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For those who enjoy the teen drama and internet bullying new wave of genre, I think this is one of the best It captures the clash between wanting to be seen and the danger of being seen in our most intimate moments, in this case, after the death of a sibling What makes this book better than others is the realistic portrayal of the stages of grief both the narrator and parents face, while also giving the reader a healthy dose of high school drama and young love Satisfying and a quick read. There were so many times where I wanted to give up on this book So many times Mostly it had to do with Torrey It s hard to list out all the things I hate about Torrey, but I ll give it a shot.Her mourning of her sister s death The way that Torrey is written, I see her side and perception of her sister s death as half actually mourning her and half worrying about how her sister s death impacts her social status and the way she is perceived on the internet and in her everyday life There are countless times where she says things or thinks things that make me think the only reason why she s sad is because everyone is bashing her, but I can t deny the times when she brings out her sister s things in the middle of the night and thinks about her and blames herself I still couldn t truly believe Torrey s mourning of her sister.Luis and the popularity issue It s apparent right away that Torrey is overly concerned with popularity and status, wealth and fashion These are all things I dislike about her I hate the way that she has common sense, because she can see that Blair and the other social queens are shallow, self centered jerks, but she still hangs out with them because she loves the popularity Which brings me to Miranda s death.When I finally got to see the argument that killed Miranda, I hated Torrey than ever because in that moment, you can see exactly how selfish and mean Torrey is Torrey told Miranda that she needs to grow up after dragging her out to the mall to get her to shoot some video for Torrey s next vlog, but Miranda refused and walked away Miranda isn t the one who needs to grow up It s Torrey.Then we get to Luis Torrey doesn t deserve Luis at all Luis is a great guy with an awesome family I like the support he offers Torrey, but I dislike them as a couple She doesn t deserve Raylene either, who is kind, smart and spontaneous someone who s character is much better than Blair s, but of course Torrey is embarrassed to hang around her.Towards the end, Torrey makes some terrible decisions that really show off how much she doesn t deserve Luis, because she never learns.So why did I finish this book, do you ask Because even though I hate so many things about Torrey, she s still real She isn t the epitome of everything I hate in a person She s just trying to live and I do enjoy her personality day to day That isn t just it though I wanted to see growth From the beginning of the book, Torrey tells the reader that she s dreading the victim statement at the court hearing where her sister s killer and everyone else will get to hear how his actions have impacted their family Torrey was the one who was supposed to make this statement.For me, I had hoped that the victim statement would be Torrey s redemption in my eyes It would be the great tear jerker where it s apparent just how much she s grown as a person and in her life But no, she doesn t even make a comment Her mom provides a short, meaningless victim statement and they leave What makes it worse is that the end of this book leaves unfinished endings What happened finally between Torrey and her old friends Will she ever move back home What happened with the vlog And many questions.When it comes to the general plot of this book, everything is laid out well I enjoyed the writing and seeing flashbacks and quotes from Torrey, though the flashbacks seemed a little overdone Overall, if you can stand Torrey this is a good read I liked the unique quality to it all and I liked the way Torrey finally came to terms with her sister s death, as well as reconciled with her mom, but I felt things weren t tied up well enough and I wanted much from Torrey 2 stars. @Free Epub Ú Cant Look Away ⛅ Torrey Grey Is Famous At Least, On The Internet Thousands Of People Watch Her Popular Videos On Fashion And Beauty But When Torrey S Sister Is Killed In An Accident Maybe Because Of Torrey And Her Videos Torrey S Perfect World ImplodesNow, Strangers Online Are Bashing Torrey And At Her New School, She Doesn T Know Who To Trust Is Queen Bee Blair Only Being Sweet Because Of Torrey S Internet Infamy What About Raylene, Who Is Decidedly Unpopular, But Seems Accepts Torrey For Who She Is And Then There S Luis, With His Brooding Dark Eyes, Whose Family Runs The Local Funeral Home Torrey Finds Herself Drawn To Luis, And His Fascinating Stories About El Dia De Los Muertos, The Day Of The DeadAs The Day Of The Dead Draws Near, Torrey Will Have To Really Look At Her Own Feelings About Death, And Life, And Everything In Between Can She Learn To Mourn Her Sister Out Of The Public Eye Beauty vlogger Torrey Grey has thousands of people watching her vlog on You Tube She loves it She loves connecting to people and she loves hearing what they have to say about her vlog s But when Torrey s younger sister is killed by a drunk driver, suddenly all those nice comments now turn into nasty ones when they start blaming her for her sister