has your mind whirling with possibilities and conspiracies because the author is playing this close to her chest One thing I have learned from reading her books is that eventually everything will come together and make sense, but not until she wants you to see the big picture This story is shaping up to be such a complex plot that is completely captivating After reading the last seven books, I think this series might end up being my favorite of the group.Harper is still a bit of a wild card She isn t as innocent as she lets on and although you get her POV, she is not quick to reveal too much of her true self She is that heroine that is both vulnerable and strong and there has not been one single thing about her that has caused an eye roll or a frustrated sigh Sasha was as bad ass as you can get This little assassin smurf stole the show completely When she was first introduced in Slack, I knew this girl had a story to be told and it is turning out to be far than I ever expected I absolutely loved the shifts between her persona it was easy to forget that she was just a kid but then something would crack that tough exterior and the little girl would shine through I was left completely torn between wanting to adopt her and ask her to be my BFF James What can we say about this man that can do him justice He is that alpha male type but even as a cold blooded killer, there is a bit of light that exists buried beneath all the blood Ronin, Ford, Spencer they all had something that made you love them, but James just has that it factor that has you both praying for his redemption and not wanting him to change one thing about himself Don t think this book is all about the action the delivery of the heat is just as captivating as the suspense James is that dominant kind of lover, one that doesn t mind being vocal or ensuring that Harper knows exactly how he wants to be pleased Throw in a bit of ass play and the most romantic and erotic public bathroom scene EVER, and you will be as wet as you are intrigued JA s writing goes far beyond the box of New Adult that she finds herself in She absolutely killed it There was not one part of this story that became dull or over indulgent A solid story and plot with so many possible ways it can play out After finishing this book I was still so amped up and still can t seem to stop thinking about it This series is one of those that no matter what romance category you fall into, this is one that you d love The ending was not a cliffhanger There is still so much of this story to be told and you don t get closer to the final answers but a phase of the events of this plot line is concluded and leads you into the next phase of the story that will be released around November 2014 Reading Order of her prior series Rook Ronin Tragic ManicPanicFord Meet Merc Sasha Slack A Day in the Life of Ford Aston Taut The Ford Book Spencer Meet James Bomb A Day in the Life of Spencer ShrikeGuns The Spencer BookComeCome Back ARC graciously provided by the author. 5 DEADLY DANGEROUS STARS If death is a deal, then love is a promise Death is my job.I remember the dirty deal I made with death And death is coming back to collectCome Back is the second book in the series and picks up from Come, the prequel novella that focused on James Fenici aka Tet or Six , a Company assassin and Harper Tate aka Lionfish , the head of the Company s daughter and also, an on the run killer.This book takes place over maybe a week, not much than that and involves James, Harper and Sasha Cherlin aka Smurf , a thirteen year old girl that we first met in, Slack A Day in the Life of Ford Aston, one of Ms Huss other stories The story begins with James on a job A debt is called in and James is sent to pick up a package Lo and behold, the package is Sasha who has been alone in the desert for months Her father was killed and then her grandparents and she had to also kill to survive Like Harper and James, Sasha belongs to the Company She is not a kid you want to fuck over without a plan She is lethal I can t say enough about J.A Huss writing and her wickedly amazing ability to create a web of deception, death, danger, secrets, broken promises, lust and love I devoured this book and I know I will reread the first two books before the third and final book I can t get enough.I love how I have to work just as hard as the characters to unravel this mystery of danger It s a jigsaw puzzle and not all the pieces are present And even with the pieces that are there, they don t seem to quite fit together James, Harper and Sasha all know it s a set up but none of them is exactly sure what purpose they serve And while they re walking targets, they are frantically trying to figure who the hunters are One or all of them could be a hunter a wolf in sheep s clothing Who to trust is the million dollar questionBut I do know that trust can be easy if you want it to be You either do or you don t You believe in the love and loyalty and good intentions or you don tIn this book, we also get to see the lethal side of Harper James had talked about her being dangerous in COME but it s here we get to see Lionfish as a Hunter Killer I m a job to him A dirty promise A dark obsession maybe HarperOf course, like all of Ms Huss books, this story would not be complete without electrifying chemistry and steamy, hot sex Harper and James are on fire together Fuckable You are simply Fuckable Even with the lack of trust and the secrets, they both want each other You take that giving up feeling away You make me feel safe you re like my cure But without you Harper Of course, this book ends on a fuckin high, with me holding my breath for the next bookfor