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Describes a world in which Aristotelian Physics are real, the Delian League of Alexander the Great never collapsed, and they now do battle against the Middle Kingdom China by attempting to steal a piece of the sun. Ciencia Ficci n fant stica o Fantas a cient fica G nero Ciencia Ficci n.Lo que nos cuenta Ajax de Tiro es un cient fico de la Liga D lica graduado en la Academia de Atenas especialista en pirolog a y uranolog a que ha llegado a ser el comandante de la L grima de Chandra, nave usada para la investigaci n y concretamente para los desarrollos del importante proyecto Ladr n Solar, que ha pasado de lo te rico a lo realmente posible Durante unas inesperadas vacaciones, visita Menfis, Jerusal n, Gaza, Roma, Siracusa, Cartago y Tiro Cuando se dirige por mar hacia Atenas, es atacado por un drag n de seda al servicio del Reino Medio, en guerra con la Liga D lica desde hace mucho tiempo, repleto de armamento tao sta Los arcontes sospechan que el ataque no ten a como objetivo el barco sino al propio Ayax, por lo que destinan como su guardaespaldas a la capitana Liebre Amarilla, guerrera espartana de origen xeroqui en la costa este de Atlantea Quiere saber m s de este libro, sin spoilers Visite @READ DOWNLOAD ô Celestial Matters ⚦ In The World Of Celestial Matters, Ptolemaic Astronomy And Aristotelian Physics Are Valid Scientific Models Of The Surrounding World And Cosmos The Earth Lies At The Center Of The Universe, Surrounded By Crystal Spheres Which Hold Each Of The Planets, The Sun And The Moon, All Enclosed In The Sphere Of The Fixed Stars Earthly Matter, Composed Of The Classical Four Elements Of Earth, Air, Fire, And Water, Naturally Moves In Straight Lines Heavenly Matter Naturally Rises And Moves In Circles This Is The Universe As Understood By The Ancient GreeksThe Science Of The Ancient Chinese Also Applies, But As The Novel Is Told From The Perspective Of The Greeks, It Is Less Well Understood Xi, The Chinese Notion Of Spirit And Flow, Can Be Manipulated To Move Objects And Energy The Chinese Five Elements Of Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, And Fire Are Transmuted One Into The Other Part Of The Central Theme Of The Book Is The Two System S Mutual Misunderstanding And Bafflement Of Each OtherIn This World, The Delian League Greeks And Middle Kingdom Chinese Have Been Fighting A War For Nearly A Thousand Years, Ever Since The Time Of Alexander The Great When The Warrior Culture Of Sparta And The Athenian Akademe Were Fused Into A Half World Conquering Force Their Technologies Are Locked Together, However, And Neither Empire Can Gain The Upper Hand Each Side Secretly Despairs Of Its Chances And Has Come To Consider Desperate MeasuresThe Story Is Narrated By Aias Of Tyre, A Scientist Of The Delian League, Who Is Preparing To Embark On Project Sunthief As Scientific Commander This Project Is An Audacious And Desperate Mission To Sail A Spaceship Carved Out Of A Piece Of The Moon Herself Out Through The Spheres, To Catch A Piece Of The Sun And Bring It Back To Earth To Annihilate The Middler Capital City This, The League Hopes, Will Finally End The War And Give It Victory This was definitely worth reading, both for the steampunk and silkpunk content, and as a speculation on ancient Greek science, which we of course ignore now that we have real scientific evidence of how the universe works I have to disclose that I know very little about Greek celestial theory, and so much of the science was opaque to me but that didn t make the book less enjoyable or less inspiring.In a nutshell, the book is about a scientist named Aias, commander of a celestial ship in the service of the Delian League the Grecian ruled West , whose goal at the beginning of the story is to lead an operation that will allow his team to capture a fragment of the sun s fire and use it as a weapon to destroy the capitol of the Middle Kingdom China, and nominal leader of the East , who they ve been at war with for hundreds of years Middle Kingdom spies and agents are sent to stop this, and the first half of the book is spent trying to solve the mystery of who these spies are and how they plan to sabotage the mission.Aias and his culture use technology derived from ancient Greek theory, and the Middle Kingdom uses