s death and really, Torrey blames herself to even though it wasn t her fault Moving to Texas to be close to relatives might be the worse idea her parents have ever had but once there, Torrey finds some relief in people not knowing who she is Trying to mourn her sister is hard especially when it feels like the whole world is waiting for her next vlog But when Torrey meets Louis the guy whose family own the local funeral home, Louis tries to help Torrey through her grief I ve never read anything by Donna Cooner before and so I didn t really have any expectations when I went into Can t Look Away but I found myself pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it I loved that the story dealt with serious and real life issues because it s a story that most people will be able to connect with emotionally and that what happened to me while reading the story I felt it was important for us to get to know Torrey s sister and form the bond that with her and feel the loss like Torrey did, and Donna Cooner made that possible which was fantastic I really liked Torrey although to start with she s a little self centred because a lot of her thoughts are about herself, her vlog and fashion But as the story progresses you can she her changing Her sister s death makes her realise there is to life and she needs to grab it with both hands And while she didn t always do the right things to start with or so, she doesn t follow her heart to start with, I found that okay too I loved that her character developed along the way There are plenty of secondary characters to add the fun element to the story, although not all of them are likable, there are some gems within the story like Torrey s cousin Raylene, Ross and of course, the love interest Louis These were definitely my favourites from the story especially Louis He s such a well rounded character and I really liked how he pushes Torrey to open up And Louis family were so much fun I loved the idea of The Day of the Dead It s not something I ve heard of before but I really enjoyed reading about it.In all, Can t Look Away is an emotional and realistic read and I ll be watching out for books by this author Thank you to Egmont for giving me the opportunity to review this book in exchange for an honest review. Torrey Grey s beauty channel Beautystarz15 is a YouTube sensation Her online reputation is built on having the perfect life every viewer either wants to be her or feels like she s their best friend, so when Torrey s younger sister Miranda dies it s impossible for her to keep up that perfect carefree image any Her thousands of followers once made Torrey happy but now the internet is watching her grieve and the haters are harder than ever to ignore Can t Look Away is Torrey s journey as she figures out who she is now that she s no longer that perfect girl and discovers that beauty can be found in the ugliest of times.At the beginning of the book Torrey is not the most likeable character to read about She s very vain and cares way too much about what other people think of her which is understandable as her whole YouTube channel is based on people liking her Personally I m okay with unlikeable characters especially if there is character development throughout the story Torrey definitely goes on a journey to find out who she is so my advice is to stick with her.The turning point in Torrey s grief is when she meets Luis whose family run the local funeral home Luis is a guy who has lived with death his whole life and so he shows Torrey how to live with it too Luis was my favourite character and I loved his and Torrey s relationship There were some deep moments where he d show her a different side to death but they were also balanced out with some really cute scenes.What impressed me most with Can t Look Away was how perfectly Donna Cooner captures Torrey s grief in her writing Not only did I physically feel Torrey s loss as I was reading but I also felt her feelings change as she grew All of the relationships were done so well here but seeing how Torrey s relationship with Miranda in both life and death affects her as a person was the real highlight for me.Overall I thought that Can t Look Away was a brilliant read that covers a lot of important current themes. FIRST THOUGHTS This is a very high 3.5 stars, really While I didn t feel particularly invested in the characters, I appreciated each and every one of their roles in this story The addition of Torrey s life as a vlogger, including quotes from her videos which were pretty solid and chapter titles which I wasn t too fond of made for an interesting angle I was really drawn into thinking about what it really means to put yourself out there when you vlog or blog , and how to handle it when delicate things happen More thoughts to come REVIEW Originally posted on Alexa Loves Books Can t Look Away surprised me, and in a pleasant way I started it because I was interested in seeing how Torrey s vlogger life would come into play after she lost her little sister I finished it feeling pretty satisfied, and challenged to ask myself a few questions about blogging vlogging alike.Main character Torrey is very real, which means there were things about her I liked, and things that I felt were less likable She s done things that are silly and selfish, things that made me sad or angry But it s authentic to her struggle as a young teen to figure herself out, to figure out what she wants believes needs Cooner