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Rating 4 Main Characters 4Secondary Characters 4 Steam Level 4 Storyline Plot 4 Unique take on VampsGenre Urban FantasyCover 4.5 sexyEnding cliffy, part of a seriesThe City of the Fallen was a unique and very creative take on the old Vampire lore I haven t read a Vampire book in a while so it was really good to get back to the sexy beasts that got me into reading again This book was a mix of dysatopian and urban fantasy that grabbed your attention because of the great world building that Diana created It was also sexy and sensual which is my favorite things when reading about Vampires.Diana done an amazing job at making fictional characters feel real They were very 3 dimensional and you could relate to them Belle was fierce and vulnerable at the same time Even though she was a little stubborn she wasn t one of those whiny characters that don t want to adapt to changes her life has set out for her Marcus was sexy, mysterious and oh so swoon worthy He was a bad ass when he had to be but he done it in the most smooth sexy way possible We didn t get to know him nearly enough by the books end and I can t wait to dig deeper into what make him tick in the next book City of the Fallen is a great start to what seems to be a very action pack, sexy, on the edge of your seat series The only complaint I have is that is wasn t long enough..lol I can t wait to see what Diana has in store for us next (((FREE))) ⇵ City of the Fallen (Dark Tides, #1) ☝ Five Years Ago, Vampires Came Out Of Hiding And Took Over The World It Was Meant To Be A Quick Enslavement But It Turned Into A Bloody Battle That Brought Humanity To The Brink Of ExtinctionIsabelle Bryant Is One Of The Lucky Survivors, Now Living In Hiding, Scavenging For Food Through Deserted Towns And She S Tired Of It So She S Devised A Plan Find The King Of The Vampires And Drive A Stake Through His HeartExcept That Wickedly Sensual King Marcus Is Nothing Like The Monster She Expected And While Landing On His Bed Was Part Of The Plan All Along, Discovering That He Might Hold The Key To Humanity S Survival Certainly Wasn T The Catch Saving Humanity Also Means Ensuring Vampire Survival It Means Giving Up Hope For A Return To A Human Ruled World As Sparks Fly And Hate Becomes Heat, Isabelle Must Pick A Side Before The Darkness Devours Them All This Is Book One Of The Dark Tides Trilogy Well, damn Can I just say that I hate cliffhangers I wasn t sure about this story at the beginning, mostly because I m not a huge fan of the post apocalyptic thing everyone seems so enad with these days, but I m glad I stuck with it because this was a great book The world Ms Bocco built was sadly believable and the vampire details were handled very well I really loved the main characters and would love to know about Miles and find out what happened with Shawn and the rest of Isabelle s family This is my first book by this author, but now I want to read her other paranormal series. It is ridiculous how I never get tired of these stories, but it s true Definitely a favorite of mine in the paranormal genre Diana Bocco did an amazing job of offering a fresh spin on a much used story line.Fast moving, suspenseful, creative, and a uniqueness in the characterizations I really enjoyed.A little background the story takes place in a post apocalyptic time Vampires have invaded the world, coming out of the shadows and have practically wiped out the human race Five years later, humans are hiding at night, and scavenging during the day for food and supplies Survival is day to day with seemingly no hope in site The situation gives the word alone a new meaning.The story opens with Isabelle making the decision to go to the vampire compound to kill the vampire king Driven to the decision by desperation and near starvation for herself and the small group she is with, she knows if she can make it there, she can offer herself as a pet Many humans have done this and in exchange, they receive food, shelter, and protection They just have to share their blood and bodies.Desperate times call for desperate measures.Her plan to kill the king is good in theory, how she is going to manage it, well, that s something totally different But first she needs to make it to the compound The first leg of her journey to the compound was a bit hair raising with some serious action After finally making it, barely, she does meet the king and he is very taken with her What Isabelle didn t anticipate, being just as taken with Marcus, the king.Their relationship was extremely passionate and very tentative, neither quite understanding the draw I loved their relationship but it is only the back drop to the story on a whole.There are bad vampires out there that Marcus and his followers know about The rapids These vampires have gone rogue and are slowly starving to death due to the shortage of human blood causing the void , a form of vampire insanity.The story is very fast moving with a lot of action Some may not enjoy that but I loved it Hate waiting for things to happen And things certainly do happen I am going to stop here otherwise I will be giving away spoilers, and I never do that evil grin I really did love the story and highly recommend it, especially if this genre is a favorite of yours I am also super excited book 2 is scheduled to be released in December The ending literally had my heart in my throat, it was insanity at it s finest City of the Fallen has such great potential but fell way off from the mark because the world building, plot, and even the characterizations were rush to the point of absurdity.This is a post apocalyptic world where vampires have almost hunted people into extinction 29 year old Isabelle had been completing her residency at a hospital when everything fell apart For six months Isabelle, her brother, and a fledgling group of other humans have been hiding out However, their supplies, health and fortitude are dwindling so, Isabelle devises a plan to surrender herself to the city where she will get close to the vampire king and kill him.On the road to the city she is almost captured by a vampire bug she managed to escape and enter the gate where she meets the king He is immediately enamoured by her and Dur with him Of course they sleep together and are immediately in love Sorry, but I just could not buy