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This was one I picked up as a daily deal that was a very cute fantasy with many different characters from other dimensions A fun twist on the mystical scale Skeeve is a magicians apprentice and when his master is killed he and his new master set out on a quest to find his killer His new master is a hoot and you never know if he is telling the truth or not Quite the little story teller While cloaked in different appearances they go to different dimensions and pick up a few friends along the way A great story for all ages and the narrator was very good with all the different voices Highly recommend for the youguns. I read Evgeny s great review about this book and decided that it s just perfect for me Thanks, Evgeny, for turning my attention to this book The story in Another Fine Myth is filled with humor, puns and it is quick, easy, and a pure delight to read I swallowed it in one day time enjoying each light hearted and entertaining page if not for my work it would have been quicker And I definitely had a laughable good time It s not a serious book with lot s of depth, but it s quick paced and entertaining Such things as death, serious feelings have no major attention and there isn t much of character development but there are other books in the series and quite a lot , so I really hope to know about the main characters There isn t a character who overrules everyone, so I can t discern any of them, as the characters are different and they supplement each other Though, book is concentrated on the story than characters But still I found fun and believable characters that made the book so entertaining for me An unskilled skilled to be, naive and lazy apprentice with a baby dragona sarcastic Pervert oops, sorry, a Pervect demon, made powerless by a practical joke a beautiful, lustful, hot tempered, green haired assassin and other I was happy to meet the green haired assassin as I enjoy rough tough female characters and I hope to read about her Each character comes alive and alluring with sarcastic na ve comments, plays on words and the unexpected tricks Also I liked that characters from other dimensions are presented as having certain qualities due to their home dimension It s a good start for other stories All in all, this book mixes fantasy, adventure, humor, and the facts of life into one awesome cocktail The plot is quite simple, but unpredictability and wit made this book an enjoyable read to me. [Read Epub] ☭ Another Fine Myth ♸ Popular Books, Another Fine Myth By Robert Lynn Asprin This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Another Fine Myth, Essay By Robert Lynn Asprin Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Unabridged audio.Skeeve was a magician s apprentice, until the magician got killed that is Unfortunately he was killed by an assassin just as he summoned a demon Demon that s short for Dimensional Traveler Things just go from bad to worse once they find that he the Dimensional Traveler that is, the demon is stuck in Skeeve s dimension, a real backwater See as I said, Skeeve is just an apprentice The demon Aahv instead of killing Skeeve explains that he is a wizard in his own dimension You see there are thousands of dimensions, Skeeve s is Klah, this makes those who live thereKlahds, there are others, for example if you re from the dimension of Deva you re a Devil Aahv is from Perv, this make him a Perver errrI mean Pervect, that s it, Pervect though there is another , common name.Anyway from here things start to get well, complicatedI don t know how reading this book will effect you, for some reason my sides ached a lot. 3.0 stars This was a fun, quick read that I would compare to the Discworld novels as far as the light hearted tone of the novel though in my opinion the Discworld novels are better The book did have some interesting ideas my favorite being the Great Bazaar in the realm of the Devas which I thought was very cool All and all, a pretty good, light story I will certainly read the next book in the series. This was a lighthearted and humorous fantasy novel packed full of witty dialogue, action, and magic I m not a massive fan of books that have the main focus on humor, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I laughed while reading this It was a surprisingly enjoyable read Skeeve is an apprentice magician who s master is unfortunately assassinated while summoning a demon Skeeve and the Demon are forced into an unlikely alliance with hilarious consequences and they flee the assassins and plot to foil the plans of the mad wizard who hired them The characters were likable and interesting I loved the banter between Skeeve and Ahaz The secondary characters were a diverse bunch who provided plenty of laughs My favorite was probably the naive demon hunter Quigley, who was tricked by the quick witted Ahaz into all sorts of unfortunate mishaps The world building was pretty good for such a short book Skeeve s world of Klah is just one of many in a diverse universe I m eager to explore some of the others Rating 3.5 stars Audio Note Jeff Woodman gave an almost perfect performance His character voices were well chosen and his sense of comic timing was excellent. Adventure with a smart mouthed demon and his cheeky apprentice3 February 2015 One of the main reasons that I read this book was because it kept on appearing on the Goodread s sidebar entitled Readers also enjoyed which I suspect has something to do with all of the Terry Pratchett books that I have read Okay, I generally don t pay all that much to Goodreads recommendations, but when I was much younger a friend of mine was really into the series and he had been trying to get me to read them as well Well, it has taken years but I finally after being prompted by Goodreads asked another friend, who also has the series, if I could borrow the first one this one, and yes, I quite enjoyed it though I am still not going to be blindly taking on Goodreads recommendations, especially with the number of books still on my shelf Okay, it s not Terry Pratchett, and while it is only the first book, the world itself didn t seem to be hugely developed, but it was still quite entertaining, and amusing In fact, it seemed that the story was much character