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Written for greenhorns.Carson was obviously a good man, an able scout and an experienced mountain man The writer did some embellishing in his narrative, certainly meant for eastern dudes But the history was fairly well written. Kit Carson was born December 24, 1809 in Kentucky He became a trapper, hunter, explorer, guide, Indian lover and fighter.This book is a collection of things that happened to him He is pictured as a great man I think he was.He killed a lot of beavers, elk, buffalo and Indians He helped the white man exploit the west and steal California from the Spaniards I ll give you that His story and stories like it are a major source of our obsession with guns Kit had a respect for and affinity for the wilderness that the author tries to communicate in this biography.There were a lot worse men who characterized the things we hate about U.S westward expansion An addendum to the book is a letter from William Goodyear, a trapper active in the 1850 s describes a fight with some Indians As our rifles could throw a bullet than twice as far as any arrow could be thrown, the battle was rather as source of amusement to us, than of terror No Indian could approach within arrow shot of our ranks, without meeting certain death It must be confessed that we had no compunctions in shooting an Indian than in shooting a bear or a wolf. Very enlighteningThis sheds a new light on what Hollywood does on TV and the movies There s no comparison this seems much accurate and realistic to the time. True American heroGood read from bygone Era, a true story of a great American that opened the country our forefathers He was one that made America great This is a reprint of a book written in the late 1800s by a well known biographer It is decidedly not politically correct in reference to the nobel savages of the West It describes Kit Carson in almost saint like terms Still it is interesting and, if even partly true, certainly describes a person of remarkable abilities who got just about everywhere in the Western USA Kind of fun to read such an account from soon after the the actual life of the man I could tell that the author was at least a part time hell fire preacher from some of his comments and prejudices The book is disjointed and bounces around, but is roughly chronological Worth a read but not at all profound. John S C Abbott was a famous biographer in the 19th century So, it was with great interest that I read a biography with nary a thought for political correctness For example, when Abbott lived in the 1800s, it never occurred to him that Native Americans wouldn t like his liberal sprinkling of the term he used for them savages When this book was written, it was still okay to call an American Indian, a savage But clearly is not acceptable today One reason why the American Indian will not accept a football team called Washington Redskins But it just is not acceptable today in 2014 I want to say a word to the print company that was given the rights to this book Please make sure that your misspelling of the author s name is not replicated That is the least you can do for this author They even spell the author s name one way, and then turn around and spell it another way later on in the book. Good book but long and detailed Only for readers very interested in the subject Provides interesting details about frontier life The author is clearly a huge fan of Carson, and I got the impression that the book may not be very balanced Personal faults may have been glossed over or restated to make them look less bad. Good ReadI like the story line He was detailed enough to make you feel like you were there I was born and raised in north western New Mexico I felt like was back home I recommend this book for every one. {DOWNLOAD BOOK} ê Christopher Carson. Familiarly Known as Kit Carson à Kit Carson Was A Frontiersman, Explorer, Indian Fighter And A True American Hero This Book, Christopher Carson The Pioneer Of The West By John SC Abbott Tells The Story In Wonderful Detail You Ll Meet Other Well Known Americans Such As John C Fremont, But Mostly, You Ll Thrill To The Adventures Of Kit Carson Carson Was A Mild Mannered Man Who Didn T Drink Alcohol And Never Used Foul Language, But When Danger Threatened Him Or Any Of His Companions, He Stepped Forward Without A Hint Of Fear He Grew To Manhood In Some Of The Most Exciting Times The New American Nation Ever Experienced, And Was Instrumental In Extending The Boundaries Of This New Nation From Sea To Shining Sea This Isn T A Novel, But The True Story Of The Life Of Kit Carson Once You Start Reading You Ll Find That This Is A Book You Won T Want To Put Down Until The End This Edition Of CHRISTOPHER CARSON Familiarly Known As Kit Carson The Pioneer Of The West Includes The Original Images From The Book Plus Historical And Newly Painted Images Of Kit Carson This Is The Ebook Of The Bottom Of The Hill Publishing Print Edition Of CHRISTOPHER CARSON Familiarly Known As Kit Carson The Pioneer Of The West If You Would Like A Printed Book Look On For ISBN First rate bio of kit carsonScholarly writing by abbott is refreshing Well described by a man of letters Recommended highly Would like to read other works by this author.