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The first book was damn horrible and goes down as one of the worst books I ve ever read There wasn t a shred of reality to any of the reactions to some really horrible events the storyline was like a bipolar roller coaster ride from making damn snow angels to talking about being gang banged by a bunch of psychos Why did I read this crapolla second book, then After reading the shit and having it end with so many damn unanswered questions, I decided I d read part 2 since the bs was free on Kindle Unlimited Yeah, I m a sick puppy that s apparently a glutton for punishment And, this was f ing torture in the land of unicorns and little pink aliens singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow Yes, seriously So, in book one theres an awkward moment with the bro that dies, and it leaves a big unanswered question as to wtf was up with him Of course, he had a diary eye roll all is answered Wtf the purpose of this was is beyond me since it s revealed and immediately brushed aside like it was nothing at all Well, hell, why bother with building the shit up through the storyline IF U PLAN TO DO NOTHING WITH IT Same with the big mystery of V s mama It s built up like it s a damn CIA secret only to get a paragraph in the big reveal absolutely NO follow up whatsoever No one would say okay thanks for sharing the secret now I m going to do nothing, say nothing, feel nothing Nada Hey let s go bowling Again, with the bipolar storyline that swings like a crazed monkey from serious to sex to crazy to mundane I need a Xanax just writing this shit Believability This seems to be a lost concept with the author V has a gang of rapist psychos after her in book 1 that she brings to the bro s doorsteps and her former bf Rae reconnects with her and coincidently has a psycho stalker that she brings to their doorsteps Our traumatized V freaks out over a dude trying to dance with her but doesn t bat an eye at another stalker psycho that could inadvertently cause a threat to her and her kid by Rae being there Really, okay, that s believable The surprise kid embraces a new mom that happened to be the reason her real mom dies Okay, again, so believable Trust me when I say that nothing about any of the plot points in this book, like it s predecessor, is remotely believable Spoiler alert if that s possible If you hated the first book, but are a curious cat, like me, please let me save you the time the bad guys from book one are in jail The new psycho dies The assumption behind the awkward moment in book one is spot on, but since the bro is dead, there s really nothing said or done in response to him loving his bro s girl Whoop pieGrams big secret is that V s mom has amnesia no one knows why, psst and moved on to start a new family since she didn t remember the one she already had good gawdV takes this info and does nothing but heads off to go bowling The rest is a fuck buddy fest turned true love with a surprise 12 year old kid left orphaned for the familyless fuck buddy to become mama to Yes, unicorns exist, I WILL win the lottery tomorrow, and spandex should be worn by ALL Desiree and Trey Wayyyyyy better than Chase and Veronica I don t know what it was with this story but I felt the author definitely did some growing after A Deadly Bet and I felt connected with these two I probably should have done a re read of ADB also No ones perfect The story starts off with Desiree Just like in ADB, the drama starts from the first chapter Some cray cray stalker is after her and she decides to find a long lost college friend to stay with while the stalker is still at large That is Veronica Only spoiler you ll get from me lol How does she find her.TREY Trey is such a sweet guy After his high school love broke his heart, he decides that he s never falling in love again Twelve years later, that all goes to crap when he goes into a friends w benefits situation with Veronicas long lost friend, Desiree These two couldn t be perfect for each other Their chemistry was adorable, funny, sexy Even with all the drama with Trey finally telling V the secret grams told him, Desirees stalker, and the high school sweetheart coming back with a surprise that NO ONE saw coming, these two got their HEA and that epilogue, PERFECT I highly recommend the Summer Series ONE CLICK HUGS Read Ebook ☹ A Secret Gamble (Summers #2) ♾ Secrets Betrayal Lust Love Obsession Hate A Thin Line Separates Reality From Illusions If Secrets Are Revealed, Bonds Could Be Destroyed Lives Turned Upside Down When Truths Are Revealed, Hearts Could Be Crushed Realities Could Snap Family Members Could Fall Can One Person Be Strong Enough To Hold An Entire Family Together In Their Greatest Time Of Need Can One Person Be Capable Of Healing Wounds That Are Cut So Deep, Hope Has Long Been Lost Can One Person Save Everyone They Care About, Even If They Can T Save Themselves When Life Is At Stake, All Bets Are Off How Much Is Too Much To Gamble It Is Strongly Encouraged To Read A Deadly Bet, Book One In The Summers Series Before Enjoying A Secret Gamble Content Warning This Story Does Contain An Adult Content Warning And Is Intended For Mature Audiences Of Trey Summers is a hell of a sexy hot man I seriously wanted to read about him.The story is thrilling, funny, hot, and enjoyable.This is his and Rae story Perfectly for each other, they are attracted since the beginning, and he being a confident man he needed someone like Rae in his life She s a firecracker, sassy and confident too, but lonely due to some events She s heartbroken and being victim of stalkingShe decides to visit V, after years of not seeing her, and Trey is there to welcome her Their attraction is immediate, they never forget each other since they met in their teen years.They decide to commit to being friends with benefits, since neither of them want a serious relationship, they have been both deceived and don t believe in love Trey had some love problems too, never forgot how Samantha hurt him, so his relationship with Rae is perfect right now.The stalker is the problem, so the story have a twist and some secrets revealed that will keep you on the edge.I liked the