driven and unlike Discworld, the world of Another Fine Myth, seems to sit quietly in the background allowing us to focus on some of the rather strange, and comical, encounters that the two main characters, Skeeve and Aahz, experience Basically Skeeve used to be a farmer, or was supposed to be a farmer, but instead decided to become a thief, and it seemed that that occupation didn t work out because he landed up as an apprentice to a magician However, during one of his lessons, when the magician summons a demon, the magician is killed by an assassin which results in the demon which actually means dimension traveller being trapped on Skeeve s world Adding the Aahz s problems is that Skeeve s master had stripped Aahz of his powers literally stranding him otherwise he would have simply gone home Then there is the assassination, which triggers a hunt for a magician that wants to take over the dimensions, as well as trying to escape from a couple of nasty imps that appear to be on their trail As I said, it is not satire in the vein of Terry Pratchett where the story pokes fun at modern society through the lens of a fantasy world, but rather a couple of larger than life cartoonish characters making their way through the adventure though not necessarily stumbling because Aahz at least knows what he is doing and what is going on poking fun at each other and those around them, and in a way outsmarting their enemies without actually drawing any blood which also adds to the lighthearted aspect of this story As I said, the characters are larger than life, such as Tananda, who regularly refers to Skeeve as handsome even though she is leading a group of thugs to roll him, and the dragon Gleep because all he says is gleep who becomes attached to Skeeve because he nibbled on his shirt Still, I ve probably given way too much away already because this is one of those little gems that you should read knowing as little about it as possible. One of my most childhood well, teenagerhood possessions is a pair of graphic novels based on Robert Asprin s Myth series, illustrated by Phil Foglio I also read most of the books themselves and enjoyed them nearly as much When I recently decided to re read the first three books Another Fine Myth, Myth Conceptions, and Myth Directions I was surprised to find out how well they held up They re still really fun Now while fun isn t the word I d use to describe most books in the fantasy genre these days, these books certainly are On the surface they re about a newly master less magician s apprentice, Skeeve, who is mentored by a demon, Ahz, whose wisdom and experience are only matched by his panache for con jobs and profit Each book is essentially a caper where Asprin weaves a huge cast of vivid characters into entertaining and often amusing situations The author has a real gift for plotting to the point where even when the situations are outlandish and complicated, you can trace a clear line of how the characters got into them.And that s the point at which the real entertainment usually starts when the characters have to get out of one mess and usually end up in another What I like about these books is that Skeeve and Ahz and company don t win the day by being the strongest or the most powerful They win it by using guile, trickery, improvisation, wits, and imagination It s really satisfying to see these traits win out over seemingly impossible odds, and again Asprin has a gift for making it all believable within his own admittedly self created rule set for the world he s constructed.It s also worth noting that the books are consistently upbeat and lighthearted, with minimal violence and only mild sexual inuendo The humor is situational and character driven, but also makes extensive use of puns and pop culture references though some of those are a bit dated at this point I d highly recommend them to people of just about any age I plan on reading of the series whenever I want to take a break between other books for something refreshing and fun. There are things on heaven and earth, Horatio, Man was not meant to know HAMLETAnother Fine Myth follows Skeeve, who is apprenticed to a magician This apprenticeship does not last long though as the magician is assassinated in the first few pages, coincidentally just after summoning a demon to show off the possibilities of magic to Skeeve Needless to say, Skeeve is panicked as he has no idea how to control a demon, but the demon is not what he expects and pretty soon Skeeve finds himself on an unimaginable adventure with the demon, or dimensional traveller, who is named Aazh No relation to Oz Aazh is also a magician, but has been stripped of his powers, and so offers to teach Skeeve to better use his own budding abilities, doing them both a service and thus forming a new master apprentice duo What follows is an adventure that takes Skeeve to new dimensions and entertains throughout, with a regular doses of humour served up through fun banter, crazy characters, and unlikely situations.Lighthearted and amusing, Another Fine Myth is a quick, enjoyable read that is perfect material for that not sure what to read moment If you are a fan of Terry Pratchett, you will most likely enjoy this one quite a bit. I read quite a few of the books in this series several years ago I remembered enjoying it then, so I thought I d give it a re read now and see if the magik was still there Indeed it is Another Fine Myth is a highly entertaining light read that I couldn t put down.The story revolves around the adventures of a young magician s apprentice, Skeeve Skeeve is a likable character, if a bit naive and the misadventures that he gets into with his friends are a magical romp through a universe of magik, demons, dragons and all sorts of other fantastical creatures Because Asprin has incorporated different levels of technology in each dimension, there are really no limits on what might appear to challenge or aid our heroes It s a lot of fun and always keeps you guessing as to what will happen next.Also, at only 200 pages, this book makes for a nice, quick break from other weighty readings I hope that I m right in remembering that the rest of the series continues to be this enjoyable and I look forward to joining Skeeve and the gang again very soon.