this story to come back and continue I can t promise you we ll never be apart It wouldn t be honest But I can promise you one thing If I leave you, I will come backI ll never be gone longer than 10 days If you like a superb mind fuck with twists and turns and a few bombshells, you have to read this series, as well as Tragic Manic Panic and the spinoff books Title Come Back Dirty, Dark Deadly, 2 Series Dirty, Dark DeadlyAuthor J.A HussRelease Date July 21st, 2014Rating 5 Bulletproof StarsCliffhanger YesMy immediate reaction after reading this was Fu k me Closely followed by feeling of Hope Maybe a little naively but I hope for everything to work out perfectly For James and Harper to be free of the her father and The Company, for James debts to be repaid and for them to have some sense of normality You take away the emptiness, Harper You take away all the years of indifference and dissociation and right right now I cup her face again right now, this is real than anything I ve felt in years Maybe ever This feels like something new Something apart from what I was and a way forward into what I can be This feels like hope, baby But I know there is a long way to go before if that happens In the already complicated weave, another thread is added in the form Sacha By all intents and purposes she should be another victim of The Company orphaned at 13, looking for answers and revenge never quite trusting of James intentions she is a new member of the fold I was endeared to Harper straight away, she has a steely strength to her but there are also a few moments of vulnerability that show once in a while in these moments I want to hug her, even though the I m sure she d kick my ass There were quite a few times I wished Harper could channel some of sasha s strength, luckily she has James The history of how James came to know her is unfolded in this instalment and he s feelings for if taken without suspicion are pure, Harper however holds back emotionally as much as she can Sexually however it s all guns blazing The way in which this instalment is left was brilliant, not because I can handle the wait I can t but because I appreciate the layers to this story and if I have have it right I m clinging onto James words I can t promise you we ll never be apart It wouldn t be honest But I can promise you one thing If I leave you, I will come back FOLLOW SMOKIN HOT BOOK BLOG ON When I finished reading Come Back, I was like The plot twists and turns in this series are better than a roller coaster We met our power couple James and Harper in the first book, Come We know James is technically a bad boy We know that Harper is not your typical girl next door We know that together they are sexy as hell No matter what, James is not letting go of Harper.As Come Back begins, questions that were left unanswered begin to morph into bigger questions The answers are few and the intrigue continues to build Harper questions James and his motives for being with her She is desperate to find her brother and stay far away from her father and the company The only thing that is a sure thing is James and Harper Your beauty called to me, the same way it did back when we turned Six And I knew the very second I saw you You were my only reason to live JamesJames, has extracted a young fireball named Sasha Sasha is a key puzzle piece to the story Sasha stole the show with her strength and wild spirit She is a child and yet she carries herself like a full grown adult An adult that has been trained to kill.These three make a very unlikely family The catalyst of the story is who is working for who Who is the good guys and who are the bad guys Where is Harper s brother When will the company catch up with them The bottom line to this story is James, Sasha, and Harper all have secrets Although they all share the same goal, they each have their own strategy to reach that goal What is so remarkable about this writing is that you are completely drawn in You are rooting for them to fight and survive James begins to draw closer to Harper He truly loves her James is my favorite hero type He is not a gentle lover but a man on a mission with a plan Protect Harper Get free of the company Throughout the rough and tumble of the violence, Harper manages to keep her sense of humor in tact She is such a likable heroine She is tough and has overcome so much James has given her hope James is her peace You re bulletproof You cannot be touched, baby You can t Because I m your shield That s all you need to know That s the only thing you need to know Just believe in me JamesCome Back is full of action and intrigue I was so impressed with each turn of the page I didn t know what was going to happen next The ending gutted me I knew that everything was going to be ok and yet my heart broke for Harper, James, and Sasha It only took me about twenty minutes before I started the third and final book in the series I was that desperate to see what was going to happen next Another amazing read This book is even better than the first Nothing makes me happier than a book with action, romance, and a side of naughty You ll come back for me He smiles and my heart breaks You re leaving, aren t you No, he says too quickly I m not leaving Not for good anyway I m gonna go get what I need and I ll be right back And then we re gonna go watch the damn sunset If it s the last thing I do, I will get another sunset with you. Ok my day did not go as planned I planned to get a ton of housework done today I did not do that I picked up this book and said to myself just one chapter So after six hours of me not moving eyes from book, shoving junk food at my five kids to shut them up so I could