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.Read Kindle ♇ Chivalry in Twelfth Century Germany: The Works of Hartmann von Aue (Arthurian Studies) ☮ Concerned Principally To Situate Hartmann S Works In Their Social And Cultural Historical Context, Jackson S Carefully Constructed And Lucidly Written Book Will Be Required And Compelling Reaading At Every Level Of Interest, From Undergraduate Student To Specialist Scholar It Expounds Knighthood As The Major Theme Of Hartmann S Varied Oeuvre, Reflected And Refracted Through The Prism Of Different Genres, Fictional Material And Narrative Positions Jackson S Unrivalled Grasp Of The Historical Evidence For The Material, Social And Ideological Dimensions Of Chivalry In The Twelfth Century Is Brought To Bear On The Texts In A Way Which Never Reduces These To Mere Functions Of An Extra Literary Reality, But Brings Out The Subtle And Dynamic Interplay Of Their Aesthetic Patterns And Documentary Correlatives The Book Also Builds Up A Persuasive Framework For Understanding Hartmann S Literary Production As A Whole And For Grasping It As An Evolving Reflection Of And On Knighthood As The Key Mode And Model Of Social Self Realisation For His Chivalric Audience FORUM FOR MODERN LANGUAGE STUDIES Hartmann Von Aue Is A Major Figure In Medieval German Literature, And His Works Document Key Features Of The History Of Chivalry In An Important Phase Of Transition And Consolidation This Book Is The First Full Scale Enquiry Undertaken Of The Presentation Of The Role Of Knighthood Across The Full Range Of Hartmann S Works, Considering The Social, Ideological And Literary Dimensions Of Chivalry And Fruitfully Combining Literary, Linguistic And Historical Approaches The Opening Chapters Place Hartmann S Works In The Broader Perspective Of Arthurian Literature And Of Kingship And Chivalry In Western Europe, And In The Context Of The Changing Historical Reality Of Knighthood As A Military And A Social Order In Twelfth Century Germany Further Chapters Are Devoted To Each Of His Works, Erec, Gregorius, The Klage And His Lyrics, Der Arme Heinrich And Dwein, Which Are Interpreted Both With A Historical