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Let me just begin this by saying, EVERYONE MUST READ THIS BOOK, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN DECOLONIZATION AND INDIGENOUS SOCIAL ISSUES This book should be required reading in high school This book should be required reading for life Not only does he lay out the Native American paradigm of frustration and oppression so clearly, he gives you examples of it going back to great Native American heroes.The book presents you with a thesis that the current status quo for today s dog eat dog world is a sickness of the soul This is called the wetiko psychosis and through out the chapters, he gives you example after example of how it spread and how it effects every living person today This is mostly done through what Native Americans have said about their close contact with the European invaders, but there are other cultures and nations that are brought into question as well.By the near end of the book, you understand that the sickness is everywhere It has even dribbled its way into the First Nations of the Americas The last two chapters is when he talks about what we must do to reverse this way of thinking and begin to heal our present injuries This is my only real complaint about the book I wanted chapters like this I wanted things to think about, to reflect on within myself.This book has changed me This book has modified the ways in which I think about every action I take Am I living an authentic life Or am I just being another cannibal Five stars because I m not sure any other book has altered my thinking about so much in the last year His description of Wetiko Disease a disease of greed and exploitation that our society and most of the world has been infected with for centuries has hooked lots of other new thinking It s given me language to dive into other aspects of history. I love the thesis of this book, that modern civilization represents a sick psychosis that infects all of its victims with a greed for power and domination It s an important point and I agree with it wholeheartedly An especially poignant aspect of this illness is that it infects even the people that it destroys the poor or otherwise downtrodden , making them into wetiko wannabes who jump at the first chance to oppress their weaker neighbor, rather than uniting with a common spirit of the exploited to create a better life for everyone.Unfortunately, that s about all the substance Forbes provides here, and the rest is just examples and slightly different angles of examining the same phenomenon It comes across as fluff and lost my interest after a while All of the chapters blend together and I wasn t even sure how Forbes was able to distinguish one from the other in writing it the subject seemed exactly the same throughout A brief survey of the chapter titles corroborates this feeling Out of 14 chapters, nine of them have the following titles Consuming Another s Life The Wetiko Cannibal PsychosisColumbus Cannibal and Hero of GenocideDeception Brutality, and Greed The Spread of the DiseaseThe Structure of the Cannibal s Insanity Arrogance, Lust, and MaterialismBecoming a Predator The Process of CorruptionThe Matchi Syndrome Fascination with EvilColonialism, Europeanization, and the Destruction of Native CulturesSavages, Free People, and the Loss of FreedomTerrorism A Frequent Aspect of Wetiko BehaviorAll of these talk about the same thing, with slightly different emphasis As a result, the book started out promising but lost me about halfway through He does make a good point in the last chapter on the interconnectedness of us all I particularly like the creativity of the statement that we can live without our bodies, but we can t live without the earth environment i.e air, water and heat Good stuff, just wish there had been of it blakerosser1 I will not finish this book this time It reads kind of like a manifesto But it reads fairly easy, and it s short, so if you want to remind yourself what s wrong with people, go ahead and read it But I can sum up what I gathered from it Western civilization has grown and prospered entirely by exploiting other human beings That sucks It s like a disease it affects people of all levels of wealth Indigenous people aren t like this.I would recommend Ishmael by Daniel Quinn if you like this book. Too preachy I tried to get through this as the subject is fascinating, but the author spends most of this time standing on a soapbox and complaining instead of proving information about the Native American beliefs. Wise and loving guidanceThrough historical analysis, observations and cultural heritage, this book has given me the chance to look at life in a very different way A way that I lovingly believe will lead to peace and help for myself Awesome book The insanity of ecocide, war, imperialism, colonialism, patriarchy and greed finally makes sense to me The true gem of this book is the last two chapters. *Download Book ⇲ Columbus and Other Cannibals ⇬ Celebrated American Indian Thinker Jack D Forbes S Columbus And Other Cannibals Was One Of The Founding Texts Of The Anticivilization Movement When It Was First Published In His History Of Terrorism, Genocide, And Ecocide Told From A Native American Point Of View Has Inspired America S Most Influential Activists For Decades Frighteningly, His Radical Critique Of The Modern Civilized Lifestyle Is Relevant Now Than Ever BeforeIdentifying The Western Compulsion To Consume The Earth As A Sickness, Forbes Writes Brutality Knows No Boundaries Greed Knows No Limits Perversion Knows No Borders These Characteristics All Push Towards An Extreme, Always Moving Forward Once The Initial Infection Sets In This Is The Disease Of The Consuming Of Other Creatures Lives And Possessions I Call It Cannibalism This Updated Edition Includes A New Chapter By The Author I liked much of what Mr Forbes had to say, although there were some points I disagreed upon While I agree with Forbes main thesis the one in which he argues that capitalism imperialism are damaging our world and lifestlyes and that atrocities were committed during the european conquest of the uncivilized world , his manner of writing is very redundant and his arguments start losing their poignancy when he compares every single regime he doesn t agree with to the Nazi Germany, or when he says that the conquest of space is just an excuse to go lay waste to all of existence.He does raise good points and arguments, indeed, but by the end it seemed to me like he had lost sight of what he had been talking about, given that the solution he poses to all the problems he talks about is to connect with spirituality in the same way native americans did and do That by itself is not a bad statement, and in a way it coincides with his description of the w tikos as a spiritual disease, but it s far fetched to think that it will solve all the problems.Overall an interesting read at points, ommitting the first 8 chapters or so in which he just repeats the same arguments over and over Only after those does it get interesting.Daniel Quinn and Thomas King have presented similar arguments in better and compelling ways, I believe.