it Personally, I beef a slow build up riddled with anticipation The rapidity in which everything happened in this story made me frustratedI ve seen all of the 4 and 5 star reviews so I guess I must be in the minority That s okay though Different strokes for different folks Read this one for yourself and decide I will not be going on with the series. Right from the very beginning I was pulled into the plot of this book So many authors feel they have to give you a background of all the characters Most of the time it has nothing to do with the actual story and can be very boring Not so with City of the Fallen It goes right into the story line and doesn t let up It is fast paced and attention grabbing to the point of not being able to put the book down I usually don t care for love scenes in what I read but in this instance it became a very big part of the atmosphere of the plot and where it would go Move over Twilight Series , there is a new family on the horizon.Disclosure I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The main character, Isabelle Bryant, is intelligent and resourceful She s got brains and guts, which is why I wanted to give this book four stars The reason why I didn t is it is a cliff hanger I can t stand cliff hangers where it is open ended and not a complete story The author could have just as easily finished this first book, and left plenty of room for a sequel Otherwise, it s really good and I liked Marcus, the Vampire King Sadly, as much as I would like to know what happens next, I don t care enough about it to buy the next book I fear that will be a cliff hanger too, and that is a no go deal breaker for me. Just finished reading this book What an amazing book It has a really great storyline and is something a bit different from your normal vampire stories Loved the characters and can t wait for the next book It should be mentioned that this probably should have been marketed as a serial since this book ends on a cliffhanger Some of the other reviewers felt gyped, but it s a marketing tactic and I get it that the author wants to reader to feel glued to the story enough that they have to buy the next book It might not have bugged me as much since I actually purchased a collection of 12 books, with this story included in it, and I almost expect cliffhanger endings with collection books I loved the ruined post apocalyptic world this story was set in Yes, the idea of vampires taking over and wiping out humanity has been done before, and we all know the idea of a female human falling for a ridiculously hot, powerful, and very dangerous vampire, who has to fight his thirst for her blood to fall passionately in love with her has been done to death can we say Twilight and seems like almost all the indie romance authors have tried copying it in some way or another But I still had a lot of fun with Isabelle as she had to re write her ideas of what vampires were and actually understand that they were people too Not to mention I adored the struggle for life in this ruined world, how it s changed, and how life has adapted to their new surroundings And chiefly I loved that this story was at the heart of it a re telling of the Beauty and the Beast tale yes, Isabelle s name gets shortened to the Disney Belle and Marcus refers to his vampire nature as The Beast though I will say it didn t seem like she had to struggle at all getting past the Beast s scary exterior, but there are other bits that hearken back to the Disney story her leaving behind her relatives to move in with the Beast, the introduction of the lab in place of the library, and the attendants everywhere Yes, by the end I itched to know what will happen next for Isabelle, will the lovers prevail, will humanity make a comeback, will Patrick flesh out as a character or will he stick to being a moustache twirling villain jumping out just to say boo every so often, and what about her family back at the farm Unfortunately my curiosity isn t heightened up enough to justify forking over nearly 4 dollars for the next installment which is only 86 pages long and according to reviews not much actually happens to the characters within those pages I am putting the author on Follow just in case that promised third concluding book makes an appearance though it looks like fans have given up hope since it s been 3 years since publication Yes, that made me rather sad reading that. See this review and at tattooedbookreview.comFunny how things could change so quickly in a question of days Funny how your heart could change sides before you even realized it had happened I truly enjoyed reading this fast paced, exciting, and sexy book It s a HOT vampire romance with a post apocalyptic spin, an action packed plot, and plenty of twists, turns, and surprises.I am a definite fan of a sexy, dangerous vampire as a lead, and Marcus the king of the vampires does not disappoint The author does an excellent job of creating a monster with a heart, a terrifying vampire with a thoughtful humanity and a soft spot for Isabelle He is full of contradictions but with her he does not waver she will be his Their instant connection heats up the pages and together they are ON FIRE Be prepared for some sizzling sex And as the story moves forward it becomes increasingly clear that their feelings are than sexual, and that their potential partnership will affect the future of the world s populations, both human and vampire Together, they may be able to save what is left of a crumbling world, but just when they truly realize how much they mean to each other, it seems time is running out.This is a fantastic first book in a series I am intensely invested in the main characters and their uncertain future Many questions are answered and many are raised What will happen to Marcus, Isabelle, and to humanity in general A dramatic conclusion left me breathless and the fates hanging in the balance, and I m desperate to read the next book in this very promising seriesShe exhaled, her soul surrendering It was a lost battle, trying to deny how she felt It had been a lost battle for a long time maybe from the time he touched her She had been denying her feelings because they seemed like a betrayal to the entire human race, but denying them was a betrayal to her own soulI received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review.