story, although I think the plot have some unexplainable events, the end of the book kept me a little sad I think the author rushed it a bit and due to a scene I won t reveal here, I think it is very unreal and totally not normal for a little girl to accept everything the way Alexis did. Following up right where Chase and Veronica finish is Desiree and Treys story Trey is much hot alpha in this story than he was in the first book Desiree is running she just doesn t know from what Trey is hiding himself from his past and the hurt a girl caused him The whodunit story in this book has a lot of twists and turns and just like the first in the series I was hooked from page one Desiree helps Veronica heal from her tragic past and helps Trey move beyond his hurt and deal with his new found family. Brilliant story by Ms Cousineau After reading the psycho thriller A Deadly Bet by this author, I did not think she could top it This new story takes us back to the same characters we learned to love in A Deadly Bet, adding Veronica s college friend Desiree who is being followed by a stalker.This story weaves itself into a thrilling suspenseful journey where we are anticipating the stalker to strike There are clues along the way, but the reader is fully surprised by the identity of the stalker and the extremes the stalker will go to terrorize Desiree.The love story between Desiree and Trey is exciting and sensual These two characters will get under your skin and you will not be able to let them go easily.This is a sit at the edge of your chair thrill Prepare yourself for the ride of your life I really enjoyed this book Didn t se it coming I usually figure out what s going to happen but not this one Super impressed The book kept moving and was tied up at the end I loved that I wasn t left hanging Great story A Secret Gamble Summers, 2 Jen CousineauReleased December 22, 2014 3.99 Kindle Provided by Author in Exchange for an Honest Review From the Cover Secrets Betrayal Lust Love Obsession Hate A thin line separates reality from illusions If secrets are revealed, bonds could be destroyed Lives turned upside down When truths are revealed, hearts could be crushed Realities could snap Family members could fall Can one person be strong enough to hold an entire family together in their greatest time of need Can one person be capable of healing wounds that are cut so deep, hope has long been lost Can one person save everyone they care about, even if they can t save themselves When life is at stake, all bets are off How much is too much to gamble It is strongly encouraged to read A Deadly Bet, book one in the Summers Series before enjoying A Secret Gamble CONTENT WARNING This story does contain an adult content warning and is intended for mature audiences of 18 Heat Factor 4.25 My Thoughts Alternating POVs format Desiree Rae Langley used to room with Veronica in college Now, she s become a rather successful psychiatrist in NYC Threats against her have been escalating with no suspect in sight, no clues left behind, no trace evidence to be had Feeling unsafe and unsettled, she opts to take some vacation time and go to visit Veronica, who is still reeling from the past eight months events A redhead by birth and nature, Rae s vivacious and tries to live by the philosophy of You only live once, so why not actually live it but also has fiery spirit and can become hot headed quick But she s also loyal and protective Trey Summers has been in a bit of a holding pattern These past months have not been easy on any of them, but as the oldest, he assumes the weight and responsibilities, consequences and losses of it all the so He tasks himself with cleaning out his brother s house and in the process discovers a journal Not being able to bear throwing it out but he feeling it s an invasion of his brother s privacy to go through it, he packs it up with a some other memories to take home Known as the calm, logical brother, his only chink is an intolerance for liars He s an assertive, dominant alpha intimately First sexual encounter, Rae insists on Trey using a condom From there, there are none for a long distance, short term, no commitment agreement that seemed awful irresponsible from both of them even IF they ve both secretly admitted to themselves that a family and children would be nice Outside of Chase and Veronica, there really are not a lot of secondary characters besides a few cameos They are not needed, either The plot holds it s own quite well and flows smoothly throughout Again, a multitude of layers are interwoven to create a rich, full and complex plot that keeps you turning pages The ending was solidly concluded, leaving no open endings or lead ins to another book or series I loved the fact that just when you thought you ve figured out the twists in the plot, Ms Cousineau threw you a dang curve ball that knocked you on your behind She s brilliant One Clicked this title before even finishing the provided copy NOTE A handful of minor errors missing, extra or misused word or name were found throughout the book Particularly, a conversation that takes place between V and Rae at 56 57% Sadly, Ms Cousineau s proofreader really slacked off on this one Score 4.4Stars 4 Tina J Happily Ever Chapter formerly Unbound Passion Reviewing for Tangled Hearts and Boxer Briefs Blog URL URL TangledHearts1 5 I am gonna Stalk you Stars..I received a copy on behalf of bookaliciousbabe s blog in exchange for a honest review I really enjoyed the depth of this book and all the characters and thier development Jen did a really good job she had me invested in this story from the beginning to the very end First Trey I really loved his character he really grew up alot he had trouble with his emotions and trusting others because of his past but I enjoyed his character then thier is Desiree she s going through alot she got a crazy stalker after her then throw in sexy Trey she s was strong sweet and caring all in the same this is a must read I am looking forward to reading from Jen. Great bookI didn t see that coming I can usually figure things out right away That made me really enjoy this book And to have things wrapped upYes, defiantly enjoyed this book very much