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READ PDF º A Fallen Hero Rises ß Three Hundred Years Ago, A Group Of Heroes Imprisoned A Dark God And His Lieutenants In A Hell Dimension Known As The VoidSince Then, The People Of Maghe Sihre Have Lived In Relative Peace Now, A Secret War Brews At The Edge Of Civilization Tadgh Dooley, A Young Man From Earth, Is Burdened With A Dangerous And Impossible Power He Has The Ability To Warp The Fabric Of Reality, To Make His Wishes Come True The Armies Of Evil See Him As A Weapon They Will Not Rest Until They Control Him A Mysterious Force Transports Tadgh To Maghe Sihre And, In Doing So, Ruptures The Void Worse, Each Time He Uses His Ability, The Void Cracks Open A Little Further Prisoners Start To Escape If Tadgh Can T Control His Power, He Risks Shattering The Void Completely, Unleashing The Dark God On An Unprepared World And What Does The Appearance Of The Sword Of Kassandra Mean For The People Of Maghe Sihre A Fallen Hero Rises Sword of Kassandra by M Joseph Murphy is an accomplished piece of fantasy science fiction writing and a very enjoyable read.Set on the distant planet of Maghe Sihre seers have ominous premonitions when an earthling crashes down through the void and onto their planet The damage to the void is seen as a threat to the planet but there is also the mystery to resolve as to why the boy has landed on their planet A separate narrative tells us about earthling Tadgh Dooley s background as he gradually regains his memory.From the first dialogue it was clear to me that the author has created some memorable and colourful characters that go beyond the often found fantasy stereotypes With the to my ears sometimes obscure names and parameters of the new world it took me a little to get the hang of the story but the narrative that deals with Tadgh s past hooked me into insisting and I am very glad I did What follows is classic fantasy and science fiction fare with action and outworldly technology and fighting tools However, I found much of the dialogue and the presented concepts of human and supernatural powers quite deep and meaningful Tadgh has such powers and needs to control them With wise men but also some villain figures around him the story has some truly great suspense that kept my interest on several levels.As this is the first book in a series it does not come to a complete conclusion but leaves us craving for book 2.I don t often read fantasy and when I do I frequently feel it has been done before A Fallen Hero Rises has some unusual and profound components that made me enjoy the read very much.Recommended for fans of the genre and those who are curious and for those who like myself quite like gay characters in a story without the story having to be totally gay. A word of caution about reading this book I beg pardon for the convoluted syntax this book is supposed to be the first in a series and that series is supposed to be part of a multiple series narrative universe with shared characters and settings.As far as I know, though, only three books about this universe have appeared two belong two the Activation series whereas this one I am reviewing is the first and only instalment in the Sword of Kassandra series.All of them date back to 2014 I have looked online but I could not find any hint of activity by this author after 2016 and nothing about this specific universe after 2014.This means you will not find any sequel and, although the book has no irritating cliffhanger, you will be left halfway through.Hopefully the author is allright and will come back to us with new books I, for one, would be pleased about it.A Fallen Hero Rises is quite an interesting M M fantasy and that is really saying something these days Editing could be better as there are a couple of mistakes and minor inconsistencies, but writing is extremely fluid and the author has an interesting and fairly original plot to tell.I took one star out of my rating because Mr Murphy chooses to give his lead a very dark past but fails to give him the depth this past necessarily implies.That said, the setting is interesting, the side characters full of possibilities and the story flows on at the right pace without the hurdle of intricate subplots. This book held some surprises for me, though I guess I skimmed through the blurb too fast.It starts out in the familiar style of high fantasy, and with familiar themes A medieval ish world with seers and warriors and various types of magic wielding characters is confronting a rift in the Void, which can only spell trouble.Then, with the entrance of Tadgh s story, a 17 year old human who fell into the world out of nowhere, it takes on the tone of the classic fish out of water trope, a bit like Douglas Adams Hitchhiker s Guide Tadgh is a thoroughly modern, American teen whose understanding of the world the universe is blown wide open by his new, magical surroundings and the strange people trying to make sense of his nature.For me, that worked to an extent, though what I liked the most was Tadgh s backstory from Earth, which is told through flashbacks Taken separately from the broader narrative, it has a contemporary YA feel a shy high schooler coming to terms with being gay, finding first love, and dealing with a horrible tragedy Then a really intriguing supernatural situation enters the scene in the form of a talking cat who offers Tadgh a Faustian bargain.Honestly, I wanted of that and less of Tadgh s new budding love interest and his travels and trials through Murphy s fantasy world I still thought this was a good under the radar gay fantasy story with a nice message about a gay teen overcoming obstacles to become a hero.