Taoist science to produce technology powered by Xi Scientists from both sides are constantly hilariously commenting on how incomprehensible the other side s technology is, and this seeming gulf of understanding is probably the most important mystery of the book It is eventually solved, but the story ends rather abruptly with the completion of Aias s little political manipulation, and we never learn what happened to the characters once that hurdle was overcome.That s my biggest gripe with the book, actually I would ve liked a little closure Ramonojon s plight isn t really solved, and we don t know what reception Aias and Phan receive in their respective homes, or even if they try to return at all since Aias s plan has been blessed by all of his gods, you can imagine the future plays out exactly as he lays it out in the last few paragraphs, but we get no indication of what happens to these characters As characters are generally still the most important part of a book for me, this was a disappointment.Also interesting the integration of gods and celestial science Another thing I appreciated was the lack of an authorial or character centric opinion of which belief or philosophy Greek or Tao was supposed to be judged correct by the reader The two traditions seem to be given equal validity.On the topic of Phan, and Middle Kingdom characters in general, I think the author did a good job of portraying them as characters in their own right, instead of as stereotypes also that they weren t depicted as clearly in the wrong, but that both sides had historical and cultural precedent for their behavior and beliefs My opinion of Persia via Mihradarius isn t as well formed, but I mention it because of the part he played in the mystery. As every great best science fiction book, Celestial Matters is not just science fiction for the sake of itself Scientific fiction or, quite literally in this case, fictional science is a means to point out some otherwise poorly considered themes of our ordinary world, a strategy to devise mental experiments which, thanks to their anomalous appearence, draw the readers attention on specific topics.The main focus of Celestial Matters , thus, is not What if Aristotelian Physics was true which is, of course, quite an amazing starting point nonetheless , but Is it true that there s only one correct viewpoint to explain facts or, even ambitiously Can two mutually exclusive worldviews be both valid at the same time.Garfinkle s detailed analysis of fictional Aristotelian and Taoist science, technology and cosmology, and concurrently of Athenian, Spartan and Han aka Middler ethos, would spark the shadow of doubt even in the mind of the most inflexible flagbearers of objectivity and pens e unique The importance of history is another key theme which Garfinkle hides between the lines the protagonist lives in a world where the study of history is deeply neglected by hard science dominated academia, and it s only by his contrariant interest for the discipline and his personal connection with the muse Kleo that he manages to salvage and otherwise doomed space mission.A brilliant and amusing book which would serve perfectly as a light but worthy literary companion for college physics courses. Uma fic o cient fica que segue astronomia de Ptolomeu, f sica e biologia de Arist teles e tamb m o tao smoCelestial Matters um caso interessante de fic o cient fica, pois mostra que n o apenas os preceitos da ci ncia moderna podem ser utilizados para se enquadrar no g nero A hist ria se passa em um mundo no qual o imp rio de Alexandre o Grande jamais caiu e muito em breve se viu numa guerra constante com a China que durou milhares de anos.A narrativa seque um capit o hel nico chamado Aias que incumbido de viajar at o Sol e roubar um peda o da chama divina para destruir a capital dos seus advers rios, o Reino do Meio O interessante que o espa o que a nave Chandra s Tear que foi esculpida de um peda o da Lua encontra n o aquele que estamos acostumados, mas regidos pela astronomia de Ptolomeu Ou seja, nada de v cuo e sim diversas esferas celestes girando em estruturas de cristal indestrut vel As naves s o movimentadas por canh es que criam t neis de ar mais rarefeito e a tripula o alimentada por fazendas de gera o espont nea de animais seguindo as teorias aristot licas.E esse