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`Read Book ð Cause of Death Ø A Serial Killer Black Widow Spiders A Race To Catch The Perp Before He Strikes Again Best Selling Author, Renee Benzaim, Writes About The Ultimate Female Detective Fighting Against Time To Catch A Serial Killer In Bakersfield, CA Before He Strikes Again Meet Robbery Homicide Detective Annie Avants And Her Partner, Detective Tom Weston Of The Kern County Sheriff S Office In This Dusty Farm Community, Someone Is Abducting And Killing Young Hispanic Females His Weapon Of Choice Black Widow Spiders Can These Two Dedicated Detectives Catch Him With The Help Of Their Peers And Friends, Deputy District Attorney Jesse Greyeyes And Technical Investigations Chief Laine DelMonte Cause Of Death Is A Spine Chilling Thriller That Keeps You Guessing Right Up To The Last Minute And Makes You Wonder About The Normal People In YOUR Daily Life Renee Benzaim, I don t know you, but I think you should write cookbooks or a restaurant guide Your book is full of eating, mostly mexican and Detectives going home for dinner while a serial killer is out and around You even let the witness decide WHEN he wants to take the time to meet with the sketch artist Even checking leads are not so important as to get lunch or do some pottery with the new girlfriends daughter oh and by the way, I don t think, even in Bakersfield, a SWAT Team will be ready in a few minutes and they will definitly not wait while detective TOM is calling the serial killer in his basement to come out and give up Not to forget that he could have killed his partner stupid For your next book, if you write another one, please check with proffessionals about the procedure or give me a call will be glade to help you Cause of Death is book one of the Det Annie Avants series The Cause of Death follows Det Annie Avants investigation to find a serial killer who killed young girls using Black Widow Spiders I enjoy reading Cause of Death once I forgot about the spiders and got involved with the story I like it I learnt about the different law enforcement in California and their roles in the communities Renee Benzaim portrayal of her characters and the way they entwine together throughout the book I found fascinating and allow me to forget about the spiders.The readers of Cause of Death will enjoy the twist and turns with the murder investigation and the romantic interludes between characters At the end of Cause of Death, readers can find copies of the recipes that are mention in the book so that you can try them yourself I also learnt about Black Widow Spiders and how their venom works when they bite you I recommend this book. Check out my complete review at Cause of Death Det Annie Avants 1 ReviewCause of Death is the first in the series of Annie Avants Mysteries A serial killler is on the loose who kills Hispanic women with black widow bites a very painful way to die Detective Annie Avants along with her partner Detective Tom Weston team up with Deputy District Attorney Jesse Greyeyes and Technical Investigations Chief Laine DelMonte to figure out who the killer is before another woman gets killed.The mystery is really interesting and almost fast paced The psychological aspect of the serial killer is shown only at the end Till then, the reader is left wondering who is the killer and what is his motivation There are some dead ends on the way but the route diverts soon and the race goes on Annie Avants is a nice female detective with the right elements of feminine traits with a nice strong blend of courage and bravery.Annie Avants is here to stay and so is Renee Benzaim. In Cause of Death, Detectives Avant and Weston are out to find a serial killer who tortures victims with black widow spiders prior to their deaths There are also a few side stories which add to character and plot development as well as hinting at potential upcoming romances in future volumes.Aside from a few typos and spacing issues, which could be due to the fact I was reading an ARC, the text and story line flows very well with exhilarating action.There were a couple of details that seemed to switch or get confused at one point, but as they were minor details they weren t distracting to the story line.The characters were very authentic and true to life The villain was not one dimensional which I greatly appreciated The details for the investigations, scenery, and story in general were vivid and imaginable.Overall, an enjoyable read