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I don t know why short stories, as a genre, aren t popular if the novel is the full meal, then the short story is the snack, the sandwich, or simply the welcome biscuit with a cup of tea.Phillips provides a thoroughly satisfying menu of these snacks some quick and simple, others a little complex All can be considered modern British cooking there is nothing here especially exotic, glamorous or pretentious Instead, we meet ordinary people facing mostly ordinary challenges, described with skill and precision by the author A Life Unpredicted spoke to me on a personal level and will resonate with anyone who wonders if they have fulfilled the potential of their youth.In Dear Jean, I was dimly but pleasantly aware of the deftness of the writing, as the protagonist s voice, attitude and likeability changed and grew.My favourite, however, was Joy for its exceptionally effective use of minimal words to convey a scenario and character This piece could easily serve as a textbook example of how to use the five senses to reach out, grab the reader, and pull them into another life.I will be first in line to read the next volume of short stories from this writer. A charming, easy to read and gentle collection of short stories ranging in subject matter, length and style I really loved Touch and A Careful Man Recommended to anyone who wants to grow their love of short stories Hope to read short fiction from the author one day First of all I d like to advise you not to be put off by the reviews that complain about a third of the book being taken up by the first three chapters of another of novel this latest edition not only has a great new cover, but now contains just the stories themselves.Joanne is such a good writer, and I can see why she s so successful Her books are always very professionally presented, and she clearly works hard on them to make them as tight as possible before publication She treads a very good middle path nothing is too out there , she writes about issues that concern so many women, and her writing style is light and extremely readable without being stupidly fluffy This is a lovely little collection of stories, just the thing for a long journey, or bed time reading They weren t all up my street as I have zero interested in parenting, but that s just a personal preference I d recommend this book as an excellent introduction to her work. I don t always do well with short story collections I get irritated with all the switching around and usually want to know about a story or am left thinking why exactly was the point of that and want the five minutes I spent reading back.I quite enjoyed this selection though, laughing out loud on than one occasion even shedding a tear at the end of one or two.Every piece is concise and well written and I found myself struck by certain phrases and ideas that hung around in my head long after I had finished reading. ( FREE BOOK ) ⚕ A Life Unpredicted and other stories ♊ Love, Loss, Joy, Regret And The Perils Of Parenting All These Themes And Are Explored, Touchingly And Bravely, In This Collection Of Ten Short Stories, Including A Life Unpredicted The Key To Your Future Might Be Hidden In The Past Shortlisted For The Grace Dieu Short Story CompetitionParenting Class You Need Help, Gina Had Said, And I Know Just The Place Gina Was My Social Worker, And The Place Was Parenting Class, Tuesday Afternoons, Free To Those Desperate Enough To Need It One To Keep A Story For Everyone Who S Ever Made Or Broken A New Year S Resolution This New Volume Contains All The Hallmarks Of Her Novels Sensitive Observation, Eloquent Phraseology, A Kind Heart, A Quick Intelligence And A Generous Nature Debbie Young, Author Ms Phillips Writing Is Spare And Direct, With Scarcely A Word Wasted This Is Just How Short Pieces Should Be Written John Dolan Lovely collection of stories They could have been written about real people Some are very short and others are involved, but all will leave you thinking about the characters and their lives I love this authors style of writing and am looking forward to reading her novels.Most of the stories in this collection are like a snapshot of a moment or a particular time in someone s life Many people will identify with the themes including parenting, relationships, loss, love, family I enjoyed all the stories, and I think a few of them could maybe be extended in the future into longer fiction, maybe novels There is an experimental feel to this collection, with differing lengths of the stories and the way they are told I particularly liked the story Dear Jean, that was just a series of letters where only one character s side of the story could be seen It was very cleverly done I also loved the realism that pervades all of the stories.Some of my other favourites were A Life Unpredicted and One to Keep, but all the stories are worth reading. Let me start by saying im not normally a fan of short stories, but I seem to be reading and of them at the moment I have to say I enjoyed this collection of short stories, and some of them are very short I personally thought the first half of the book was better than the second half, but thats not to say the second half was bad.its a very quick read, and I read it over the course of a day, picking up abd reading a bit whenever I had a spare few minutes.definitely an author whose works I will be looking at in the very near future. For me, a short story still needs a beginning, middle and end and although I enjoyed what there was of these tales, I would describe a few of them as snippets Dear Jean was good, but a few letters would have satisfied my need for a proper conclusion to the story Nice for a quick, no fuss read. A quick easy read I enjoyed this book.