managed to capture Torrey s life in a way that felt natural, and also readable Plus, Torrey is a vlogger, which will be discussed a bit shortly.There were also a sprinkling of great secondary characters, but three in particular stood out her younger sister Miranda, her classmate and crush Luis and her cousin Raylene Miranda, though she s died, comes alive so wonderfully in Torrey s memories In fact, Cooner really shows readers the kind of up and down relationship that sisters can have Luis and Raylene, though they could have been developed a bit , were both offbeat and unexpected personalities that helped Torrey in the midst of her grief.Speaking of grief, it almost feels like it should be a character in Can t Look Away If you ve been reading this blog for some time, I always mention how I find it utterly fascinating to see how authors depict their characters handling grief There are a variety of responses, and Cooner uses a few in this novel Torrey s dad tries to throw himself back into the monotony of daily life, while her mother was openly depressed and inactive Torrey, on the other hand, manages to keep her grief mostly to herself, even as she occasionally toys with the idea of allowing it free reign on her vlog channel There s no right, wrong or even standard response to grief, as everyone goes about it their own way I love that Cooner showcased that.But really, what makes Can t Look Away really memorable for me is the way vlogging is a part of Torrey s story Vlogging is something Torrey does because she enjoys it, and she s gained quite a following After the tragedy of losing her sister, and in such a public way, she was under a lot of scrutiny Her followers were in different camps, some being supportive and others turning into haters It was pretty interesting to observe what would happen to someone as popular as Torrey in the face of such tragedy It really got me thinking about what you choose to put out there online, how much you share with followers who feel like friends and how much you decide to keep to yourself Personally, I can t imagine not having this online life at all since I love all of you and love what I do , but I also know that I have limits on what I choose to share.I do feel like there were a couple of things that could have used further development However, it s a novel that touches on grief, and how internet life affects real life, and that made for an interesting mix All in all, Can t Look Away is a solid read. Can t look away was a book that showed the progress of Torrey s lesson of life through her sister miranda s death The book is written in her perspective, however, you can see multiple character s improvements as the story carries on It well shows how teenagers like us can be lost, but eventually finds the way back home to where we belong The title of this book Can t look away illustrates Torrey s feelings, how she doesn t know the right timing to get away from her internet world I can also connect this to her other feeling, how she can t look away from Luis, her crush that she has to hide in order to be famous and popular She will have to risk her fame, her reputation, her perfect image that she has built up until now Imagine eating lunch alone Imagine taking classes alone Imagine not being invited to after school playdates from her group But she also has to remember her love, her crush Imagine the person you love having a disappointed look Picture your crush being the most awkward person in school Most of all, think carefully if you can give up your long lost friend and companion for unnecessary fame and fake reactions She is like a immature and untrained circus monkey that is dangerously balancing on the rope that are tight on both ends, not knowing which way to walk to Confusion Decision Relaxation Finally, she will make a decision A decision that was made for her, for her to stay happy Read the book if you are interested to know which side she decide to choose, to walk This was fun, sad, relatable, all at the same time with an unripe teenage girl facing her problems with her ways. For a long time, I felt like I ve been prompted to read this book Maybe it has to do with the fact that I love watching beauty gurus on YouTube, such as Bethany Mota The feeling of having young teenagers helping you out with beauty has always been a fascination to me, and probably to millions of other people as well I never saw a book like this coming at me, and even though it didn t live up to my expectations and was rather dull, it definitely was a masterpiece in terms of a great concept Having heard much about Donna Cooner s Skinny, I ve always been intrigued to pick up a book of hers one day I guess you can never get too much contemporary, right And really, that is what this book was Surprisingly, this was a dark contemporary It was short, but a difficult read to concur at the same time It dealt with so many subjects, all combined in one And the most important thing It felt real Torrey Grey has moved from the place she s ever known in Colorado to a whole new atmosphere in Texas after her younger sister s tragic death And all in all, Torrey feels like it s all her fault The last words she s ever said to her sister was to grow up after she made a stupid decision to make her sister film a video of Torrey and her best friend at the mall Did I mention that Torrey is a super famous beauty guru YouTuber A video of Torrey blasting out at her sister s final moments