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I don t think I read the same book as some other reviewers The background is I read and really enjoyed her other series That is probably the only thing I enjoyed about this one we had already met some of this crew, and the end of this one dovetailed into the prior series.But this one reads like a first book for some reason, overly simplistic and blunt rather than nuanced at all The relationship is just there rather than developing at any point The danger and threats are almost comical how overboard they are It just reads as weird to me totally And I knew it was cliffhanger but read it anyway so can t fault that but still have to admit I m tired of that kind of trope If an author writes excellently I ll buy the others without the coercion of a cliffy for the main couple So this book was just sad I liked this author s prior works This had a preview of the next book Torch but I don t know if I ll bother as it appears over dramatic schlock I ll wait for reviews to come out on that first. Found this little Gem on Pinterest Free Epub ☤ Captured (Devils Blaze MC, #1) ♺ She Was My Obsession I Was Her Destruction Beth My Life Is Not My Own I Belong To The Family Every Step I Make Is Dictated Until Him Skull The Only Man I Ve Ever Loved The Only Man I Will Ever Love His Touch Inflames Me I Can T Stay Away Even If I Should I Gave Him My Body And My Heart To Keep Him Safe, I Will Sell My Soul To The Devil The Lies Began With Our Hello Now, I M Captured By Them Skull There S An Animal In Me That I Keep Hidden Beth Calls To Him She Tempts The Monster And Lures Him To The Surface I M Obsessed With Her I Can T Stay Away, Even When Doing So Puts My Entire Club In Danger Her Blood Is On My Hands I Formed Her To Fit Only Me I Was Her First And If I Have To Kill Everyone In Our Way So Be It I Will Be Her Last She Is Mine Warning Cliffhanger Ahead This Book Will End In A Cliffhanger And Continue In Torch S Story Burned Torch S Story Will Have His Happy Ending And Then The Series Will Continue In March With The Release Of Conquered I m so angry I could strangle this author right now My emotions are running all over the place and I ve never felt so betrayed in my life I don t think Skull and Beth deserved that ending If you re going to read this book, please be warned that this ends in a major fucking cliffhanger.Now let me get my wits back as I wallow in my own misery. Holy mama, this was hot Skull was insanely alpha possessive and his devotion for Beth was adorable Their relationship has rocky moments due to her family and the MC rivalry and I am on the edge of my seat to see what happens to their relationship Oh my goodness gracious that cliffhanger I need the next book review to come when I don t want to hurt Jordan lol My house mother says making love out of wedlock is a sin BethMy house mother says making love out of wedlock is a sin Beth Yeah, that was my reaction that man is Fine Skull is way too hot to pass up, screw what mom says Big badass biker President of Devil s Blaze MC Hello Mr Tall, Dark, and Handsome Pure trouble he is and one day he sets his sights on a very young Beth instantly wanting her to be his but he has no clue what he s getting into Yeah, it s a tad bit insta love but believable because dangerous men like him know what they want when they see it, easy to identify the difference between a good girl and a house skank Skull is pure freakin alpha the kind that wets your panties just by breathing I was dying to jump in my Kindle If only I d be back in plenty of time by morning This way big boy image error Captured is the first book in Devil s MC and the story of Skull and Beth.I rarely do MCs but my close friend Marie recommended it heavily and I decided to try it which was a GREAT decision.Firstly to get the main point out, it ends in a cliffhanger and there is a book 2.Things I adored An obsessed crazy hero Hot hot hot love making Baby batter and breeding A lot of Spanish hotness A couple insanely in love with each otherSkull gets obsessed with Beth the moment he sees her and decides to make her his His stalking and relentless pursuing ends up getting her both into his pants, and unexpectedly into his heart He wants her forever, and makes no secret of it They re crazy about in each and love, and the couple gives you all the goals and feels.This book had a lot going on An innocent heroine caught between a crazy family and a devoted lover secrets being revealed innocent people being killed angst and heartbreak passion everything There are a lot of tears towards the end ah so heart I ADORE THIS COUPLE It took me on a wonderful roller coaster ride and I honestly can t wait to read.THE CLIFFHANGER IS KILLING ME Now coming to my mini rant I couldn t believe the ending Skull Why I had to remove safety first tag because of that NOT SAFE BECAUSE OF THE ENDING AND SPOILER book 2 and 34.75 5 Cliffhanger here and man it s horrible Now I would also have to read all three to get the whole story as well What a total waste of time She was innocent her family was trying to get her under their control and he wanted to f ck her to get her out of his system He also puts her in extreme danger with out thinking how it would fall back on her Why why can t it be him that gets tortured I did not like the hero and he just gave up way too easy No fight in this asshole Well where do I start.Lets see Skull is the president of the Devils Blaze MC and he s about as had core as they come he s ruthless,determined and just down right a BAD ASS He loves his club and loves his life He sees Beth and let the FUN BEGIN Beth is not your typical woman she s lived a hard life a rough life and has never been able to make a choice for herself someone has always done that for her Until she meets Skull what do they say about opposite well this book is right on..What happens when someone keeps a secret that could kill a lot of people What happens when the one person you love you shouldn t have What happens when secrets are reviled , hearts are broke and peoples lives are at steak This book had so many twists you won t see coming and is full of so may WTF moments you ll be stunned Yes this book is a cliffy I HATE them REFUSE to read them but I had to give Jordan a try just cause I love her other books and I m so glad I did cause this book will stick with me FOREVER Yes you will need to buy stock in Kleenex and PANTIES cause yes the sex scenes are HOTT and you ll prolly want to club Jordan over the head but in the end you will understand and you will bow down to the MASTER So give this Cliffy a try I PROMISE you won t regret it