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We have finally made it to the point in this series that now the criminal is being hunted by his victims For so long we have watched Jeremy victimize Lexi, Noah, Evie, Anthony, Jackson and Kat, it was finally time they took a stand to regain their life With crimes and broken hearts and lives left behind by Jeremy, it ends up that the above six aren t the only ones determined to stop this monster The six have decided that the only way to flush him out is for them to be in public and allow him to see the ladies that have escaped his torture With police and security heavily involved, their plan can t fail right Kat is having a hard time not only dealing with what Jeremy did to her but the choices she made in the past Jackson is so sweet to her but as we find out the secrets between them, it begins to all make sense why this relationship is so bumpy.The twist in this story blew me away I had spent many hours imagining how I would want Jeremy to suffer while reading the first two books, but the author did better than I could even imagine With his demons on over drive, he was a sitting target for someone, but would they have enough anger and hatred to finish the job once and for all Caught in the Storm not only closes the story of Jeremy and what his future is going to hold, it gives us some closure on the story of Lexi and Noah and the birth of their child We find out what is going to happen to Evie and Anthony while we finally get to see how Kat and Jackson are going to deal with what happen to her Of course we had a healthy dose of the threesome of hilarious old women who crack me up but what I loved and hope is a sign of what to come is the new female that was introduced to the story I would love to see what happens with her If you have been waiting for the final piece to this story, the author did not disappoint If you are new to this series then what are you waiting for, go get the books, enjoy and be prepared to have your mind twisted and worn out but it is worth it. M Stratton is an amazing writer This last book of The Storm series is amazing All of our favorites are back and we finally find out who Dana Marshall is and she is quite inventive I loved finding out the history with Kat and Jackson I could not put it down when I started had to keep going to see what happened next and there was alot of suspense and Oh My moments I just hope we here about Dana Marshall down the road @DOWNLOAD EPUB õ Caught in the Storm (Storm, #3) É What Happens When The Hunter Becomes The Hunted Kat Snyder Has Spent Years Chasing After The Man Who Attacked Her And Left Her For Dead It Is Her One Obsession And She Won T Let Anyone Stand In Her Way Now That They Are Getting Closer To Finding Him She Begins To Doubt Herself And Her Need For RevengeJackson Jack Taylor Lost The Only Woman He Truly Loved Now That He S Found Her Again He S Not Letting Go And Will Do Everything In His Power To Make Her See They Can Have A Life TogetherTogether They Search For The Monster Who Has Hurt So Many Women The Closer They Get, The Closer They Become, Until They Are Both Caught In The Storm This is the third and final book in the Storm series, and as an ending, this book is dynamite I have loved every book in this series, each one has given the story a new twist As for retribution, this one takes the cake I felt like the fear that the other books instilled was amped up in this one This bad guy, Jeremy, is the creepiest bad guy ever He could not have been sadistic if he tried That helps you feel for the good guys Noah and Lexi, Evie and Anthony, and Jackson and Kat, are all working hard to find him, and are thwarted at each turn We are introduced to a new victim who is also hunting Jeremy The longer she works to understand him and plot her revenge, the her morality is blurred from good to bad I loved this To me, this showed how anger and hatred can eat at someone until getting even takes on a new meaning and it corrupts her I loved that she isn t portrayed as a perfect good guy This book had everything A love story, a revenge story, plenty of fear, and a satisfying ending to the saga This is a great series, and I can t wait to see what new tales will come from this amazing author I just finished Caught in the Storm and I just loved it I was so hoping for justice and I think I actually got than what I have intended but hey, no worries This is intended to be read in order with After the Storm Noah and Lexie being first and then Eye of the Storm Anthony and Evie and then Caught in the Storm Jackson and Kat Lexie and Evie are best friends In AtS Lexie falls in love with Noah In EoTS Evie meets Anthony and falls in love with him Anthony is trying to get his life back but didn t intend on falling for Evie Evie s brother Jackson came back into town and was trying to keep his family and friends safe What we find out in EoTS is that Kat, Lexie s bodyguard was the only victim to get away from Jeremy This causes tension because no one knew and now they feel betrayed by Kat since she kept it to herself She was trying to extract revenge but she didn t expect to get close to people let alone, all of them Including Jackson Jackson and Kat AKA Chelle met a long time ago She meant for that to happen but because of the things that Jeremy had did to her would never make her a whole girl, she leaves Jackson Jackson has never stopped loving her and seeing her in EoTS has brought back so many memories for him He is never letting her go But Jeremy is still on the loose and he wants his own brand of justice He is normally ahead of the game, but now with no money, and no momentum he has to use everything at his disposal to kill Kat, Lexie and Evie Will Jeremy finally be stopped You will have to read and see I really loved this story It flowed really well and it was just an amazing series that I was very fortunate to get to read It s got everything you can ask for Love, danger, mystery and justice The best kind of things that make a story awesome The plot, the characters, the imagery and the killer I like how it has so many point of views that at times I had to stop and just be like wait who am I reading now One minute you are in the mind of the couple and then a mystery guest and then the killer Talk about a mind warp The very best kind And who doesn t love a reunited love story I sure as hell do Jackson is super sweet and loving and so forgiving He just loves Kat and wants to finally have her I love how he just tries to help her through everything and I love how he