of living is leaked, and the general public bashes out on her, blaming her for her sister s death But really, it was a drunk driver s fault Now she s at her new school, not knowing how to act when people can possibly know who she is and what happened The main message that this book let out was that you can t look away from your past and troubles In those terms, I guess you can say that this book s title makes sense with this whole concept Torrey actually reminded me a lot of Bethany Mota Her attitude wasn t as cheerful and caring as Beth s is, but if you read this, you ll probably see the resemblance But the thing is, Torrey is really bitchy at times You possibly might be trying to tell me, Michelle, this girl s sister just died in front of her eyes How is she supposed to act but then at the same time, she doesn t have a right to block everything out around her and crouch into a shell away from the rest of the world And that s exactly what she did She played stupid She acted like nothing was real which possibly might be the way she was supposed to deal with tragedy She was the factor that made this book seem unrealistic I felt like I was screaming DON T WORRY ABOUT ANYTHING at her for three quarters of the story until she smartened up The story started off well with a pretty great beginning, and I felt like I was sitting there, reading on to find out what really happened and what made Torrey become this way Cooner did a fantastic job at trying to get us to realize the who, the what, and the why Full of grief, trouble, and a realistic story, Can t Look Away was a pretty good story, but I felt like I couldn t find the relation to the characters I was left with many meh moments With this book, you ll probably have to be trying to choose your way through the story.This review can also be found at A Thousand Lives Lived Check it out for reviews My thanks to Scholastic and NetGalleyActual Rating 4.5Point of View Single Torrey Grey Writing Style First Person Present Tense Past Tense Flashbacks Setting TexasGenre Young Adult Realistic FictionThis book exceeded my expectation I loved how simple this book seemed, and yet still managed to touch such a heartbreaking subject It wasn t a typical book about a girl trying to be popular Well, Torrey did try to attach herself to the most poplar girl in her new school, but that wasn t what made this book interesting To me, I think the way she tried to cope with her sister s death and to find who her real friends were were astonishing It was a story about grief, friendship and so much.Torrey was a complicated character I didn t like how shallow and bitter she seemed from the beginning of the book She was way too bothered by how people thought of her There were still a lot to like about her, though As the story progressed, I began to like her character and I liked how strong Torrey became and how she tried to be a better person.Other characters were also well developed Luis, for instance, was so charming and I loved him dearly Raylene, Torrey s cousin, was so sweet and weird in an adorable way.As for the writing, I loved the pace and the great transition from one scene to the next It was smooth and straight to the point The flashbacks warmed and broke my heart simultaneously, and I was glad for those since it helped me get to know Miranda, Torrey s dead sister All in all, it was a wonderful and heartwarming story about a girl trying to get over her sister s death I m not into YouTube sensations and I totally don t care about that whatsoever, still I found myself enjoying this book than I had expected. 4.5 I received this via GoodReads First Reads Giveaways in exchange for an honest review Gonna be a short review since my computer froze and original got deleted I really enjoyed this one At first I liked Torrey but it got on my nerves how concerned she was with being popular but as the book went and she grew as a character, I warmed up to her Torrey s stronger than she thinks, even if it takes her awhile to realize it.Torrey s family is each dealing with Miranda s death in their own way, getting through each day the best way they can.I ve lost family members myself but I can t imagine losing someone the way Torrey and her family lost Miranda They re all tied together but drifting from one another.This one had me crying and laughing there were some lighthearted moments among the sadness, some of the flashbacks showing you what Miranda was like she was a kid I probly would ve been friends with One particular memory of a beach trip and a moonstone bracelet were my favorites.Luis and Raylene were wonderful characters, they were just what Torrey needed, even if she doesn t realize it right away They were caring and compassionate Raylene was a bit hyper and scattered but in a good way reminds me of a few people I know.Luis grandma and her friend were a hoot, loved them The info about dia de los muertos day of the dead was very interesting.There is a bit of a romance but its gradual and in the background, really sweet too.Over the course of the book, little moments and interactions you see the Greys slowly start the healing process and not exactly move on, but living their lives again and cherishing Miranda s memory happy tears in my eyes.The ending I thought was wonderful, a bit of closure for the family in a way.Donna Cooner has an engaging way of writing everything, highly recommend Had a hard time putting this one down, which is always a plus 3