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This is book two in the series I stumbled upon it by looking for ebooks and I really liked it I can t wait to read the next book in the series because it s about Max, who caught my interest So I will read that next, then go back and read the first one It s about the battle of good and evil and those men who are tamed by good women The men are dark and sexy and the sex scenes are good good good. 5 I love this story Love Des and Jessica Des had to fight his own self to find his happiness Jessica has to show Des he was still has a man inside of him. 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Des white knight, Jag s right hand inca indian mother, spanish conquistador father, slave, betrayed by spanish ruler s daughter, died at hands of a beast, and for the few seconds of being a beast, he was consumed with killing the spanish ruler saved by Salvador to be a Knight of White his beast is growing in power, as Des denies the man he was it is time for his test for his mateJessica daughter of a senator an archeologist, an archeologist whos passion was for Solomon, and the Journal of Solomon, hidden in the box of Solomon, said to contain a list of angelic bloodlines her mother ignored her health in her pursuit and died of a cancer that went too far before she saw a doctor a year has passed, the Journal with a map to the box has been found by one of her mother s teams still funded by her father Jessica works at the museum and is torn between the same love as her mother for the work, and her father s anger at a work that took his wife s life he doesn t want to see the same happen to his daughter The Journal is to be unveiled in a week at a charity event for cancer under Jessica s tutelageAnd both the Beasts and Knights want the journal one to track the angelic lines to destroy descendents, and the other to protect the journal the families found in it Jessica s mother was pretty sure they were of one of the bloodlines and in fact, these bloodlines produce mates compatible with the Knights Des meets Jessica, posing as a potential donor for some artifact and the attraction, the rightness, the calm is there from the first Des job is to get access to the event to the journal the plan to steal the journal from the Beasts unknown to them is Gary, a coworker who is enticed by the Beasts to help them in turn for entry into their ranks The Beasts, as a whole fail, because each has their own agenda Cain is prime, Segundo yes is Second, and Adrian is his second Segundo Cain cannot personally interfere , and Adrian is working behind the scenes to try and usurp Segundo and Segundo works counter to Adrian by bringing in Hell Hounds to protect his interest and then throw Gary into the mix, trying to usurp Adrian by the use of the Hounds, not knowing that the Hounds work for Segundo those Knights might be in trouble if the bad guys truly worked together Des keeps the truth from Jessica with difficulty, takes her home, and they cannot resist one another Des feels the pull of his Beast to take her as his mate bite her mark her and he is afraid to kill her , and is afraid so he leaves her in the morning, not intending to have anything to do with herGary Hounds try and steal Jessica s mother s personal journals, thinking it will give them valuable information but Des and therefore his team is with Jessica at her home when the attempt is tried the Knight team retrieve the journals from the hounds and the team plans the same thing for Solomon s journal, the night of the charity event but it doesn t quite work, and Gary, hounds, Adrian try to track the box through the map in the journal in the meantime, Jessica, feeling betrayed by Des is taken to their command center reunited with the journals when Jessica meets Jag, and Jag knows she is Des potential mate, he holds her hand and she sees the truth of Des their mission she agrees to help themDes does his best to resist her the one time they make love again, he feels the beast too close but they have her mom s journals and a map that Jessica gets from her mom, and the head to south america to Des homeland and it ends up that the tree where he had been tied beaten hundreds of years earlier is the tree where the box was hidden they locate the box, the Beasts hounds attack they almost succeed in kidnapping Jessica, box journal, but Des Max of book 3 save her but she is mortally wounded when she awakens two days later, Des is there, and shows her where he marked her to make him his and once assured he did it because he knows she is his and he is hers , not just to save her life, they fall into each others arms and yes have sex and then they join with Jag Karen, and her father, and open the box Jessica is asked to decipher to list so that the Knights may protect the families, and have hope of finding their mates and Karen s sister Eva returns with her father as his assistant and protector and Knight Rock and Healer Marisol still dance around each other terribly drawn, and yet denied consumation I want to read their story Another great bookThe Knights Of White are turning out to be great books Makes me eager to read the next book to find out who and how they relate to their Beasty side. An Immortal group of warriors, called the Knights of White are all men that were attacked somewhere in the past by one of the Darkland Beasts Then only be saved by a man named Salvador, these warriors are bound to protect humankind against these evil beast.Des is one of those Knights of White he was betrayed by his Spanish ruler s daughter and died after an attack of a Darkland Beast Every day Des feels his beast growing inside him it wants to come out, to become the thing they are fighting against But Des knows there might be a solution, just like his leader and best friend Jag had found to satisfy his beast But will it be in time Will Des