mundo ricamente constru do dobra de tamanho quando o leitor descobre que ele tamb m regido pela ci ncia e alquimia taoista, com linhas de fluxo de chi, transmuta es de materiais e curas pela acupuntura.Os melhores momentos s o justamente quando h um embate entre essas duas formas d spares de ver o mundo A ci ncia grega baseada em formas e estruturas, enquanto a chinesa pensa em intera es e transforma es e a nica forma de um lado compreender o outro esquecer todos os seus preceitos e tentar aprender com a ingenuidade e abertura de uma crian a.Dessa forma, Richard Garfinkle cria uma bela alegoria sobre as dificuldades de se compreender outras culturas e refrescante ler um romance de fic o cient fica que trate n o de conquista ou de apenas um indiv duo conhecendo novas formas de pensar, mas da intera o de duas vis es de mundo na qual a outra n o faz nenhum sentido Celestial Matters metaforiza bastante a Guerra Fria devido semelhan a entre o fogo solar e a bomba at mica.Os personagens s o intrigantes, como a guarda costa espartana, o navegador indiano budista, o pirocientista persa que desenvolveu o m todo de capturar um peda o do Sol e o pr prio capit o Aias, que narra a hist ria S achei o final um pouco fraco e certinho demais para uma hist ria que lida com tantos pontos de vista amb guos.Este livro um pouco raro e tive que comprar usado depois de atazanar parentes e amigos no exterior para vasculhar livrarias em busca de um exemplar Celestial Matters um belo exemplo de algo que eu acho que a fic o cient fica faz de melhor criar um universo nico e diferente para no final poder falar sobre o nosso. Si el libro del mes anterior que coment ya hace mucho tiempo, dije que me hab a salvado el verano, este fue el que estuvo a punto de arruinarlo.Un libro muy malo y aburrido, con una trama simplona Tiene como idea de partida una distop a en la que la ciencia griega es totalmente acertada esferas celestes, movimiento uniforme, los principios tipo arj o ark Vamos un desastre que compr de saldo y que m s me valdr a no haber visto en la estanter a de la librer a Le doy una puntuaci n de cero estrellas porque no puedo pon rsela negativa o algo peor. Sin embargo, voy a a adir un enlace a una rese a m s entusiasmada. ver rese a en mi blog Confieso que lo he terminado por saber si se cerraba la historia de alguna forma y, sobre todo, por orgullo torero La sinopsis me hab a hecho recordar el primer cuento de La historia de tu vida, de Ted Chiang, por lo que me las promet a felices Y algo de ello se encuentra entre centenares de epifan as de dioses varios me han recordado algunos comentarios exasperados sobre la diosa de las 50 sombras de Grey y decenas libaciones y ceremoniales, por no hablar de las divagaciones y los infodumps Menci n aparte merecen algunas incoherencias en la historia que omito por no poder utilizar spoilers Todo para llegar a un final que peca de optimista hasta parecer infantil. I can t review this objectively, because my husband wrote it I think it s brilliant, naturally, but better check some other people s reviews. Atrapante y original, me gust mucho.Como ucron a, es una de las m s ingeniosas que haya le do No s lo el Imperio Griego ha sobrevivido a la muerte de Alexandros, que sucede mucho despu s de sus 33 a os, sino que se ha extendido por casi todo el mundo, incluyendo Asia y las Am ricas Atlantea y su nico enemigo es el Imperio Medio de los chinos Y tiene una cierta cuota de steampunk ya que hay numerosos adelantos tecnol gicos basados en la f sica aristot lica y plat nica las esferas celestes, cuerpos pesados y sutiles, los objetos est n formados por combinaciones de los 4 elementos, etc mientras que los chinos son maestros en manipular energ as Xi y vuelan en cometas de guerra gigantes.Igual un par de cositas me hicieron ruido el uso de medidas m tricas como los kil metros por qu no usar medidas consistentes, por ejemplo estadios , la menci n del vac o interestelar Natura abhorret vaccuumCualquier aristot lico lo sabe y que Ramanojon hable en hindi idioma de aparici n muy posterior, deber a hablar alg n dialecto s nscrito sin influencias del persa S , ya s que soy muy rompebolas Lo tengo asumid simo.De todas formas el libro me pareci entretenido y pas un buen rato ley ndolo, a pesar de todos estos elementos tan bizarros, as que lo recomiendo.