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I am only giving this four stars because it was not technically speaking amazing , but it was an excellent book Silvers has done a wonderful job of providing an account of the life of one individual in a manner that shines light into the nature of Sufism in the early period and the differences that existed between different approaches to the question of spiritual purification e.g Baghdad Khurasan, etc Anyone who continues to maintain that there was a great shift in the central teachings of Sufism from the early period to the later period needs to read this book in order to reconsider the issue There are even many scholars of Islam today who labor under this misunderstanding of Islamic history see Jackson s introduction to Sufism for non Sufis he would have avoided many simplistic mistakes if he had read this book One of the great advantages of this book is how accessible it is for those who are not specialists in Islam or Sufism For example Silvers breakdown of the relation between the Divine Essence, the Divine Attributes and the Divine Acts in her explanation of al Wasiti s theology is the most accessible discussion of the issue I have ever come across This makes this book an excellent teaching tool and an excellent introduction to Sufism The only reason I have given it four stars instead of five is that I am a bit too punctilious by nature my German blood and would have liked to have seen diacriticals as well as a few of the non canonical hadith fully annotated But so long as one discounts those admittedly minor issues, I would give this book five stars. *BOOK ↡ A Soaring Minaret ☂ Sufi Scholar Abu Bakr Al Wasiti D Ca AH CE Was Called A Soaring Minaret For His Cutting Comments And Keen Theological Insights Wasiti S Life Is Little Known Today, But Elements Of His Lost Qur An Commentary Have Come Down To Us Through The Glosses Of His Students, And His Career Offers A Window Into The Development Of Islamic Mysticism And Metaphysics Wasiti S Legacy Includes A Number Of Firsts He Was One Of The First Students Of The Great Baghdadi Sufis, The First To Migrate East And Establish The Baghdadi Sufi Tradition In Khurasan, Among The First To Compose A Qur An Commentary, And Among The First To Articulate A Complete Metaphysics In Keeping With Early Sunni Theology Presenting Wasiti S Life And Work Within The Context Of The Development And Spread Of Sufism, Author Laury Silvers Goes On To Provide A Philosophical And Theological Analysis Of His Understanding Of Divine Reality