survive his final test Jessica is an archeologist and works at the museum Her father is a senator and afraid for his daughter, because she followed her mother with her career and he is afraid that he will lose her too The museum has possession of the journal of Solomon, something her mother was looking for It appears the book contains a list of angelic bloodlines and there are some people who will do anything to get their hands on that journal.Beast of Desire by Lisa Renee Jones is the second novel in her Knight of White Series and another fabulous book to read.The warriors of the Knight of White are all men who died by the hand of the Darkland Beast, who were trying to steal their human souls But Salvatore restores their soul and recruits them to be part of a group that fights this evil enemy and save human kind.Des and his team has been send to the museum to collect the journal before the Darkland Beasts gets their hands on it The Knights want it to track down the angelic lines in order to see if there are mates for them and protect them The Darkland Beast wants the journal so they can destroy the line and rule the world.Des pretends to be a potential donor for some artifacts and meets Jessica there, the attraction between them is good and Des feels his beast responding, calming down He cannot tell her the truth about what he is and why he s there But when an insider of the museum works together with the Beast to get power, Des knows it is time to fill Jessica in on things and hopes she can help them and forgive him for lying.It s only the second book in the series but I m already a huge fan, the Knights of White are strong determined men who want to fight for the greater good Their mates are great characters and strong minded to join them on the journey to destroy the Beasts.Darkland Beast leader Adrian works directly for Cain and want to prove his loyalty towards him If that means he has to play dirty by using his second in command Segundo, then that s the way, but Segundo has a mission of his own I love the dirty games between these two, both of them wants to reach the top to impress Cain, but it s not always working because the Knight of White are always one step ahead of them.Lisa Renee Jones has written another fabulous novel and I m already looking forward to the next novel, which happens to be about Max. The Knights of White are back This time they are looking to save the legendary journal of Solomon, which is said to hold a map to the location of a list of bloodlines of the descents of angels The Darkland Beasts are after the journal, wanting to destroy all that may be connected to it.Jessica Montgomery s mother died trying to find Solomon s journals, ignoring her health because of her obsession to locate them When they are found, the museum Jessica works for plans to hold a reception to reveal the journals to the public, unwittingly revealing them to the beasts who want to steal them and use them for their own evil design.Des is the leader of the team of knights on the reconnaissance mission for the recently discovered journals They know that the Darkland Beasts are planning a heist, which they plan to thwart, by getting it first Des meets Jessica under the guise wanting to gift the museum with a generous donation The chemistry between them is immediately obvious to both, the only question is whether to fight it, or enjoy it.Des is walking a thin line between darkness and light He has control of his beast, though is not willing to depend on the goodness of his soul, fearing the evil is to close to the surface and may be unexpectedly released Jessica has an innocent soul, willing to see Des for all that he is Jessica is the only thing that can save him As they search for the map of the bloodlines, they grow closer and closer OMG Lisa Renee Jones has done it again Des and Jessica s story is another outstanding show of her incredible talent at penning a story I will want to read again and again Des is struggling not to let the beast inside him control his life, yet also unwilling to let the man come through either He believes that his flaws as a human may come to corrupt him into losing his battle and letting the beast out for good I love that Jessica is a woman who knows what she wants, and is not afraid to go after it She knew that Des was her destiny and did not fight it, though she did have to fight to make Des realize that she is his destiny, also.The Knights of White are my favorite kind of heroes, alpha males, with insecurities that make you love them as they try to overcome their flaws, both real and imagined They are also men who treat the woman in their lives with love and respect, even when they are denying they feel any emotion No doubt about it Ms Jones books are an auto buy for me She writes compelling stories that keep me enthralled from page one all the way through the end I loath putting her books down, how dare work and family intrude What can I say I absolutely enjoyed and gosh I love Des and Jessica Really good.I like it better than the first one but wow, I m sticking to this series It s so fast paced The plot is really good and how the story shows about men and women are one I can t give it a five because I don t knowI ve read better. The second book of the series is just as intense, sexy, and riveting as the first Des has been fighting his inner beast for centuries, now on a mission to uncover and protect the ancient Journal of Salomon, which is believed to contain a list of angelic bloodlines, he is struck by his attraction to the journals guardian, Jessica Montgomery The time they spend together, the their attraction grows, but as their secrets become walls between them, they ll both have to decide who to trust, who to fight, and what demons to conquer in other to not only find the ancient treasure, but to keep Jessica safe and to give them a chance at a HEA.