is honest with her For Kat, she has to let everything that has affected her go or she will not be able to have a future with Jackson It would be a very hard decision For so long she was on the run, hiding in the shadows, seeking her justice and this is all she has ever known but with Jackson being so sweet and persisting it would be very hard to not want to be with him I loved them together and just wanted them all to have their happy ending It took at turn that I was not expecting but damn it was all worth it Seriously, I know it seems at the very beginning probably confusing but its not You just have to read the first one and trust me, you will not want to put it down You will be seeking your vengeance too Story 5Sex 4Overall 5Reviewed by Beggin from Mommys a Book Whore This book was extremely predicable, but was good for some light reading I have to say, the series got and predictable as it went on but I liked how all three books had the same characters, with each book told in someone else s POV 2 5 stars Caught in the Storm is book three in the Storm Series You MUST read After the Storm, book one, and Eye the Storm, book two, before you start this one Caution spoilers ahead if you haven t read the first two in the series Read at your own risk First off, I want to say THANK YOU to M Stratton for giving us a recap of who the characters are and why they are important When you read a series with months in between its hard to remember who and what happened during the last books When we get the recap it takes you back like you are picking up where you left off last night I also went back and read my reviews of the first two books which can be found here if you are interested Book 1 2 back to the story What can you say about the third book without giving much away Um I ll start with I read this book in about 2 1 2 hours max, it hooked me right away Its just as creepy and disturbing as the others Actually this one might take the winner in those descriptions I won t lie, I closed my eyes a few times while reading to try to make it go away Yes, I know I am a wuss and I have said that before in my past reviews on this series How M Stratton thinks of this, I honestly don t even want to know.Caught in the Storm is based around Jackson and Kat These two have been dancing around each other for a little bit It comes out that they have a little of a connection then anyone knew about I really like the two of them together, they make a great couple and I was very happy with their story We get of EVERYONE in CitS which I absolutely love The Troublesome Trio returns and just like Eye of the Storm we get just the right amount of them All the boys are back, Noah, Anthony and Jackson and they are very much protective of the girls in this one because Jeremy s body was never found after what happens in book two The police aren t sold that Jeremy is alive so its been basically up to Noah, Lexie, Anthony, Evie, Jackson and Kat to keep up on local news to see if he s made an appearance Of course we know Jeremy is alive and planning his next move trying to stay one step ahead of them BUT there is also another character added into CitS that wants revenge and will stop at nothing it seems to get it Caught in the Storm did not disappoint Sometimes by the time you get to the third book it feels rushed and leaves you wanting Not this one We get another love story, twist and turns and MORE down right disturbing scenes as we wrap up the Storm Series We also get justice for everyone I have to say as much as a wuss that I am I loved this series but I will not be doing any re reads now or probably ever ARC was provided by author in exchange for an honest review Review will be posted on Mean Girls Luv Books I was spellbound the moment I saw you There couldn t be any other but you I spent days, weeks even years, looking for you Everywhere we used to go, I d go I d think I saw you only to be disappointed when it wasn t you Even when I was traveling through Europe six months ago, I was still looking for you I never gave up JacksonCaught in the Storm is the third book in the Storm series It was a nice continuation of the story line that connects the three books and couples If you haven t read the first two books, After the Storm and Eye of the Storm, you will be pretty much lost because it just won t make sense to you without the back story.In book two we learned that Lexi s body guard Kat, was actually a victim and had her own agenda and reasons for being on Lexi s security detail It also hinted at a past relationship with Evie s brother, Jackson Thankfully, all of the questions were answered that left the reader hanging in the previous books The story is told from the POV of Kat, Jackson, Jeremy and a mystery women named Dana I had assumed that this would be the last book in the series, but now I am not so sure Although, everything pertaining to Lexi and Noah, Evie and Anthony, and Kat and Jackson, was resolved, this mystery women throws a wrench in that because she, herself, is a mystery.Kat is still very traumatized by what Jeremy did to her, and she is understandably determined to destroy him As the story unfolds, bridges are mended, friendships are forged and love is in the air you matter to me than any kind of revenge Because I know killing, him won t change anything Because I m not that person I couldn t kill anyone It wasn t who I used to be Jackson, I want to be her again I want you to know the carefree girl I used to be I want us to have a future together I was so caught up I couldn t see anything else but ending what mattered most to him, his life KatThis book was good but I didn t feel the same intensity as I did with the first two books and I feel as though the ending was kind of anti climatic It also seemed a bit shorter than its predecessors but it was enjoyable and I am glad that I was given a chance to read and review. The story is fine and things were going okay all seemed to be going along nicely Then a scene near the end made me think omgwtf view spoiler The scene where Jeremy is tortured to death is like whoa, graphic much hide spoiler This is the final installment in the Storm series and in my eyes this is the best of the series All our fav characters are back love me some troublesome trio and the introduction of a new character whom is semi bat shit crazy and I absolutely love her The story is wrapped up nicely with a few little twists and turns along the way with an ending that will stay with me forever.After reading this series, I will never look at forks the same way again