continue to read, I am done reading this So, dear Julie here is my end of book shit thoughts In honor of your love of The F bomb, here s a few for you What the Fuck did I just read Where the Fuck is this going I love when an author fucks with your mind..the right fucking way and let me tell you this book did that.I love the way James fucking thinks By the end of the next book the following fucking people better be fucking dead number One , Tet s bitch sister, Tet s parents , whoever the fuck killed Sasha s father and most importantly THE FUCKING ADMIRAL Great FUCKING book Julie, I bow down to you P.S Julie..do us all a fucking favor and put the next book out sooner Thanks P.S.S Stop teasing us with Fucking Ford We want to actually SEE Fucking Ford in the next book That is all. What an incredible, wild crazy read So many moving parts Just when I thought I was figuring things out, it all blew up I was back in the dark Wow, just wow The characters are really well developed and believable Sasha is crazy I love her She s everything I wanted to be when I was 13.So anxious for the next book the conclusion of this twisted tale ARC provided by author in exchange of honest review 5 Come Back Stars Pardon my language but COME BACK by J.A Huss is hands down fucking AH MAZZING With that being said, this book is a MUST READ You will not want to put this book down And once you are done with the book, you are left begging for of Harper, James, and Sasha All I can say is that J.A Huss is one of my favorite authors and everything she writes is PERFECTION for me.Harper can be mine No Harper will be mine All I have to do is complete the mission Death is a business deal And I just shook his hand JA Huss was able to weave so many layers of raw, gritty, sexiness and suspense in this second installment Hold on to the edge of your seats, Ms Huss will put you through one of hell of a sex, dirty, thrilling ride that will leave you holding onto your breath as she spellbinds us with James, Harper, and Sasha You will be left second guessing yourself as to who to trust And to top it off you will be left speechless and be saying WHAT THE FUCK on repeat If death is a deal, then love is a promise JA Huss definitely titled this series perfectly It is Dirty, Dark, and Deadly. In this many facet and intertwined layers of storyline and characters, secrets, lies, betrayals, and trust are exposed Picking up where it last left off in COME, James is sent to retrieve a special package In his case, this package was one feisty, smart, and tough 13 year old girl named Sasha When James and Harper are finally reunited, the duo must tackle the most important factor of their relationship TRUST We all know that trust must be earned so James tries his hardest to instill that in Harper even if it means trying to fuck the truth right into her You belong to me You re mine So if you stay, you need to understand that You re mine As the story progresses, Harper and James past and present begins to collide A long time connection from their youth unravels that James and Harper were meant to meet Promises were made Love was destined Businesses were dealt Secrets were left buried And motives are being questioned So who is there to trust James Harper Sasha What we know for sure is the Company is after something And James wants Harper to trust him but how can she when James won t tell her the truth The doubts Harper has about James is justified But one thing is for certain, James did his best trying to fuck his way into her heart and mind Will James be able to keep his promise to Harper and come back in 10 days James and Harper s story is filled with excitement, suspense, and steam Secrets begins to unfold Betrayals begins to unravel And the truthwell that s for us to find out what JA Huss has in store for us They say the eyes are useless when the mind is blind Well in this case, JA Huss will open our eyes to one mind blowing story that you can t help but have your eyes glued to your kindle Business is business Love is a risk The heart is vulnerable The truth hurts Nothing is black and white And behind the eyes of James, Harper and Sasha is a story to be told So be prepared for their COME BACK If I tell you to walk through fire, it s because I know beyond a doubt that you are fireproof If I tell you to take a bullet, it s because I know you that you are bulletproof If I tell you to walk away from me, its because you know I will come back for you No matter what I tell you to do, you will do it, and you will be safe because I said so Because I love you Because you trust in my love All I can say is J.A Huss is a mastermind mind She will hook you with her amazing talent as a writer The storyline is fucking phenomenal The characters are real, sexy and gritty And the emotions are raw COME BACK is definitely a 5 star read and I just want to shout on the rooftops GO READ THIS SERIES YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED I seriously can t wait for third book I am greedy for MORE November needs to hurry I need James I need Harper And of course, I can t forget the Smurfette, Sasha 3 You and me, Harper, we re in this together I m the only one of you should always trust No matter what s happening I m the one you look to Because everything I m doing is for you and me Not just you, not just me But both of us J.A Huss I feel like I say this all the time, but seriously how do Julie do this She is so freaking smart I am reading this and as things unfold I am can t imagine keeping all these books and characters straight then the twists She is insane Come Back is insane and left me begging for I cannot wait to see what happens with James and Harper