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{Read Kindle} õ Beachhead å Sam Houston Kellington Had From Boyhood Known That He Would Someday Fly To Mars But What Children Dream Of Is Often Far Different In Reality From What One Could Ever Imagine Having Been Chosen As One Of A Select Crew Kelligan Does Go To Mars, Only To Be Marooned With A Crippled Spacecraft, Afflicted With A Debilitating Illness, And Abandoned By Crewmates Aided By One Brave Woman Kelligan Must Somehow Find A Way To Survive The Rigors Of The Hostile Planet And Return To Earth Before The Members Of The First Manned Mission To Mars Have All Succumbed The author said he wrote this novel after visiting Biosphere 2, the domed environment center built in the Arizona desert to test human ability to live in such conditions over a long time span That original experiment came to grief, of course, not because of technological failure, but because of human failure Personality conflicts and basic human nature made it impossible for 8 people to stay contained in the dome for 2 years Just so, this fictional account of a brave attempt to begin a Mars colony suffered the same problems The book has it all action, adventure, conflict, sex a bit too much , romance, betrayal, etc I found it one of the most gripping science fiction novels I ve ever read Not only that, but the hero, Sam Houston Kelligan, is a good old fabulously rich boy from right here in Texas Fort Worth, that is Highly recommended. Good Mars first colonization story, but not as good as Red Mars, Moving Mars, or The Martian Still a fun quick read. I don t remember this one too well, as I read it than twenty years ago It was and still is my first Jack Williamson This is from very late in his career He was from the old school pre 1950 , and some of that creeps in here, although he keeps the story reasonably true to the age There are some interesting ideas, and other ideas that are pretty implausible I remember the plotting was very much in the soap opera style lots of emphasis on Texas, big oil, manly men and big money I thought it was like the TV series Dallas set in space This is sci fi plotting in the pre NASA tradition I d like to read it again sometime and see how it s aged over the years Maybe I might be able to view it with less of a jaundiced eye In the early 90s I regarded this as the worst book I had ever read of the modern Mars genre That mantle has since been passed to Robert Zubrin s terrible novel First Landing Beachhead is a pretty obscure book but still worth checking out.